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   Chapter 78 I Never Instigated Bullying Others

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10893

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"" Tao'er heaved sharply, and her anger turned to sorrow when she saw Shui Minghan. He only had eyes for the woman in his arms as though hypnotized.

Canglan raised her brows slightly glancing sideways at Tao'er, "Miss Tao'er, do you give up?"

Hearing those words, Tao'er became visibly furious, but after she took a few breaths she regained her composure, which amazed Canglan.

'Wow, this inflatable doll sprung a leak!'

"Didn't you say you weren't going to get involved in this competition, Miss Huang'er?" Tao'er mulled the scene over, 'Brother Han must not recognize me because I'm veiled. Why is he here? People say men who don't go to brothels are not good men. Brother Han is a good man, a good man. I don't mind that he is at a brothel, I don't mind at all.'

"I'm a member of Yelaixiang Brothel, aren't I? When the dogs come biting, I can't be unwilling to fight back, " Canglan explained as she leaned into Shui Minghan's arms, feeling his breath quicken.

Tao'er momentarily paled, but quickly retorted, "Who knows who played the xiao behind the closed the door."

Canglan leaned close to Shui Minghan's ear, her hot breath stilled him as she whispered, "Your woman is a hard nut to crack."

"She's not my woman, you are!" His large, powerful hand held her tightly.

Canglan smiled weakly and turned to Tao'er asking again, "Miss Tao'er, are you sure you don't want to give up? Well, then, let's try a game of chess, then painting and calligraphy."

As her body left Shui Minghan's embrace, her intoxicating aroma faded, he tried to retain the scent but found she had gone too far from him. Canglan went out of the room and down the stairs. The hem of her blood-red dress draped down the steps like blooming fire lotuses.

Shui Minghan did not go downstairs, but went and stood leaning against the rail of the third floor, his eyes never leaving the figure in red below.

Red turned out to be a suitable color for her.

Canglan was used to having the attention, so the stares were nothing to her. As she approached Tao'er slowly, onlookers decided one was irresistible, and the other lady was alluring.

"How about we play chess first, Miss Tao'er? Let's each set a game for the other, and whoever solves their puzzle first wins?"

"Okay, but the rules for painting and calligraphy are up to me." Tao'er countered.

Canglan turned away agreeing to her terms as she walked away, "No problem."

San Niang ordered servants to take two chess boards and pieces out. Canglan and Tao'er took them, and set the up the chess game.

Fifteen minutes later there were two chess games set up, there a sudden exclamation from the crowd who were craning their necks to watch.

The Yelaixiang may be a brothel, but they had many intelligent and talented girls on staff, which attracted many gentlemen who enjoyed the refined pastimes. Anyone who read or knew a smidgeon about chess saw Tao'er was setting up the Dragon-tiger Fight game.

The tale about this famous chess game was that in the duel between the top two famous chess masters in seven countries over two continents 300 years ago, this was created. The two masters were known as the Chess Sage and the Chess King. They decided to battle it out. However, ins

aintings and calligraphy. I won't give up completely."

Canglan was growing impatient. 'Is it worth a pause?'

"Okay what will the rules be? Go ahead."

Tao'er raised her eyebrows confidently, "Painting and calligraphy combined. The game is simple, create a painting with a poem."


"Wait, I'm not done." Tao'er looked at Canglan smugly, "In all the world, Mister Night Phoenix's paintings and calligraphy are the best. How about we reproduce his paintings? Whichever painting is the most like the original wins. The poem and calligraphy, of course, are also part of the criterion."

"Aha?" Canglan picked her ears, 'What did she just say?'

Hidden in the shadows, Yun Qin and Yun Qi couldn't stop laughing and fell to the ground. Upstairs Shui Minghan trembled slightly, and he didn't want to keep looking.

He had been Canglan's personal dark guard, and then her bed partner, so, he knew all her identities.

Canglan's surprise appeared as ignorance in Tao'er's eyes. She stood straighter gloating, expecting Canglan would make a fool of herself.

Mister Night Phoenix's creations totaled only fourteen to date, each collected by the most influential people in the seven countries across the two continents. The emperor of the Lie Kingdom happened to possess one. Tao'er was lucky because she had seen the Emperor's piece. Since she liked it, she coaxed the emperor to lend it to her and studied it for half a month. She had confidence in her ability to mimic the piece. 'Besides, ' she thought, 'Huang'er is just a bitch in a brothel. I doubt she has even seen any of his paintings, so she won't be able to copy any.'

Canglan touched her nose, she suddenly felt that she was a heartless bully, "Er... Are you sure?"

Tao'er observed at Canglan out the corner of her eye and snorted with contempt, "Yes, you heard me. I'm sure."

'Really?' She felt ashamed.


"You stand firm on your choice?" She was a good person by nature and instigated bullying others.


"Well, okay." Canglan shrugged, and decided silently, 'How can I stop you if you insist?' 'That would be senseless.'

"Somebody, get brushes and paper."

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