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   Chapter 77 Shui Minghan's Remorse

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 10627

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Shui Minghan frowned, dissatisfied with Canglan's indifference, "Please don't, Canglan, didn't we have a good time before?" She could be self-centered and assertive, but she was lovable and virtuous with him. She not only never interfered in his affairs but helped him find a way to win over the power of the Lie Kingdom so that he became the most respected Prince in the Lie Kingdom. As she promised, she helped smooth out the difficulties of revenge, but he...

Yun Qin sneered in disdain, and Yun Qi clenched his fists, angrily grinding his teeth.

How dare he bring the past into this now; he should've considered the consequences before he betrayed their Mistress.

While the twins reaction was fierce, Canglan was calm, saying lightly, "Didn't you say that? It was a long time ago, but you should remember, I never forgive betrayal, which is what you did."

"I didn't!" Shui Minghan uttered rapidly, there was a touch of remorse in his eyes, "Canglan, listen to me. She was my fiancee since I was young. I couldn't put her aside. Moreover, she was there when I was defeated in the Lie Kingdom, so I..."

Yun Qi couldn't hold his anger back anymore, "You ungrateful little man, Mister Wu Hen, pooh! Tell me, was she there for you with her breasts or with fat? That woman warmed you up, but didn't our Mistress save you when you were at your worst? Have you forgotten that everything you have now, even your kung fu was because of our Mistress? How did you repay everything she did? When the Mistress accepted you, trusted you, you chose to abandon her for that other woman."

Until now, they hadn't brought up what happened to their Mistress two years ago, nor had they been willing to say what happened in the snow three years ago. They served her longer than anyone and knew that she was a woman who felt deeply. Their Mistress just hid her hurt better than other women might.

Now Yun Qi was so outraged he was tempted to crush Shui Minghan.

Yun Qin was also incensed. The brothers were still dealing with the sheer terror that came with the accident two years ago when they almost lost their Mistress.

Shui Minghan regretted what happened, and now his eyes showed that pain, "I just... I just..." When he was a child, he vowed always to be kind to Taotao. Two years ago, he still believed Taotao was the one he had always loved, which was why he lost his judgment, running off to save Taotao and leaving Canglan on a full moon like a thoughtless jerk. He never conceived that Canglan and he would be like strangers when they met again.

He had not been aware someone was hunting her that night, Yun Qin and Yun Qi were lured away from her. So when she was at her most vulnerable, and alone to fight the poison filling her under the full moon night, she was stabbed and had fallen from the cliff. Providence smiled on her for if not for Mister Feng Gui, who saved her, she would long ago....

Later, she accepted Mister Feng Gui as her husband. On her wedding day, Shui Minghan held Taotao in his arms, as his heart shattered in his chest. At that time, he realized his so-called promise was an excuse he made to stay with her from the very beginning. He s

ed the men present, who decided, if her voice was that seductive, what if...

Before the gentlemen needed to imagine, music could be heard coming from the closed door. This time, the individuals there wholly lost themselves in the music.

It was a xiao, the most melodious albeit most difficult of the instruments. While many people could play the xiao, few could master the skill required to evoke such a sound of nature that penetrated the soul as the player now was doing.

Earlier, the men had partly lost their minds seeing Tao'er's beauty, now, however, they lost their minds entirely because of the graceful sound of the xiao.

The melodious sound of the xiao pierced through the body with a supernatural penetrating power heard only in the soul, as though the sound of the xiao was magic.

The music came to a sudden stop, and the crowd sat in silence as though they were coming out of a trance while eagerly watching the closed door.

San Niang breathed deeply, pensively waiting although feeling somewhat relieved.

The color drained from Yue Niang's face. Tao'er burned with envy, and she focused on the closed door intently as though willing it kicked open.

The door opened slowly.

"Miss Tao, who is the winner?"

An enchanting red vision that was reminiscent of a blooming Red Spider Lily came into view. With long black hair, radiant eyes, ruby red lips, the lady resembled a spirit that came from the hell flower.

Tao'er's face darkened the moment the door opened. It was evident even though most of her face remained obscured that she was ghostly pale, and her beautiful eyes held malice and bitterness.

Aside from the vision in red, there was a man in the room whose breath was of ice.

Shui Minghan sat in a wooden chair, playing with her long black hair and touching it to his nose to breathe in the faint fragrance. His expression was unreadable, but there was a greedy look in his cold eyes.

Canglan, was coiled in his lap, like a beautiful snake spirit, and sprawling in his arms. Her alabaster arms twined around his neck; her eyes were hazy and full of temptation.

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