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   Chapter 76 Act Out a Play With Me

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Yan Cangyue's guards came in a hurry to collect him, and the Yelaixiang Brothel gradually quietened. Customers went back to their fun and private business with the many ladies.

Yun Canglan was growing bored already and leaned on the rail up on the third floor looking down into the main hall.

Fate favored Yun Canglan it seemed, whenever she was bored, something happened.

A sharp screaming shattered the quiet in the main hall on the first floor. Doors opened, and customers poked their heads out to inspect the drama, and once more the hall was bustling with noise and excitement.

The brothel was unusually noisy tonight.

"San Niang, why aren't you out here to receive me, sister? I'm here to visit you." A woman, about San Niang's age, entered Yelaixiang Brothel. She held a handkerchief in one hand and rested another hand on her hip, chattering away. When people saw her dress, they decided that San Niang was not overdressed at all.

Next to the woman was a slim lady with snow-white shoulders wearing pink, that every man there couldn't help but admire as they drooled. She wore a veil; thus only her eyes were visible, but one glance was enough to bewitch a man.

Her eyes were as pure as a spring. Innocence mixed with her seductive look had middle-aged men falling in love.

San Niang wiped sweat from her forehead, looking at Yun Canglan and Yun Yu cautiously. She didn't understand why all the trouble was happening tonight while her boss was here to inspect the brothel operations.

Yun Yu winked at San Niang as she went downstairs, to the woman.

"Oh! Yue Niang, how are you? I haven't seen you in a few days. Why are you available today? Did the Wanhong Brothel get shut down? Are you looking for a job?" San Niang said mockingly to the woman.

Yue Niang stood with her hands on her hips and complained, "San Niang, You are always so mean! But I'm afraid the Yelaixiang Brothel will be the one shutting down." She pointed to the lady next to her, "Do you know who she is? Her name is Tao'er; she is the new top showgirl at the Wanhong Brothel. We're here to challenge the Yelaixiang Brothel. Your top showgirl and four second-class showgirls are over-rated. San Niang, will you accept our challenge?"

Yun Canglan cocked her head and raised her eyebrows. 'How dare they challenge the Yelaixiang Brothel!'

Everyone knew the Yelaixiang Brothel was a part of the Fengyun Firm, so challenging them meant challenging the Fengyun Firm. Although the Yelaixiang Brothel dominated the market in all seven kingdoms, there were other brothels in business. The challenge from the Wanhong Brothel must be part of a larger scheme.

The only company in the world that would dare challenge the Fengyun Firm was the Shuihuang Firm.

"Yun Yu, I want to know whether the Wanhong Brothel is part of the Shuihuang Firm, and I need the answer in 15 minutes." Yun Canglan demanded.

"Yes, Mistress!" Yun Yu said as she left. Yun Canglan, Yun Qin and Yun Qi continued to watch the drama from the third floor.

"Challenge?" San Niang cast a sideways glance up to the third floor, and swore silently, 'Yue Niang, why would you pick today? The one day our boss is here!'

Challenges often happened in brothels. To steal the nearby brothels business, top showgirls would compete against each other playing chess, lyre, calligraphy, painting, singing, dancing, or any other talent, the only rule was it needed to take place in the brothels. If a brothel won the contest, their clientele grew, but for the losers, the business waned.

When the Yelaixiang Brothel was newly founded, many brothels challenged them. Care was taken when Yun Yu chose and trained each of the ladies of Yelaixiang Brothel by Yun Yu. Therefore, the Yelaixiang Brothel won every contest with ease. Later, the Yelaixiang Brothel announced themselves as part of the Fengyun Firm; thus no brothel dared challenge them afterward.

The audacity of the Wanhong Brothel to challenge the Yelaixiang Brothel!

San Niang saw that Yun Canglan had no objection, and she swallowed, straightened her body asking, "Which game do you want to compete in?"

Yue Niang looked at Tao'er with pride and responded, "All of the games; lyre-playing, chess, calligraphy, and painting!"

Up on the third floor, Yun Canglan smiled wickedly and lazily ordered, "Yun Qi, I want to know who she is." Few people in this world dared to go up against her.

Yun Qi swung his right arm, and a gust of wind blew past Tao'er.

Her pink veil lifted briefly before dropping into place again. Customers eagerly tried see the face hidden under, but saw nothing.

Yun Canglan recognized her though.

"Her!" Yun Canglan murmured under her breath, narrowing her eyes.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi became serious when they recognized the lady as Yun Canglan's rival in love. Though, technically, she was an ex-rival!

"Yun Qin, come, let's dress me! Yun Qi, ask Mister Wu Hen to come over!" She would not typically be involved with her ex-boyfriend, but she wanted revenge this time.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi were eager

to find out what Yun Canglan was planning.

Yun Qi left the brothel, while Yun Canglan and Yun Qin went back into the room, and closed the door.

San Niang had paid attention to the third floor the entire time, and when she saw Yun Canglan leave, she believed Yun Canglan was angry. Not long afterward an indescribably striking lady came out of the room where she saw Yun Canglan go.

The lady was dressed in red, like a Red Spider Lily blooming, which attracted and destroyed souls. She languidly leaned against the wooden rail, her long sleeves cascading over it like a waterfall. Every man in the brothel stared up at her, dumbfounded.

She wore a white hairpin in her black hair, the simplicity of her attire accentuated her beauty, "San Niang, what's all the noise? What the hell is going on out there? I want some sleep." Her voice was a melodic, sexy siren song and seduced each man on the spot like magic.

San Niang's eye widened as she stood silently wondering who this lady was. She didn't know what to say. Where she stood...

Was she the boss?

But the boss was Mister Night Phoenix! Another identity was Feng Yun'er of the Fengyun Firm! But San Niang hadn't seen this face before.

"Wan...Wanhong...Wanhong Brothel...they come to challenge..." San Niang stammered. 'Is the boss some fairy able to completely transform her appearance?' San Niang considered.

Yun Canglan smiled flatly and contemptuously told her, "The Wanhong Brothel, well there is no need for me to compete then, send Feng Shang and Zhu Shang to face them. I have a distinguished guest later." After she finished, she walked back into the room. As she did, her sexy hips swaying seduced numerous guests.

Yue Niang was fuming and yelled: "San Niang, are you afraid to compete? Let's go."

Tao'er stared jealously up at Yun Canglan's room.

San Niang wiped her forehead before looking down at Yue Niang, "She's our new top showgirl, Huang'er. I tell you what, Huang'er does not want to compete with Tao'er, but Zhu Shang and the other ladies will play with you."

There were four second-class showgirls and a top showgirl at the brothel; Ni Chang, Hua Shang, Yue Shang, Zhu Shang and Feng Shang. They were each trained by Yun Yu and had their specialties, attracting numerous customers for the Yelaixiang Brothel. More importantly, they were excellent spies.

The five showgirls appeared in the main hall and stepped onto the stage. Tao'er, who was both innocent and sultry, took her place on the stage. The men present at the Yelaixiang Brothel cast a covetous eye on them.

The rule was simple. The ladies would play the lyre, chess, calligraphy, and paint on stage, and the customers would act as judges. Tao'er seemed to be full of complainants, as she began to play the lyre without uttering a word.

Tao'er was indeed talented with the lyre. From the first note, she had the Yelaixiang Brothel showgirl defeated. The music she produced was melancholy and sweet as if she was alone in the universe. Hundreds of people stared at Tao'er obsessively as if she bewitched them.

When Yun Canglan heard the first note, from her room on the third floor, she knew Hua Shang, the best lyre player Yelaixiang Brothel, had lost. It didn't matter though, she hadn't shown up yet.


The door flew open, standing in the room, a man appeared like a ghost.

He was quite confident and looked handsome in green. His black hair was tied back with string. There was a trace of a surprised smile in the cold, serious depth of his onyx eyes.

"Canglan...are...are you looking...for me?"

Though Shui Minghan dared not approach her, he was excited to see her. He looked at Yun Canglan afraid she was sick of him and watched her cautiously as a naughty boy caught.

She touched her face, looking at Shui Minghan strangely. Yun Canglan wore a face mask, why did he look at her as though he recognized her?

Shui Minghan smiled wryly, guessing her thoughts, he explained, "Canglan, no matter how you disguise yourself, I will recognize you at first sight." He used to see her with his eyes, but now he saw her with his heart.

Yun Canglan pursed her lips, "I need your help." She wondered when Shui Minghan learned how to sweet talk.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi felt sickened by Shui Minghan's words.

Shui Minghan didn't pay attention to them at all, but spoke to Yun Canglan full of happiness, "What can I do for you, Canglan?" He stepped closer to Yun Canglan, catching the familiar scent of Red Spider Lily radiating from Yun Canglan, and felt contented.

He feelings now only reconfirmed his conclusion, he was unable to extricate himself from loving Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan looked at Shui Minghan with the indifference as if looking at a stranger, "Act a scene of a play out with me!" She urged.

Yun Canglan admitted herself she could be very vindictive. If someone held a grudge, she would avenge herself immediately, or keep it in mind and seek revenge at the appropriate time. Now was the time for her revenge for an event that happened two years ago.

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