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   Chapter 74 Pretending to be an Idiot

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Yun Canglan stood at the banister on the second floor overlooking the main hall, poker-faced. The ladies below were seducing the guests and the guests had lust-filled eyes.

She inspected the business as the boss now. 'Why didn't Yun Yu string a banner like "Warmly Welcome Our Boss's Visit" on the wall?' Yun Canglan was not delighted.

On the first floor, Yan Cangyue reluctantly pulled the last of his money from his pocket complaining, "Damn it! I haven't played all the games through with 5, 000 Liang." He had abandoned his royal style.

San Niang went downstairs to Yan Cangyue, "Milord, have you run out of money already? You have such poor skills at playing these games! I wonder how much you would need to spend to play all the games on the first floor." She looked down on him even though he was a prince.

Yan Cangyue grunted changing position, "San Niang, the games on the first floor are interesting, but I prefer playing with the ladies. Although I haven't played all the games, I'm finished with them. Next time I am here, I will go straight to the third floor. San Niang, tell the top showgirl to wash clean in advance." He winked at San Niang seductively, and many ladies began to squeal.

San Niang was pretty calm, after all, she had played many handsome men. She was reluctant to let the fortune god go, "Sir, you must be frustrated! How about I recommend a better guide for you?"

Yan Cangyue was not angry with her observations, and he acknowledged openly, "You are right, San Niang. I have poor skills at these games. They are all new to me, but I guess a few people can play them through. I don't care about it at all."

San Niang sniffed, "Are you suggesting that I'm trying to take your money? You are wrong, and there are many people who play well. Would you like to try a race with them?"

"Try a race? Interesting!" Yan Cangyue smiled blandly. He saw himself as a smart man, and he didn't believe that someone was smarter than him. "Okay. But you are not allowed to ask a servant to race with me. After all, servants are familiar with these games, and it is unfair. What do you think?"

"You can choose whoever you want." San Niang was not sure, but she thought she might hate Yan Cangyue's arrogance.

"Okay!" Yan Cangyue looked around the room and pointed at a person, "I choose him."

San Niang looked where he pointed.



That was...was....her Mistress!

San Niang felt like crying. She couldn't ask her Mistress to race with Yan Cangyue in public.

Yun Canglan was bored and wanted some fun, so didn't mind at all. "No problem!"

Yun Yu looked at Yan Cangyue shocked. 'Yan Cangyue, you are so screwed.' She thought.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi were excited which confused everyone and had them wondering why the twins were excited.

Yun Qin admitted, "Mistress, I haven't mastered the skill of bowling yet!"

"Mistress, will you ask Yan Cangyue to hold the target when you play darts?" Yun Qi asked.

Yun Canglan was in thought as she went downstairs to join San Niang and Yan Cangyue. She had a look of uncertainty as she explained preemptively, "San Niang, I'm a novice at these games. Please don't be upset with me, if I lose."

San Niang was dumbfounded unclear about what happened.

"San Niang, can you show me how to play the games?" Yun Canglan asked her worriedly.

"What?" San Niang stared blankly.

"What?" Yun Yu looked confused too.

"What?" Yun Qin and Yun Qi were stunned.

"I have wanted to play these games now for a long time, but my servants wouldn't let me play as there are always so many people here. Luckily, this gentleman invited me to join him. Thank you very much, Sir!" Yun Canglan spoke to Yan Cangyue sincerely.

Yan Cangyue was secretly delighted with the turn of events.

It dawned on Yun Yu, Yun Qin and Yun Qi that Yun Canglan was going to tease Yan Cangyue.

San Niang didn't know what to think; she didn't know Yun Canglan very well, but Yun Yu knew her intentions and suggested, "Since it's a race, the winner should be rewarded. I propose the loser pays 100 Liang to the winner. Do you gentlemen agree?"

When Yun Yu spoke, the guests thought she was a new lady at the Yelaixiang Brothel, as they saw her coming downstairs from the second floor. They agreed with her suggestion one by one. Yan Cangyue was too embarrassed to refuse it. 100 Liang was not a big deal to him, but...

"Since you have agreed, let me give this gentleman some instructions on how to play these games." San Niang spoke to Yun Canglan for a while, then stepped aside saying, "Please choose any game you want to play."

Yun Canglan looked at Yan Cangyue innocently saying, "I don't know which game to choose. Could you choose please?"

Yan Cangyue had a proud smile as he rolled his eyes and said, "Okay. I will choose an easy one to start. I don't want to push you too far. Let's begin with a game of darts!"

Darts was indeed easy. Most people in the seven kingdoms knew kung fu to a certain extent, and knew how to throw hidden weapons. Therefore, tossing darts was not difficult for martial artists at all.

"Okay...okay..." Yun Canglan said staring at the target carefully.

Yan Cangyue stepped in front of Yun Canglan and blocked her view, "I don't want to bully you. I'll throw first and show you how, okay?" Although Yan Cangyue's

intentions were good, his behavior was arrogant.

Yun Qin, Yun Qi and Yun Yu were laughing to themselves, because Yan Cangyue was fooled by Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan nodded and smiled gratefully. A servant had already brought a tray to Yan Cangyue with ten darts laid on it. After all, Yan Cangyue was a handsome gentleman, and the servants were delighted in serving him.

Yan Cangyue took a dart and aimed at the target. During this process, he winked at the ladies or sometimes blew them a kiss. When people grew impatient, Yan Cangyue narrowed his eyes and threw the dart at the target. One by one they flew, and every dart found it's way to the middle.


The onlookers cheered, which made Yan Cangyue more arrogant. He walked to Yun Canglan posturing like a proud peacock, "Come on, your turn now!"

Mister Night Phoenix was also quite handsome, and was rumored to be as good looking as Lei Tianyan. Therefore, a lady was already standing with a tray for Yun Canglan. Yun Canglan grabbed them all.

Yun Canglan stood with all ten darts in her hand and a vacant look. People felt sorry for her, and even Yan Cangyue stopped acting arrogant, as he stood looking down at Yun Canglan, feeling attracted to his pretty face and innocent expression.

Yun Yu's eyes widened as she wondered 'Is this gentleman really her Mistress?'

Yun Qin and Yun Qi wiped the sweat from their foreheads thinking, 'Mistress, please be cool. Your expression has turned nearly every man gay on the spot.'

Yun Canglan studied the darts she held then aimed them as Yan Cangyue had, but instead of tossing them, she stood staring as though she was under enormous pressure.

Her troubled expression had Yan Cangyue feeling sorry for her for a moment before he snapped out of it.

'Damn it! What am I thinking? I'm the 3rd prince of the Chi Kingdom. Why do I have a crush on a man? Damn it! I'm the one who attracts others! Why am I attracted to this man?' Yan Cangyue chided himself.

Yun Canglan closed her eyes, gnashing her teeth as if she was going to her death like a hero, and seemed to have made up her mind. She took a deep breath before she threw all ten darts at the target at once. The lady who held the mark was scared to death by her movements as she was afraid the darts might stab her.

Suddenly everything was quiet.

The Yelaixiang Brothel had never been this quiet at night before, even the dog stopped barking.

Yun Canglan opened one eye carefully, and then her jaw dropped as she saw that all ten darts stabbed in the center.

Everyone in the hall stared mouths agape.

Yan Cangyue was a highly educated royal member, and he closed his mouth first. "Man, that was so lucky!" Yan Cangyue said as he approached Yun Canglan, patting her shoulder and congratulating her success.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi found it difficult to hide their grins. Yun Yu rolled on the ground with her hands on her stomach. San Niang didn't understand and wondered, 'Does the boss have a hidden disease?'

"Okay, so what's next? How about you choose a game this time? Otherwise people may think I'm bullying you." Yan Cangyue suggested proudly. He winked at Yun Canglan, hands resting on his hips. Many ladies squealed watching Yan Cangyue's movements.

Yun Canglan scolded silently, 'What a proud peacock you are, yet, Lei Tianyan is far more handsome than you! Stop being so haughty!'

Yun Canglan spoke to Yan Cagyue excitedly, with uncertainty in her voice, "That looks interesting! What...what's that over there? Let's play that game, okay?"

Yun Canglan pointed to a game, which shocked everyone.

Yun Canglan's choice, bowling, secretly pleased Yan Cangyue. Martial artists were all good at throwing darts, but it required skill to bowl. Yan Cangyue loved bowling and had spent time practicing it often.

'Bro, you will lose!' Yan Cangyue thought.

"This is a challenging game. Are you sure you would not like to choose another one?" Yan Cangyue asked and thought, 'I have given you a chance.'

Yun Canglan blinked and said eagerly, "But it looks interesting!"

"Fine! Let's play bowling!" Yan Cangyue agreed.

"Could I go first?" Yun Canglan asked. She rubbed her hands together as if she couldn't wait to start. On her red sleeves, the bloomed feather of phoenix swayed with her movements as if there was a cool breeze.

Yan Cangyue shrugged, "No problem!" He was quite sure he would win the match and didn't care who went first.

Yun Canglan strode over and picked a ball. She bent down, almost dropping the ball to the ground as if she didn't expect the ball to be so heavy. She finally straightened herself, held the ball tightly and walked to the lane.

Yun Canglan's movements had onlookers roaring with laughter. Yun Canglan seemed to be excited as she waved the ball and aimed at the pins. She clutched the ball in her right hand and was about to throw it when she stumbled and fell to the ground. The ball rolled from her hand.

All the pins fell down, and everyone was awed into silence.

People rubbed their eyes in disbelief and weren't sure if they were asleep or awake.

The pride Yan Cangyue felt, faded as he studied Yun Canglan as she picked herself up and stared incredulously at the pins. He wondered if this was a coincidence.

Yun Canglan smiled devilishly unnoticed by Yan Cangyue.

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