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   Chapter 73 I’m a Trendsetter

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 8376

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Luo Mei turned pale. She continued weeping and telling her tale.

"Mr. Feng Gui called me 'Yun'er' while he molested me. He took a fancy to me as I closely resemble the girl named Yun'er…"

Yun Qi choked, glaring at Luo Mei disdainfully, "Oh please."

Yun Qin scoffed, "Miss Luo Mei, how can you compare yourself to Miss Feng Yun'er, the ex-wife of Mr. Feng Gui? It is invaluable to know oneself and place. Shame on you! You should know your place as a prostitute, and not try to be a social climber. Anyway, you are of humble origin."

Yun Qin's remarks were brutally scathing.

Luo Mei shook and pointed at Yun Qin, "You…You Shut up!"

"What's wrong with me? Why, I would be much prettier than you if I dressed like a woman. You can't hold a candle to Miss Feng Yun'er. Don't overvalue yourself."

Luo Mei's face blackened with anger. Some onlookers no longer felt pity for her as they figured out what was going on.

Yun Qi spoke to San Niang, "She indulges in this wild fantasy, and she truly believes she can attach herself to Mr. Feng Gui. Mark my words, she will ruin your brothel."

Yun Canglan and Yun Yu remained silent, watching the drama unfold, while San Niang trembled with fear, lowering her head. San Niang knew the reputations of Yun Qin and Yun Qi, also known as the Medical Sage and Poison Sage. They could be challenging to deal with, so she decided to stop before things went too far.

"I'm sorry." San Niang apologized, "I shouldn't have hired her. I will return her contract."

The Yelaixiang Brothel was well-known throughout the seven kingdoms spanning the two continents, and could easily fire Luo Mei, but the shame Luo Mei would bring with this incident would be long-lasting.

With dazzling elegance and flair, Yun Canglan stepped forward as San Niang turned away.

Luo Mei cried bitterly, but her lust and hatred were evident. Yun Canglan pinched her chin.

The scene was like an artist's vision until Yun Canglan spoke, "How ugly of you."

Embarrassed, Luo Mei whined, "Sir, why are you saying such mean things? You don't even know me!"

"Well, what you did here disgusts me." Yun Canglan said coldly. As she spun, her red dress created a breeze, bringing on a faint scent of Red Spider Lily.

"Miss Luo Mei, if Mr. Feng Gui likes you, how come he doesn't know your name? Why did he call someone else's name while he accosted you? Do you think he likes you? You really are flattering yourself." Feng Gui sat slumped on the floor, muttering nonsense

bly begging her.

He didn't expect that his mistake would lead to divorce.

After the divorce, he may as well have been dead. He detested his parents, concubine and that mewling baby. The courtyard without Yun'er was deserted and felt desolate. It was only after Yun'er left that he finally knew she was so important to him, and he lost himself as he had lost her.

However, he never saw Yun'er after that, except when he drank and his illusion of Yun'er standing before him with her gentle smile as she called him "husband" as usual came alive.

All people said that there were many seductively charming women at the Yelaixiang Brothel, but none of them could help him get over Yun'er. Instead, he missed Yun'er more.

"Yun'er… Yun'er…" Feng Gui called Yun Canglan's name over and over, clinging to her, but Yun Canglan was determined to leave.

She straightened her crumpled sleeve and pried Feng Gui's hand off her.

Yun Canglan was always cold-hearted.

"Mr. Feng Gui, she will never come back to you. Just give up." She had to deal with something more crucial and protect someone more important, while Feng Gui's drama was done now.

No matter how hard Feng Gui tried to hold, Yun Canglan still evaded his grasp.

"Yun Yu, Mr. Feng Gui is not to come here after tonight. I don't want to see him again."

"Yes, Mistress." Yun Yu was in the wrong, and took her orders respectfully.

As the drama came to an end, the second floor quieted again while the first floor grew noisy. Clients flirted with their favorite prostitutes, and offensive jokes and suggestions brought laughter and playfulness, all dispelling the displeasure of what happened.

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