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   Chapter 71 Fashion

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Time passed quickly like a white pony's shadow across a crevice.

At midnight, Yun Canglan, along with Yun Qin and Yun Qi, sneaked away from the imperial palace of the Can Kingdom. Before leaving, Yun Canglan left a letter for Huo Liuyun. The eunuch who was on duty that night said that after reading the letter, His Crown Prince forgot his grace and uttered an extremely uncouth four-letter word.

For a while, everyone in Can City wanted to know the contents of the mysterious letter.

When someone asked Yun Canglan about it afterwards, she nonchalantly answered, "I just gave him two suggestions."

"What suggestions?"

Yun Canglan proudly said, "First, His Crown Prince always blames other people for failures. But actually he ought to look to himself also at times. And second, His Crown Prince has so many concubines. I asked him to be careful. What if he died from too much sex?"

The enquirer was stunned.

When the evening lights were lit, pretty lanterns were hung under the eaves of the Yelaixiang Brothel. Beautiful ladies stood in their regular positions assuming sexy postures, waving their handkerchiefs to seduce men.

Even before Yelaixiang Brothel opened for business, many men waited at its entrance. They packed into the hall and took their beloved ladies to private rooms as soon as the brothel opened.

San Niang waved her handkerchief and greeted the customers as usual, "Come in please! We have the most beautiful ladies here. We have virgins here. We have the most interesting games here. Today is our anniversary and we are offered big discounts. Don't miss them!"

Her attention was drawn to a particular man in the crowd. "Welcome Gentleman! Nice to meet you again. Aren't you with Mr. Zhang tonight? Are you going to play on the first floor or the floors above?" she coyly inquired.

Yan Cangyue had planned to go upstairs, but when he saw San Niang's scornful eyes, his pride was hurt. He wanted to prove that he, the most romantic man in the Chi Kingdom, was not an idiot. He had 5, 000 Liang that day and he did not believe that he would lose all his money, again.

"The first floor!" Yan Cangyue answered in a stubborn voice.

"Sure, Mister. Come in please. Mei Er, take good care of our guest, " San Niang was glad that Yan Cangyue had fallen for the bait. She was about to rip off him.

After seeing that Yan Cangyue had gone to the first floor, San Niang turned around and continued to greet the other customers, "Mr. Liu! You haven't been here for a few days. Is it because of your wife? Zao Zi has been waiting for you. Don't worry. We will guard the door and won't let your wife come in." She then addressed another customer, "Good evening, Mr. Dong! Which lady would you like to entice you tonight? I heard that you have sworn that you would sleep with every lady in Yelaixiang Brothel. Do you know that we replace a batch of ladies every two months? Even if you come here every night, you will be unable to sleep with every lady. Alas! You already look so tired." A newcomer attracted San Niang's attention. She directed her concentration towards him. "Gentleman! You are so handsome. Have you come here for the first time?" she asked in an engaging tone.

The newcomer was Yun Canglan dressed as a man. Her clothes were as red as blood; her smiling face was as beautiful as a lotus flower; her temperament was as elegant as a bamboo; and her eyes were as clear as water. She flapped the White Jade Fan sending a cool breeze across to San Niang. Her red fringes swayed beside her ears. The combination of red and black would have enthralled any onlooker.

Behind her, there were two similar-looking men. They had the same face and the same expression. They looked both arrogant and indifferent.

This threesome stood in the entrance of Yelaixiang Brothel, attracting the eyes of many passersby. The trademark red dress revealed their identities. It was Mister Night Phoenix, Medical Sage and Poison Sage.

He cuts a fine figure of a man dressed in red. His White Jade Fan makes Jianghu quiver with fear, and his hairpin will save the world. The Medical Sage and Poison Sage devotedly accompany him.

San Niang was stunned. A man holding a lady glanced at Yun Canglan and scornfully said, "Another Mister Night Phoenix fanatic! Do you think you are Mister Night Phoenix with those clothes and a pair of twins? I wonder what young people think now."

Another man turned and looked at Yun Canglan from head to toe and agreed. "Brother, nice dress! Where did you find the twins? They look almost real. I dressed up as Mister Night Phoenix yesterday, but I did not find the twins that real. But you still lack his temperament. Some day, when I am free, I'll teach you how to copy Mister Night Phoenix, " he said with an air of pompousness.

Another man nodded his head and said, "You are right. The fringes look better than yours. Bro, could you tell me from where did you buy these clothes? I would like to buy similar clothes and dress up as Mister Night Phoenix tomorrow."

"Liu Er, forget it. You are so fat that even if you dressed up in these clothes, you would not look like Mister Night Phoenix at all. But I know where to buy these clothes. Many clothing stores sell them now. After all, Mister Night Phoenix is popular and all clothing businesses need to make profits, " replied the man who had dressed up as Mister Night Phoenix, the night before.

Yun Canglan was dumbfounded. She almost fell to the ground.

What was wrong with this world? Had she already become outdated while she was at the imperial palace? Or was this world crazy?

Yun Qin and Yun Qi burst into a fit of violent laughter, forgetting their images.

San Niang didn't laugh. She stared at the fringes for a while, and then discreetly walked tow

ards Yun Canglan. She lowered her head and respectfully said, "Please come in, Mister. Yun Yu is waiting for you."

Surprised that San Niang had recognized her, she stood straight and asked her with interest, "How can you tell that I'm not a fake Mister Night Phoenix?" Yun Yu's subordinate looked reliable.

"By the fringes! No one can copy the fringes. Neither the color nor the quality. Although I have never seen the true face of Your Master, Yun Yu has taught me how to recognize you."

Yun Canglan nodded her head in satisfaction and followed San Niang into Yelaixiang Brothel.

The corner of the third floor housed a fine room. Normally, nobody would venture on the third floor, let alone enter the room.

San Niang pushed the door open and then withdrew in respect. Seeing someone lunging at her, Yun Canglan stepped aside, causing the person to fall into Yun Qi's arms.

Immediately, Yun Qi and the person began scolding each other.

"Madam, mind your manners! My clothes are expensive!"

"Damn it! I didn't see you, Blind Man. Now, I will have to burn the clothes I wore today. What a pity!" the lady retorted.

"How dare you say I'm dirty! See how I will fix you now!"

"Help, Mistress! Yun Qi is going to bully me! He is so cruel to his colleagues that I suggest we castrate him and send him to a money boy brothel." she appealed halfheartedly to Yun Canglan.

"Madam, you are so mean! I should make you the ugliest lady in the world!" said Yun Qi.

"Blind Man, be careful else I will tell everyone what color underwear you wear."


Yun Canglan was about to tongue-lash both Yun Yu and Yun Qi. But when she remembered that the company objective of Yelaixiang Brothel was "to receive customers in a civilized way", she took a few deep breaths and said, "Shut up you two and get in!"

Her words immediately worked. Yun Yu and Yun Qi stopped quarreling and followed her into the room. Yun Qin waited outside and closed the door for them.

Inside the room, Yun Yu turned to Yun Canglan and said, "Mistress, you are finally here. I was so bored waiting for you. Shall we start our plan now?" Yun Yu was the bride that Yun Canglan had snatched many years ago. She was about 18 or 19 years old now, but her baby face made her look younger. Her bright eyes twinkled, making her look closer to 14 or 15.

Yun Yu didn't let Yun Canglan down. She had expanded Buye Tower to seven kingdoms over the two continents during the past ten years. Buye Tower was able to obtain news about everybody, from royal members to ordinary people. However, Mr. Yao Xi and several other events that happened recently gradually exposed some disadvantages of Buye Tower. The most prominent of these was the promptness of news.

Yun Canglan was at Yelaixiang Brothel for Buye Tower this time.

"Tell me the latest news of Buye Tower, " Yun Canglan asked Yun Yu. Then looking at her from head to toe, asked, "By the way, Yun Yu, have you gained weight recently?" Yun Canglan was lazily slouched on a sofa. Every subordinate of Yun Canglan knew about her love for laziness. Therefore, Yun Yu had the sofa made to order keeping in mind Yun Canglan's comfort.

... Yun Canglan was so lazy that if she could sit down, she would never stand.

Yun Yu's eyes widened when she heard Yun Canglan's question. She checked her face and body and confirmed that she hadn't gained weight recently. She looked at Yun Canglan and said, "Mistress, I'm sure I haven't gained weight."

Yun Canglan was surprised. She said, "I thought you must have gained weight as you stayed at Yelaixiang Brothel all day long. Tell me how you keep fit?"

Yun Yu finally understood what Yun Canglan meant. Yun Canglan was saying she was a homegirl. But Yun Canglan herself was a lazy person and she did nothing except for eat and sleep all day long.

Yun Yu stopped wondering about that question and seriously said, "Mistress, let me tell you the latest news of Buye Tower. Yelaixiang Brothel and Youjia Inn are the two major parts of Buye Tower. But we can only buy and sell news of ordinary people through these two establishments. As for the news of the world of martial arts and royal members, we have to find other channels. I'm developing such other channels now. I believe they should start working in a year or two."

"A year or two?" Yun Canglan was lost in thought. But her response scared Yun Yu. She wondered if the Mistress was not satisfied with the time.

"Recently, you have been unable to reply to any messages. Is that because of the same reason?" Yun Canglan raised her head while asking, exerting pressure on Yun Yu. Yun Yu lowered her head and dared not look her Mistress in the eyes.

"Yes, " she demurely said.

"We don't have a year or two. Some months shall be enough to develop those channels, " Yun Canglan declared confidently. Yun Yu was surprised. But she admired Yun Canglan's ideas and was very keen to learn how this would happen.

"Please guide me as to how to do this?"

"If we want to obtain news of Jianghu, it's simple. Just use our people, such as Yun Lie, who are already in Jianghu. As for the news of royal members, we should align our people into the imperial palaces or buy the people in the imperial palaces."

Actually, the power of Buye Tower was not to be underestimated. Buye Tower could even obtain the ancient news of imperial palaces. But what Buye Tower lacked was the speed of news delivery. Therefore, Yun Canglan wanted to align her people in the imperial palaces or Jianghu in such a way that any news rapidly traveled to her.

Yun Yu listened carefully, taking care not to miss a word.

"Who are close to the royal members inside the imperial palaces? And who are close to the royal members outside the imperial palaces?" asked Yun Canglan.

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