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   Chapter 70 Test the Water

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The state banquet turned out to be a huge failure. Huo Liuyun had been humiliated in front of hundreds of people and he had no choice but to swallow his pride. Although Chi Kingdom wouldn't investigate the death of Lady Lan, the prestige of Can Kingdom declined.

It was common among the royalty to reap the benefits of any incidence that happened in a country, even the death of a woman. However, when the masses gained knowledge of such an instance, they felt disappointed and the country, as a whole, suffered a low morale.

A needless outcome of the state banquet was that Feng Yun'er, the owner of the Fengyun Firm, came out unharmed. In fact, she came across as the victim. The story, adapted slightly, became a joke among ordinary people.

His Crown Prince had instigated Lady Lan to hurt the owner of the Fengyun Firm, who, in turn, had her killed. He had then coerced Feng Yun'er to agree to more profitable trade terms in lieu of keeping the true story of Lady Lan's death under wraps.

After all, what matters the most for an emperor? The support of his people. He would be easily overthrown if the people didn't trust him.

In the Siyuan Palace

Yun Canglan was sitting in a chair and was almost asleep. She yawned continuously as she watched Yun Qin and Yun Qi packing up everything in an organized way. They walked quickly to and fro in the room to get everything ready in time.

"Pack up and run away. It is unsafe to stay here any longer, especially now that I have crossed Huo Liuyun. What a pity I can't sleep now. I usually sleep by this time. Now I have to refrain from falling asleep and watch two ladyboys packing up, " muttered Yun Canglan to herself.

In the distance, a lotus pool was in full bloom. The fragrance of the flowers, which the breeze wafted across to her room, smelt like the powder she used to hide her scent. Annoying insects had started chirping to replace the joyful singing of the cicada.

Yun Canglan leaned back in her chair to take a nap. But a voyeur disturbed her. She quickly opened her eyes and said, "Come out! Are you fascinated by my beauty?" Though, Yun Canglan appeared to be calm, there was a wariness in her eyes.

Hearing Yun Canglan's warning, Yun Qin and Yun Qi left everything and rushed to her side to protect her. 'Oh damn! We didn't notice an intruder. How careless we were!' they both thought to themselves.

Just then, a man appeared from the shadow outside the door. He was wearing a baggy robe that had rabbit hair sewed to its cuffs. Though unsuitable for the hot summer, the robe looked incredibly harmonious. The man was noble and unrestrained, just like a saint from an isolated snow-capped mountain. His dark eyes were deep like the star-studded sky, making his handsome face more approachable.

"Prince Xiaoyao! You have an eye for the beautiful, " said Yun Canglan with a smile when she realized who it was. Xi Zhiyao stopped in his tracks and awkwardly explained his presence.

"Sister-in-law, there seems to be a misunderstanding. I had no intention of offending you, " he said smiling.

"Sister-in-law?" Yun Canglan snorted, "I have divorced Feng Gui. Don't you remember, Prince Xiaoyao?"

'Is Prince Xiaoyao really free and easy?' Yun Canglan thought to herself.

Xi Zhiyao immediately apologized, "Miss Feng, I didn't mean to offend you. It was just a slip of tongue."

Saying that Xi Zhiyao reflected on himself, 'I have allowed my nose to lead me into a passive position. I should have kept calm.'

One could see the tension in his dark and deep eyes. He had tried to hide it, but in vain.

"Miss Feng, I come here only to confirm…" Xi Zhiyao stepped forward and took a seat opposite Yun Canglan, fixing his deep eyes on her. He was more like the host rather than a guest.

Yun Canglan raised her eyebrows and pretended to be shy. She slyly provoked him, enjoying herself thoroughly. "Prince Xiaoyao, you are casual and elegant, outstandingly handsome and charming; you have a high status and great power. Although I became single again after divorcing Feng Gui, I am not a proper candidate for your wife. After all, you are cousins."

Hearing this, Yun Qin was so astonished that he was choked by saliva and couldn't help coughing, while Yun Qi frantically patted his back and held him to the corner for a rest. 'Mistress Yun has started molesting handsome men again, ' they thought and rolled their eyes.

Xi Zhiyao looked speechless. Yun Canglan was sure that her statement had shocked the prince of Jin Kingdom.

Yun Canglan bent forward and poured herself a cup of tea and started counting from one in her head. By the time, she reached twenty-three, Xi Zhiyao recovered from the shock. He thought to himself, 'Is it possible that Feng Yun'er used Shehundafa*? I was completely at a loss just now. Fortunately I was determined and recovered quickly. Just a few seconds won't matter that much.'

(*TN: Shehundafa was a kind of kung fu. One who mastered it, could make their enemy lose consciousness and do anything according to their orders just by making eye contact with them.)

"Ahem..." Xi Zhiyao cleared his throat and explained, "I wasn't making a proposal." Yun Qin and Yun Qi mocked Xi Zhiyao in their mind, "Your intention was obvious, Prince Xiaoyao. Mistress Yun was making fun of you!"

Xi Zhiyao ignored the ladyboys and turned his attention back to Yun Canglan. "I wanted to ask you Miss Feng, have you heard of 'drawing a circle to serve as a prison'?" He opened his eyes wide to observe her closely as he had a strong desire to confirm his suspicion. He stared hard at Yun Canglan while thinking to himself, 'If she is astonished, shocked, demonstrative, flustered, or artificially demure, then she definitely is Yun Canglan.'

But Yun Canglan's response was unexpected.

Yun Canglan blinked and happily nodded after thinking for while, "I have heard of it."

Xi Zhiyao hasn't found what was the problem. He stepped forward and held Yun Canglan's shoulders without hesitation. Her thin and well-shaped body was so attractive that he almost lost his mind.

"You have heard of it! I knew it was you! I knew it was you!. Indeed. Exactly. My guess was right. It is you. Though you have a different appearance and personality, your eyes are the same. I am sure you are Yun Canglan. Please tell me you are Yun Canglan, " he implored.

Yun Canglan shrugged her shoulders free and angrily cursed in her mind, 'Damn you Prince Xiaoyao! I am Yun Canglan but I won't admit it. You are too proud of your judgment. I am not happy that you recognized me. The next time I disguise myself, I will pay more attention to my eyes.'

She then batted her eyelashes at the Prince and innocently asked, "Who is Yun Canglan?" Then immediately changing tracks, she said softly while cursing in her mind, "Prince Xiaoyao, didn't you just mention the song sung by Yu Quan*? I like the song very much." She then started humming softly, "Drawing a circle on the ground to serve as a prison, I live for you. I wear a smile and get older and older in the prison. My life…My life..." she stopped in the middle. "Sorry, I cannot recall the remaining lyrics, " she sincerely said.

(*TN: Yu Quan is a soft rock band from Mainland China.)

Xi Zhiyao frowned and thought to himself, 'Who is Yu Quan? Did I misunderstand her? Is she not Yun Canglan?'

He looked at her again and shook his head. "Are you not Yun Canglan?" He asked doubtfully. 'Three years ago there was news that Yun Canglan had died. I didn't believe it then. I don't believe it now.' He thought to himself.

Yun Canglan smiled and shook her head slightly. "My name is Feng Yun'er, boss of the Fengyun Firm, " she said. Her firm tone and innocent look made Xi Zhiyao finally give up.

"Miss Feng, I am sorry to have mistaken you for my friend, " he formally said. He then made a request, "It is a nice song. Can you please sing it for me? I like the lyrics, especially 'Drawing a circle on the ground to serve as a prison, I live for you'."

"No, Prince Xiaoyao, " Yun Canglan refused straightaway. "I will sing this song for my husband and I don't think you are interested in becoming my husband, are you?"

Yun Canglan ogled Xi Zhiyao. She was so sexy and charming that any male would be totally fascinated by her.

But, Xi Zhiyao ignored her flirtation and politely wished her goodbye. He looked at her with a faraway smile and said, "I am not qualified, Miss Feng, I will see myself out, please."

'I won't see you off, ' Yun Canglan thought to herself. "Goodbye, Prince Xiaoyao, " she casually said.

Xi Zhiyao carefully watched Yun Canglan and at last turned to leave. His white rabbit hair sleeves flying about in the wind did not look very warm.

When Xi Zhiyao left, Yun Canglan became angry, "Yun Qin, make a comprehensive investigation. A man who can beat you and Yun Qi is not likely a shiftless prince."

"Yes, Mistress Yun, I will immediately send a message to Yun Yu, " whispered Yun Qin looking suitably chastised.

"He had recognized me. That was why he had come to check. Leave him alone. Make sure whether he has a birthmark of a feather or not." Her eyes suggested that she was a shrewd and sophisticated woman.

"If he is one of the seven male birds, he will be the biggest challenge. If he isn't, then he would be the most difficult enemy."

"Yes, Mistress Yun, " Yun Qi complied. 'Mistress Yun is really good at judging and sizing up the situation; she has a power to change the world and no one can beat her, ' he thought.

"Mistress Yun, " Yun Qi looked up at Yun Canglan and said, "The nine prominent figures are about to assemble together in a few days. Mister Liu Huo, Mister Zi Zhu and Mister Jue Sha have arrived and checked in Youjia Inn under the charge of Fengyun Firm. Mister Yang, Mister Feng Gui and Mister Wu Hen live in Can City and have done nothing strange to draw attention to themselves. Mister Yao Yan will arrive tonight. Only the whereabouts of Mister Yao Xi are unknown."

"You didn't find him?" Yun Canglan glared at Yun Qi who lowered his head and profusely apologized, "Forgive my inefficiency, Mistress Yun."

"Never mind. Even Buye Tower had no valuable information about him. He is as slippery as an eel. Pay more attention to the people passing through the gates of Can City. Anybody even remotely suspicious should be reported to me."

'It is possible that Mister Yao Xi has already entered Can City. If my guess is correct, then I need to consider his purpose very carefully.'

"Mistress Yun, in the General's House…" Yun Qi reported another important piece of information. 'His Lordship married a concubine. I bet Mistress Yun will handle her.' Yun Qi thought to himself.

A wicked but seductive smile appeared on Yun Canglan's fascinating face, "That woman is brave. Let's wait until it is time to give Huo Liuyun a surprise."

Yun Qin and Yun Qi judged from Mistress Yun's expression that someone would soon have a stroke of bad luck. They got excited because they would be dispatched to carry out interesting tasks.

"What about Wu Ci? Did he do something unusual?" Yun Canglan asked her subordinates.

"Grand Preceptor Wu Ci has been frequently meeting some officials. I am sure they would make waves during the gathering of the nine prominent figures. However, his second son, Wu Yunye has been staying with Zhu Shang in Yelaixiang Brothel."

"Wu Yunye?" Yun Canglan enjoyed bantering the Unibrow. It was fun. 'I haven't seen him for a long time and am curious to know if the Unibrow has two eyebrows now. Let's find out from Wu Yunye, himself, ' Yun Canglan thought. She thought of something and then ordered Yun Qin and Yun Qi to inform Yun Yu that Mister Night Phoenix would visit Yelaixiang Brothel the following night.

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