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   Chapter 69 Shrink from Responsibility

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"Thank you, My Prince, " said Yun Canglan. She lowered her head, hiding her crafty smile.

She hadn't finished. "Croton, ruanjinsan, aphrodisiac, " she softly said under her breath.

Hearing her soft words, Yan Cangyue started trembled with anger. "Who..who are you?" He stammered, livid.

Croton, ruanjinsan, aphrodisiac...

Though these were commonly available in drug stores, their combination could cause problems.

Yan Cangyue recalled what had happened at a brothel in Can Kingdom ten years ago. He was thoroughly discredited when he mistakenly ate croton and ruanjinsan, while drugged. Once sober, he had wanted to kill the evildoer who turned out to be the damn Royal of Can Kingdom, but couldn't. Learning that she was already dead, he had finally resumed his spirits.

Yan Cangyue was sure that all those who knew what had happened at the brothel were dead. Then how did this lady know about the incident?

Yun Canglan played innocent. She fluttered her eyelashes at the prince and said, "Sorry, what did you say?"

"Who are you?" Yan Cangyue asked again gnashing his teeth in hatred. What a coincidence this was! Obviously, Yun Canglan had intentionally provoked him.

Yun Canglan winked at Yan Cangyue, "My Prince, don't you know me? I'm Feng Yun'er. We had a nice talk just now, didn't we? How come you don't know who I am?" Yun Canglan carefully asked as if she was scared, "Oh no! My Prince, do you suffer from the unmentionable disease?" she feigned concern.

"No, I don't! Damn you!" Yan Cangyue shouted loudly. The music stopped abruptly, and all the others looked at him in curiosity.

Yun Canglan turned to her parents and shrugged her slim shoulders nonchalantly.

Blushing with embarrassment, Yan Cangyue stared at Yun Canglan. Yan Cangyue's bodyguard saw that the prince was about to get even angrier. He made an excuse on his behalf, "I'm sorry. The Third Prince doesn't feel well today." But Yan Cangyue didn't appreciate his interference.

"No, I'm perfectly fine, " he retorted. Yan Cangyue calmed himself down. He then turned to face Huo Yang and Huo Liuyun. "I feel sad as I recall my sister today, Your Majesty. In the presence of the Sixth Prince of Lie Kingdom, the Tenth Prince of Ling Kingdom and Prince Xiaoyao of Jin Kingdom, please explain why my sister died an unnatural death shortly after marrying into Can Kingdom."

The ministers burst into an uproar. All the princes and royal highness kept silent. Huo Yang and Huo Liuyun frowned, while Yun Canglan acted like an innocent onlooker, waiting for the answer.

"Well…" Huo Yang looked helplessly at Huo Liuyun.

Huo Liuyun slowly said, "I have sent a letter about the whole story. Didn't you read it, Third Prince?" The truth was that Yan Cangyue had learned about his sister's death on his arrival at Can Kingdom. He had left his kingdom before the letter had been received.

Yan Cangyue shook his head, refusing to let the matter settle.

Huo Liuyun pretended to be surprised and turned to Yun Canglan, "Miss Feng, you clearly know what had happened. Why don't you explain it to the Third Prince?"

Yun Canglan was taken aback. Now, it was her turn to stammer. "What? What did you say?" The first trick to shrink from responsibility is to pretend to be deaf.

Huo Liuyun woefully frowned and repeated, "Miss Feng, please explain to all the ministers present here why and how Lady Lan died."

Yun Canglan looked up in a fright. "I was not involved in that. I didn't kill her. Yun Qin did, " she slowly said.

Yun Qin, standing behind her, was speechless.

The second trick to shrink from responsibility is to play dum


Huo Liuyun became incensed, "Miss Feng, have you forgotten what had happened? Several days ago, Lady Lan and you were in the imperial garden…"

Yun Canglan pretended that she did remember the incident. "Oh! I know what you mean."

She behaved as if it was she who had been wronged.

Now, it was Huo Liuyun's turn to be speechless. "My Crown Prince, I came to the imperial palace on your invitation that day. Unexpectedly, your concubines were jealous as they were eclipsed by me. But I didn't take it to my heart. One day, I was feeling bored, so I took a walk in the imperial garden with my servants. There, I saw a dozen beautiful ladies chatting among themselves. I intended to join them, but one of them claimed that I didn't respect her as I didn't bow to her."

Yun Canglan started sobbing. She looked lovable and vulnerable. Shui Minghan frowned unhappily.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi wept along with their mistress.

"I'm the proprietor of Fengyun Firm. Mister Zi Zhu, my representative, doesn't need to bow to the Emperor. Then why should I bow to that lady? Moreover, she wanted to slap my face. I couldn't bear that my pretty face would be hurt. My hands trembled with fear, and my servants mistakenly thought that I had ordered them to kill the lady. Therefore, they killed Lady Lan. You know, I never kill."

The third trick to shrink from responsibility is to complain first.

And the fourth trick to shrink from responsibility is to find a scapegoat.

Yun Canglan pretended to be the victim. Others, especially Huo Liuyun and Huo Yang, started sweating at her allegations.

It was excusable for Yun Canglan's servants to kill Lady Lan by mistake as she was jealous of Yun Canglan's pretty face and wanted to hurt her. Moreover, Yun Canglan was the proprietor of Fengyun Firm. How could she suffer any wrong?

Yan Cangyue was upset. His sister had died, but here, Yun Canglan claimed to be the victim. To say the least, his sister shouldn't have offended Yun Canglan in the first place. Fengyun Firm controlled the economic lifeline of the seven kingdoms across the two continents. If Yun Canglan ordered to cut off supply to Chi Kingdom, they would suffer greatly.

Yun Canglan thought of something else. She said, "Well, Your Crown Prince, something occurs to me." Before Huo Liuyun or Yan Cangyue could react, she blinked at the Crown Prince.

"You had said that you wouldn't pursue this thing any further. Then, why did you bring it up today? I have transferred the salt transportation business to Can Kingdom as I had promised. Isn't it enough?"

Everyone now understood what had happened.

Huo Liuyun wanted to drive a wedge between Chi Kingdom and Fengyun Firm and profit from it.

Xi Zhiyao squinted at Huo Liuyun in surprise, but remained indifferent.

Yan Cangyue glared at Huo Liuyun, who turned pale.

He could say nothing and felt as if someone was clutching at his throat. Then he realized he shouldn't have offended Yun Canglan, the proprietor of Fengyun Firm. She was arrogant and mighty, but the worst part was that she pretended to be fragile.

'Had I offended her before? Why did she set me up?' Huo Liuyun was confused.

In this case, the reputation of the royal court of Can Kingdom was ruined, and the Crown Prince, Huo Liuyun was humiliated. He could now not take over the salt transportation business even if Yun Canglan gave it to him for free.

Huo Yang looked depressed. Scowling at Yun Canglan, he could do nothing and therefore chose to remain silent.

Pursing her lips and fixing her eyes on Huo Liuyun and Huo Yang, Yun Canglan felt happy that she had succeeded in humiliating Huo Liuyun.

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