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   Chapter 67 The Imperial Dinner

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Everyone in Can City heard the news that Huo Liuyun, the Crown Prince of Can Kingdom, was going to host a dinner in the honor of the owner of Fengyun Firm. Till now, it was widely believed that Mister Zi Zhu was the owner of the influential firm. But it turned out that Mister Zi Zhu actually just worked for the actual boss.

Just like the common people, the officials also wanted to find out who the real owner of Fengyun Firm was. So, all of them made a point to attend the imperial dinner with their families. The princes of the other kingdoms who were in Can City also attended the dinner as they too wanted to be introduced to the real boss of the powerful firm.

It was not yet late in the evening, but many people had already arrived at the imperial palace.

The imperial dinner started on time, just as the sun set over the horizon.

"Dingguo Duke and Her Ladyship!" The sharp voice of the eunuch echoed within the Juxian Palace. Yun Yajun entered the main hall with his beloved wife. The officials immediately rose to greet the old couple.

Yun Yajun had retired years ago. He seldom attended any imperial dinners, let alone bring his wife, who was in poor health. As he entered the main hall, many officials surrounded him to chat with him.

As was the usual practice, people who had a stronger background arrived later than the officials at such imperial dinners.

At the Siyuan Palace...

Yun Canglan was drinking tea and teasing the two beautiful "servant girls".

"Mistress, the dinner has started, " Yun Qin urged Yun Canglan. He was surprised that a dinner of such grand scale was being organised for his Mistress. Reminding her of the status of the invited guests, he beseeched her not to be late.

Yun Canglan rolled her eyes at her subordinates and said in a voice dripping with contempt, "Do you know what a leading player is?"

Yun Qin and Yun Qi shook their heads and answered, "No, Mistress."

Yun Canglan smiled, shrugged her shoulders and said, "I'm the leading player of the imperial dinner tonight. Nobody can dare blame me for being late."

Yun Qin and Yun Qi were dumbstruck. They wondered why their Mistress was so shameless and kept everybody waiting.

At the Juxian Palace...

Many officials stood around Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er and flattered them. Yun Yajun held his beloved wife in his arms and chatted with the guests.

"General Yun, how are you?" inquired one of the officials.

"Your Ladyship, you look exactly the same as you were years ago!" exclaimed one of the wives of the officials.

"My relative has sent me ginseng as a gift. Would you like to have it?" said another official eager to please the Huguo General.

"I have heard that the old General loves drinking Pu'er Tea. I have several boxes. May I please get some for you, " said another to ensure that he was not upped by his colleague.


Then there were other officials who were at odds with Yun Yajun. Wu Ci, Grand Preceptor of Can Kingdom was the unofficial leader of such officials.

Wu Ci joined the officials talking to the Huguo General. He first addressed Yun Yajun and said in disdain, "General Yun, you are as strong as you were years ago." He then turned to the officials and rumbled, "Fellows, why didn't you treat Shenyong General as politely as you did General Yun."

Hearing his words, the officials became quiet. Their wives became scared and hid behind their husbands. Yun Yajun took this opportunity to leave the crowd with his wife in tow. He seated his wife and then sat himself on his assigned chair.

Xue Ying, Shenyong General, sat beside him. Xue Ying had won several battles in recent years, which helped build a high reputation for him.

Yun Yajun now owned only a small part of the military in the Can Kingdom. Another small portion was owned by the Crown Prince. The remaining army was controlled by Xue Ying. He had been appointed by the Crown Prince.

Although Wu Ci had no military power, he had a wide range of supporters. The situation of Can Kingdom could be compared to that which stood on the legs of a tripod. Yun Yajun, the first leg of the tripod, had a good reputation; Xue Ying, the second leg, had military power; and Wu Ci, the third leg, had the support of many officials. All three were well-matched.

However, few people knew that Xue Ying was Wu Ci's apprentice. So to some extent, Xue Ying was in the same camp as the Grand Preceptor.

Confident about his support, Wu Ci had behaved with unbearable insolence in recent years. Though the officials noted this, they were forced to keep their resentment to themselves. Only Yun Yajun dared to call a spade a spade and questioned the Grand Preceptor's behavior at times.

Wu Ci had turned the jovial atmosphere of the Juxian Palace into that of hostility and tension with his comments. But, the next announcement by the eunuch lightened the atmosphere.

"The tenth prince of the Ling Kingdom!" A man walked slowly towards the main hall. As soon as he arrived, it seemed that all the flowers bloomed. Everybody in the palace could feel a faint breeze preceding the beautiful man. They felt supremely comfortable in his wake.

Blessed with finely modeled features, snowy-white skin and a thin figure, he looked like an immortal. He wore a large embroidered robe and his hair were tied up properly, giving the impression of purity as that seen in the snow water on mountains.

He walked slowly like a chrysanthemum swaying in the fall. As he was tall and thin, he looked like a white orchid moving. His gentle smile attracted the hearts of the numerous girls present in the hall.

People said that his elegance, dignity and gentle smile conquered the world. He became one of the Nine Prominent Figures only by a painting. He was Yang Gezhi, also known as Mister Yang.

He was a hostage of the Ling Kingdom and had been in the Can Kingdom for eleven years.

Yang Gezhi ignored everyone's attention and went directly to his seat without saying a single word to anybody.

"The third prince of the Chi Kingdom!" The eunuch yelled again. The officials were quite stunned to see the next guest.

The princess of the Chi Kingdom had just died in the Can Kingdom. How had the third prince arrived so quickly? Even a carrier pigeon would have taken at least four to five days to deliver the news. Was he flying all this way?

Every head in the hall turned to look in the direction of the entrance of the Juxian Palace. After all, everybody wanted to see the elegant demeanor of the prince.

The prince wor

e light purple clothes with embroidered flowers, which looked soft and beautiful, yet not sissy. On his sleeves, there was a cloud-shaped ornamentation, looking extremely luxurious. But the spotlight was not his clothing, albeit his unruly temperament and charming eyes.

Yan Cangyue, the third prince of the Chi Kingdom, was called the first handsome man in the Chi Kingdom. He was not a good politician, but a playboy who liked to hang out with the ladies. He had glaze-like eyes and suet jade-like skin.

Yan Cangyue grandly walked towards his seat and greeted Yang Gezhi with a smiling hello on his way.

The families of the officials felt attracted to Yan Cangyue, especially those who were not married yet. One could see nearly half the congregation's face redden from the shame they felt at their thoughts.

"Prince Xiaoyao of the Jin Kingdom!" announced the eunuch. Everyone turned their heads to look in the direction of the entrance once again.

The eunuch was very thirsty and thought to himself, "Why don't you guys come together?"

Xi Zhiyao wore opulent blue clothes and walked into the palace slowly. There was a bland smile on his face, yet he looked a bit indifferent. He moved like a lazy cat.

The Jin Kingdom had vast territory and abundant resources, as well as a well-trained and powerful army. But Xi Zhiyao didn't want to be an emperor. When the new Emperor of the Jin Kingdom assumed office, he granted Xi Zhiyao the title of "Prince Xiaoyao". From then on, Xi Zhiyao left behind state affairs and chose to travel the world.

The officials in the Juxian Palace greeted him one after the other. He was a royal member after all.

Xi Zhiyao gently greeted everybody and then walked to his seat following a servant girl. He went blank for a moment when he saw Yang Gezhi and Yan Cangyue already present. Recovering quickly, he sat down and began to drink.

The Shui Continent and Huo Continent had been as compatible as fire and water since ancient times, but the countries over the two continents maintained peace on the surface. They had to show due respect for the host of this dinner.

"The sixth prince of the Lie Kingdom!" The moment the officials heard who was next, they began scolding the eunuch. One of them even cursed the poor man. "Damn eunuch! I curse that your son is also born a eunuch!" he said feelingly.

The officials were surprised to know that the the Crown Prince of the Can Kingdom was acquainted with the sixth prince of the Lie Kingdom. Shui Minghan, the sixth prince of the Lie Kingdom, went back to the Lie Kingdom three years ago, and became the most powerful competitor of the throne. Besides, he was Mister Wu Hen, one of the Nine Prominent Figures. His kung fu was second to none.

This was like attending the reunion of the royal members of the seven kingdom before the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures was due later in the month! Nobody had expected to see so many famous people attend the imperial dinner.

Shui Minghan acted cold and ignored everyone who greeted him.

He went straight towards his seat and sat down.

He was known to move fast and fight fiercely with a frosty look on his face. He had a well-deserved reputation. Even the unforgiving officials agreed with this.

Yang Gezhi was as soft as the warm wind. Shui Minghan was as cold as ice. Yang Cangyue was charming and Xi Zhiyao was unruly. All the ladies in the palace were fighting a strong psychological battle. They were struggling to choose one of the magnificent princes.

The officials regretted bringing their families to the dinner. All their daughters fell in love with the princes. Even their wives kept on staring at them. They were worried that their wives would become unfaithful to them one day.

"His Majesty and His Crown Prince!" The eunuch yelled. A ripple of excitement went through the officials and their families.

"Our Emperor and Crown Prince have finally arrived!"

They rejoiced, stood up, knelt down and shouted, "Long Live Your Majesty! Long Live My Crown Prince!"

Huo Yang accepted their greeting and shook his hand. "Stand up, please, " he warmly said. Then looking around the assembled guests, he asked, "Who is Feng Yun'er?"

Huo Yang was still searching for the owner of Fengyun Firm, when Huo Liuyun, after quickly checking the hall, whispered in his ear, "Father, Feng Yun'er has not arrived yet."

Huo Yang was upset by Feng Yun'er's manners.

Outside the Juxian Palace, the eunuch stared at Yun Canglan, without uttering a single world. After a long time, he finally recovered his sanity and yelled, "Feng Yun'er is here!"

Yun Canglan glided into the palace. She was as graceful as a swimming dragon. She was so beautiful that the moon hid her face and the flowers blushed in shame at the sight of her. Her dazzling beauty made the fish sink and wild geese fall from the sky.

She was like a bright pearl that lit up the dark night; like the flowers that bloomed in the summer, attracting everyone's attention. When she walked, lotuses blossomed one by one under her foot.

She wore a white dress and looked as tempting as a white cloud in the cerulean sky. She was like a fairy, in whose presence nobody dared to breathe, lest it offended her. She didn't wear any makeup at all. Yet she had beautifully-shaped eyebrows, bright eyes and red lips. She was exceedingly fascinating and charming, just like a femme fatale.

But the pride in her bright eyes made her look like a fairy who had fallen from heaven. Everyone felt ashamed at his or her ungainly appearance.

She had a slender waist and a smooth neck. She attracted every man without doing anything, and made every lady jealous.

Even the princes could not remain unaffected by her charm. Yan Cangyue went blank. With eyes full of admiration and affection, he felt that he had fallen in love with Feng Yun'er at first sight.

Huo Liuyun was stunned by the white figure. When she cast a smiling glance at him, he was reminded of Yun Canglan.

Xi Zhiyao was drinking. Though there was no expression on his face, he fixed his eyes on her. He knew he was attracted to this lady.

Yang Gezhi narrowed his eyes. The tender smile on his face was frozen in place. He felt the lady was a thief and had stolen his heart.

Shui Minghan clenched his fists tightly. The protruding blue veins revealed the anger he felt. He wanted to kill everyone who looked at her with greed in their eyes. But when he looked at the white figure, his eyes filled with a sadness he could not describe.

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