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   Chapter 66 Yelaixiang Brothel

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What business opportunities were popular and hot, anything novel! What did customers want, a chain of their favorite places wherever they went! What business made the most money in this, or any era? Brothels did!

The Yelaixiang Brothel was considered the best brothel in the world, with more than 30 locations across the seven kingdoms. It was the pinnacle of the brothel business. It provided first-class services to men on both continents contributing to social harmony worldwide.

In the evening when the lanterns under the eaves were lit, prostitutes at the Yelaixiang Brothel in Can City woke and dressed for their work day. San Niang, the procuress at the Brothel, had a thick foundation of makeup on as she shouted, "Are you ladies ready?"

When moonlight began to stream through the windows, the women ran out of rooms to position themselves in alluring poses. San Niang made last minutes adjustments to dozens of golden hairpins on her hair while calling, "Open the gate and welcome the guests!"

Hundreds of men flooded through the gates as they were opened, and headed into the Yelaixiang Brothel.

San Niang stood at the gate waving her handkerchief welcoming customers, "Gentlemen, welcome. We offer a wide variety of talented ladies and many interesting games as well. Please, please come in!"

A servant prattled off the rules of the Yelaixiang Brothel to a wealthy looking customer.

The entrance fee was 100 liang* otherwise you may not enter.

(*TN: Liang a currency unit in ancient China.)

"On the first floor, we have many prostitutes. Look at them, and they are sexier than your concubines, I am sure, with skin as white as lotus root, and legs as smooth as silk. Your money will be well spent here! Holding or kissing the prostitutes is permissible, and you may also play a game of dice, or even cricket fighting and other diversions are available too. As a progressive business, we offer complimentary beverages and pastries. Our boss called it horizontal development and integration of many industries. Oh, we also have bowling, darts, and many other games. Our staff can offer you lessons at 50 liang per class if you do not know how to play a game."

"What? You say you are wealthy and require better services? In that case, please, let me welcome you to the second floor! The ladies on the second floor are all virgins and more conservative. Sir, you are even more impatient than the customers on the first floor! There is a fee of 200 liang for access to the second floor, and it costs 300 liang for the first night with a lady. We have private rooms where you can indulge a bath with a lady, or watch one perform a striptease. Which would you prefer? I would remind you to be gentle; please, after all the ladies on the second floor are virgins."

"What? You want our top showgirl? We have five showgirls on the third floor. Four of our showgirls are second-class, and of course, we have one top showgirl, your choice. 500 liang is the cost for one of the second-class showgirls, and the top showgirl's fess is only 800 liang. There is also the 300 liang entrance fee to gain entry to the third floor. Our prices are very reasonable, and once you have visited the third floor, you will see our prices are not high at all!"

"Ladies, get out here! We have a distinguished guest. Sir, this is Hua Shang. With an angel's face and a devil's body, she has earned the title of a second-class showgirl and deserves the money you have paid. Oh my god, sir, your nose is bleeding! Here take this handkerchief. Oh, by the way, the handkerchief will be billed to you at 10 liang, and a basin of water will cost 5 liang."

"Sir, this was Yue Shang, also one of our second class showgirls. She plays the lyre beautifully, along with chess, calligraphy and painting. If you are a refined scholar, you should choose Yue Shang absolutely. By the way, Yue Shang has become quite adept at drawing adult comics. What? You don't know what adult comics are? Why, recently, it is all the rage here in Can City. You know what I mean."

"This is Zhu Shang, another second class showgirl. She has a large and sexy butt and could have a son for you, except, sorry, this is a brothel. It's not allowed to have kids in brothels. She is outstanding in bed and I'm sure your nuts will get drained from this one! Would you like to try her?"

"This is Feng Shang. Stop winking at the guests you cheeky girl! Feng Shang is our second class showgirl born with a beautiful singing voice. If you are a music fan, you should ask for Feng Shang. By the way, her voice in bed is as beautiful, and she would definitely make you fall in love with her."

"Sir, I have saved the best for last. This is Ni Chang, the top showgirl here at the Yelaixiang Brothel. I tell you what, don't trust her appearance, she looks innocent, but her striptease will impress you! Sorry, our boss has said we should be civilized even we work in the brothel."

"Are you satisfied with what you see? What? You want two at once? You are a hardcore man!"

"Of course you can have both. Our boss has said it is fine to have several ladies as long as you have the energy for them and pay the price double for two together."

"What? The prices are fixed at our brothel. If you are not rich, you need to leave the Yelaixiang Brothel!"

"You are such a straightforward man! As long as you pay the money, everything will be fine. Sir, just choose which two you wish. Ladies, take good care of our guest. If he is happy, the tips will be yours to keep."

"Yes, sir, our boss has said you can tip the ladies any any amount, but 50 liang is the minimum. Of course, there is no ceiling for the tips. I believe you are also ashamed if tips are too low."

"Ladies, take good care of our guest, and the boss said she would treat you to a hearty dinner tomorrow!"

At the entrance of the first floor, San Niang stood waving her pink handkerchief smiling in a flattering manner to customers as they entered. Her foundation was as thick as walls, and the flowers on her head were more than a garden held. She looked

garish wearing so many pieces of cheap jewelry.

"Sir, you are here again, welcome back. Which lady would you like tonight?"

"Mister, hello, you do not look familiar. But first-time strangers, are second-time friends. I will definitely recognize you when you come back tomorrow."

"Oh hello! You look so handsome! How about I serve you tonight for free? Stop running! I was a beauty when I was young!"

San Niang wagged her handkerchief, sending out a strong smell of inferior perfume.

"San Niang, Mister Feng Gui is back again. Will we rip off him tonight?" A servant asked.

San Niang struck the servant's smooth white forehead hard.

"Fuck off! Lead him to a private room on the second floor, and tell Yun Yu!" Mister Feng Gui was Yun Canglan's ex-husband, and she dared not to rip off him.

"Fine! Alright!" The servant answered and hurried to do as he was told.

San Niang continued receiving guests after sending the servant off.

San Niang was the only employee who knew Yun Yu was not the actual boss of the chain of Yelaixiang Brothels, and she was operating the brothel for the real boss. San Niang had been in this industry for most of her life but never had she known this type of working model. She hadn't known that there such a variety of entertainment available in brothels in addition to sleeping with men.

San Niang admired the boss of the Yelaixiang Brothel very much.

Yun Yu looked very young, but she was a capable manager and able to handle the 30 plus brothels across the seven kingdoms. The actual boss must be one outstanding person!

"Mr. Zhang, you haven't been here for a few days. Xia Lv has missed you so much! Oh, and who is this handsome gentleman? Look at your face. Why you look even prettier than our ladies! Look at your figure and oh my, check out that butt! I'm drooling! Our boss wants to run a money boy brothel. How would you like to be our top money boy?"

Yan Cangyue first smelled the overpowering scent of inferior perfume, then saw a fat woman with a red and green outfit standing before him. A meaty hand touched his face before he could react.

Her white hands and colorfully painted nails coming at Yan Cangyue. He squinted to avoid the burn of loud colors and held his breath in an attempt to elude the pungent smell.

He stepped back shouting, "How dare you touch my face!"

Mr. Zhang instantly bent down and told Yan Cangyue, "Sir, please don't be too angry with San Niang, she is the procuress at the Yelaixiang Brothel. San Niang, this is a rather important person, please don't offend him!"

San Niang rolled her eyes, blowing on her hand that touched Yan Cangyue's face and talked to herself, 'Damn! I have touched Yun Yu even! I'm not afraid of her at all; I'm only concerned his face may soil my hand. He should be flattered; If he were not that handsome, I wouldn't touch him at all.'

"San Niang, call the second-class showgirls and the top showgirl over!" Mr. Zhang demanded.

When San Niang shook her handkerchief, cosmetic powders rose into the air and Yan Cangyue couldn't help but sneeze.

Yan Canglan was angered. He had planned on finding out the differences between the Yelaixiang Brothel in Can City and the one in the Chi Kingdom, but he was disappointed now.

"Ni Chang, Hua Shang, Yue Shang, Zhu Shang, Feng Shang, get out here!" San Niang shouted.

Five ladies immediately looked down from the third floor.

"Gentleman, no touching them. If you want to go to the third floor, please pay 600 liang first." San Niang said sweetly.

Mr. Zhang handed the money to San Niang who took it cheerfully.

Mr. Zhang had not been that generous before. San Niang was so happily planning to rip him off.

"Gentleman, our brothel is different from others. Why not take your time and experience it starting on the first floor. We have many interesting games; I'm sure you haven't seen them all before." San Niang suggested.

"What interesting games?" Yan Cangyue stepped back again avoiding the advancing San Niang. He liked ladies, but there were some things, even he wouldn't accept.

"Sir, it's your first time here. Certainly haven't seen these before. They aren't in other brothels of ours in other cities, let alone brothels owned by others. Xiao Gui, ask a lady to teach them how to play. Sir, you go with this lady. She will show you how to play. But you should also pay for that."

Yan Cangyue was intrigued as he stared at the scene on the first floor and indeed found many new things.

"Don't mind the cost!" Yan Cangyue said.

San Niang gave a bored look to the back of the man. She wasn't pay attention to the money, because she planned to take it.

"Sir, this is Die Er, and she will teach you how to play. One class is fifteen minutes and costs 50 liang. Die Er, take good care of this gentleman!" San Niang directed.

San Niang ridiculed Yan Cangyue in her mind. It didn't matter if he was rich, the Yelaixiang Brothel would take all his money. San Niang plotted, 'He will have lost his shirt when he leaves the brothel.'

Four hours later, Mr. Zhang and Yan Cangyue reached for money only to discover empty pockets! San Niang walked towards them again like an arrogant peacock.

"Gentlemen, it has been four hours. Why are you still in the first floor? Alas! You two are so stupid." San Niang giggled into her sleeve.

"Will you continue?" San Niang asked. "Die Er, take the money! Wait, what? You have no money left? Then why are you still here? Guards, remove them!"

Yan Cangyue was stunned. He never expected to be driven out of a brothel for no money! After all, he was the third prince of the Chi Kingdom.

Watching them leave, San Niang waved a final farewell, and Xiao Gui quickly ran towards her.

"Tell Yun Yu, we had a strange guest come tonight. He wore a jade of the Chi Kingdom. I think he is a royal member of the Chi Kingdom."

When Yun Canglan returned to the imperial palace in the Can Kingdom, she was given Yun Yu's information.

The Nine Prominent Figures would gather again soon! So too would her seven Feathers be reunited!

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