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   Chapter 65 Yun Yajun Married A Concubine

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Yun Hua recounted what happened, "Two years ago, General Yun attended an imperial dinner and came home with Zhi Liu. General Yun housed her in the east yard. Several days later, General Yun announced that Zhi Liu was his concubine. Her Ladyship was depressed for a period. Then General Yun explained to Her Ladyship that Zhi Liu was a dancer at the imperial dinner. His Majesty thanked General Yun for repulsing the troops of the Chi Kingdom and the Jin Kingdom two years ago by giving Zhi Liu to General Yun as a gift. General Yun had to bring Zhi Liu back as it was Emperor Huo Yang's order. I wanted to tell you, Mistress. But you told us not to contact you."

Yun Canglan tapped her fingers on the table and kept listening to Yun Hua.

"Yun Shu and I investigated Zhi Liu and discovered she was not a dancer, but instead she is the daughter of a businessman in the south region. More importantly, she was a lady of His Majesty three years ago. We guessd Zhi Liu was a spy sent by His Majesty, so we dared not kill her. General Yun only loves Her Ladyship, and he seemed to understand Emperor Huo Yang's intention, so has never had relations with Zhi Liu. Six months later, His Majesty pressured General Yun. So, the General asked one of his guards to disguise himself and slept with Zhi Liu. General Yun promised the guard he would give Zhi Liu to him when things are resolved. Please don't worry, Mistress. General Yun and Her Ladyship love each other. But Her Ladyship is soft and Zhi Liu often bullies Her Ladyship."

'A lot has happened in the General's House during the last three years.' Yun Canglan kept to herself.

Yun Canglan shook her hand dismissively, "Never mind. You have done a great job." She was a reasonable person, and she knew Yun Shu and Yun Hua had done their best.

"What of Yun Hu and the other guards?" Yun Hu and the guards was the secret weapon she prepared for the General's House.

"Except Yun Hu, the other thirty five fighters are in the General's House. I have given the books on martial arts to them. 10 of them have reached the first level in kung fu, who can defend against Mister Wu Hen for a while. And 13 mastered the second rate. Though they don't rank top in Jianghu, they have achieved my level. The remaining 3 are on level three. I prepared many hidden weapons for them."

Yun Canglan nodded her head, "Everything is ready then. I'm going to retake what the Can Kingdom owes me."

She said Huo Liuyun would be her slave.

"Mistress, why didn't you tell General Yun and Her Ladyship your true identity?"

"If I tell them 'dad, mom, I'm back', it may shock them to death." Yun Canglan raised her brow, "Or they get furious that I lied, and chase after me with sword."

Everyone knew Yun Canglan had died three years ago.

"But Mistress, Her Ladyship..."

Yun Canglan raised her hand and stopped Yun Shu and Yun Hua, "I have an idea, don't worry."

"Find me an outfit I used to wear." demanded Yun Canglan. She was upset as she was still flat-chested after three years.

Yun Canglan appeared in the main hall of the General's House wearing a light green dress. Lin Wan'er and Yun Yajun were stunned when they saw her.

She had a pair of curled eyebrows like the crescent moon, eyes as clear as water, skin as white as snow and black hair as smooth as silk. Her beauty could light a darkened sky, and the light green of her outfit cooled down the heat summer like a breeze.

Yun Canglan looked handsome in male dress and even more beautiful in female dress. When Lin Wan'er saw her, she asked in uncertainty, "Are you Miss Feng?"

"Of course, Milady." Yun Canglan walked slowly to them.

Yun Yajun had experienced life. He led his wife to the table and asked a servant to lead Yun Canglan to her seat, "Have a seat, please! I didn't expect such a pretty lady to join us. You outshine even the first beauty of the Can Kingdom."

The first beauty of the Can Kingdom that he mentioned was Wu Yunling, the

send Shui Minghan back to the Fen Kingdom."

She would never give a second chance to anyone who betrayed her.

"Yes, Mistress!"

"When is the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures?" Yun Canglan asked. She could hardly wait to watch the drama unfold.

Yun Qi counted his fingers and answered, "In four days!" Someone dared to pretend to be Mister Night Phoenix, and Yun Canglan was about to stir up trouble.

"In four days then." Yun Canglan murmured smiling, "A lot of things can happen in four days."

The most unpredictable of which was Mister Yao Xi.

"What of Yun Ri?"

"Yun Ri and his companions have entered the Can City disguised. Mistress, please feel assured, nobody has noticed them. Yun Ri has also heard the news that Mister Night Phoenix will attend the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures. He asked whether he should investigate or not."

"Not necessary." Yun Canglan said as a wicked gleam crept up her face. She was waiting to watch the drama, and if she knew the script, that would not be interesting. "Ask him to guard the boarder, and don't mind any other business."

"Mistress, are you going to play the drama of 'which is the true and fake Night Phoenix'?" Yun Qi asked curiously.

"Sure, why not?"

Yun Qin and Yun Qi were excited, "We can't wait!"

Yun Canglan rolled her eyes at her two beautiful "servant girls", "Shame on you!"

"Keep a close eye on things. The reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures is not as simple as it seems. Ask Yun Yu to watch Yao Xi closely. I need to know when he enter the Can City, where he live and who he meet."

"Yes, Mistress!" Yun Qin and Yun Qi answered simultaneously. Yun Qin suddenly remembered something.

"Mistress, I have news to tell you."

Yun Canglan glanced at him.

Yun Qin immediately reported, "Yun Yu said that Mister Feng Gui had been at the Yelaixiang Brothel for a few days."

Yun Canglan narrowed her eyes saying indifferently, "He has nothing to do with me. We have no relationship at all anymore."

"Got it." Yun Qin lowered his head feeling he did a hard but thankless job.

He tried to tell Yun Canglan that Mister Feng Gui buried himself in sorrow daily, but Yun Canglan must have misunderstood him.

Yun Qi was pleased with Yun Qin's misfortune and reminded him in a low voice, "You forgot the Mistress's view of love."

Their great Mistress had an enlightened view of love. She once declared her view of love in public.

She said: "You were in my heart before you moved to my stomach where I digested you, and you moved to my intestine. Finally, you became a fart. So I let you go."

See, what a wise Mistress she is!

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