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   Chapter 64 Section of Handsome Men

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5731

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Huo Liuyun, the Crown Prince of the Can Kingdom, had a gentle and elegant appearance, but actually, he was quite scheming and cared about the people worldwide. He was the fiance of the heroine Yun Canglan. However, he was a great disappointment to her, for he was determined to capture the military power from her father, Huguo General. When they met again three years after Yun Canglan feigned death, she was the head of the Fengyun Firm a successful business in all seven countries. And he was the Crown Prince of the Can Kingdom, who enjoyed popular confidence.

Three years ago, when Yun Canglan died in his arms, he realized how much he loved her. Three years later, he felt overwhelmingly guilty over the loss of her because of Mister Night Phoenix's repeated provocation.

Shui Minghan, also known as Mister Wu Hen and one of the nine prominent figures in the world. He was cold, with superb kung fu. He was the abandoned sixth Prince of Lie Kingdom and had been saved by Yun Canglan eleven years ago, he took Sruthan as his teacher. Eight years later, he returned to Yun Canglan, becoming her dark guard, and he was one of Yun Canglan's seven feathers.

He was not only Yun Canglan's dark guard but also her man. However, he abandoned her because of his fiancee, and recently, at last, he found himself in love with her.

Feng Gui, one of the nine prominent figures of the world. He was called the most extraordinary person of the Can Kingdom when he was young. He went into business after his father quit his post in office. Two years ago, he saved Yun Canglan and detoxified her. Then Yun Canglan married him.

Pressured by his parents, Feng Gui secretly took a concubine, but he didn't know betrayal was unforgivable by Yun Canglan. In return for him for saving her, Yun Canglan privately helped his business, making Feng's House the richest in Can City and his concubine bore him a son in peace. On the day of his son's birth, Yun Canglan divorced him.

Mister Zi Zhu, one of the nine prominent figures in the world. His real name was Yun Xiang, and code-named Liang. He had a baby face, looked innocent and lovely, but in fact he was wily and stingy. Saved by Yun Canglan ten years ago, he managed the Fengyun Firm for her, and was one of her right hands.

Yan Cangyue, the third Prince of Chi Kingdom. He was a typical philandering man who mingled with many women but was loyal in love. In his teens, he was drugged by Yun Canglan in a brothel where he lost his virginity. Therefore, in his mind, he hated her to the point of gnashing his teeth. Unexpectedly, sometime after Yun Canglan died, he fell in love with Mister Night Phoenix. He became confused about his sexual orientation.

He liked to wear purple clothes. On his clavicle, there was a phoenix feather. He too was one of Yun Canglan's feathers.

Yang Gezhi, the tenth Prin

ce of Ling Kingdom was sent to Can Kingdom as a hostage for over ten years. He bore a feather on his arm which bloomed when he first met Yun Canglan.

Eleven years later, he became Mister Yang, one of the nine prominent figures in the world, and with only one painting, he earned the reputation of "pale as a chrysanthemum, with a magnificent temperament; elegant as an orchid, his figure clear and beautiful; his smile can wipe out enmity". He was gentle, cultured, and smiled softly at everyone.

Canglan once told him, "Your gentleness is your greatest weapon."

Mister Jue Sha, one of the nine prominent figures had a top assassination group, known as Yecha, which was mysterious and heartless. It was said that as long as Yecha took a task, it would be completed unless the member died. The world did not know his real name was Yun Lie, and he was one of the forces Yun Canglan had cultivated since childhood. The four killers in Yecha were also the right-hand men of Yun Canglan.

Mister Liu Huo was one of the nine prominent figures and the owner of the legendary Yehuo Liuxing, a mysterious army. Legend had it that each soldier in Yehuo Liuxing could match a hundred ordinary soldiers, and they had exotic weapons and unpredictable formations. Stranger still was that such a large army was nowhere to be found on the Fire Continent or the Water Continent. As a result, Mister Liu Huo became one that people scrambled to please.

Likewise, the world did not know his real name was Yun Ri, and he was the most powerful of Yun Canglan's dark forces.

Lei Tianyan was the seventh Prince of Si Kingdom, and his alias was Hua Luosui. He was also known under the guise Mister Yao Yan of the nine prominent figures of the world. He was born with Canglan's phoenix feather in the corner of his eye. He was enchanting, stunning, and known as the most beautiful person in the world.

Three years ago, Canglan arrived in Si Kingdom and was adopted as a daughter by the old Emperor. What's more, the Emperor made her the Crown Princess, and Lei Tianyan became her Prince Consort. He fell in love with Canglan at the first sight, but his was a bumpy road of love and the most heart-wrenching of Canglan's seven men.

Xi Zhiyao, Prince Xiaoyao of the Jin Kingdom. He had the title but no real power. He enjoyed traveling throughout the seven countries regardless of politics. He had another identity. He looked harmless but his eyes unreadable. He seemed gentle, but his mind and heart were hardened.

Qin Liuren, the Emperor of Feng Kingdom was described as "cold as ice, and never smiles; willful and cruel, he kills from behind the scenes." He did not know people and rejected Canglan who fell in love with him at first sight. He liked Yang Tianxin, a Princess of Ling Kingdom. When the whole truth was revealed, Canglan had married someone else.

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