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   Chapter 62 Act Like A Rich Man

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9374

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Yun Canglan suddenly had an idea, as she watched Huo Liuyun and his concubines leave the garden.

"Come on, Yun Qin, Yun Qi, we are going to get out of the imperial palace." Yun Canglan urged.

Yun Canglan, disguised as a gentleman, dressed in white, was fanning herself with the fan she carried. Her straight black hair hung long down her back. A simple red hairpin adorned her hair. Yun Canglan looked quite handsome and her eyes sparkled happily.

Twin females followed Yun Canglan out through the streets. The three of them were quite beautiful, with a delicate look in their eyes.

Here were Yun Canglan dressed as a gentleman, and Yun Qi and Yun Qin dressed like two servant girls still.

The unhappy twins followed Yun Canglan while cursing her silently.

'We are out of the imperial palace. Why do we have to be dressed as servant girls?' They deliberated. 'We could have been dressed as bodyguards!'

"Oh, how I have missed this street!" Yun Canglan said, sighing wistfully. Yun Qin and Yun Qi ignored her.

This street was the same as before! It had been ten years since the vendors on this street nearly abandoned it for another avenue several blocks away. All due to the Royal Highness, the Dingguo Duke's son, who loved this street so much and always caused turmoil on it. As a matter a fact, there came a time when even thieves did not tread this street at night.

Ladies walking down the street openly ogled Yun Canglan who smiled slyly and waved her fan.

"My what a handsome gentleman!"

"He's looking at me and smiling!"

"No, you are an ugly tramp. He is smiling at me!"

"Sir, here! Look at me!"

"Sir, are you married? Do you think I look pretty?"

Men in the street were jealous of Yun Canglan, such as Wang Er who sold pork, Zhang San who sold calligraphy and paintings, Liu Wu who sold tofu, and Fang Liu who carried a broadsword with him.

"He is not handsome or very manly looking."

"Look at how small he is! He won't be to satisfy you! You should be with a man strong enough to take care of you. Look at my muscles!"

"For heaven's sake, you can tell looking at him; he must be copying Mister Night Phoenix! True, he has twin servants too, only his are ladies, and Mister Night Phoenix wears black clothes with a hairpin, he has the opposite."

The talk upset Yun Canglan, and she looked over to her companions, silently asking, 'Now I am copying Mister Night Phoenix?'

'Of course you are!'

Yun Qin and Yun Qi nodded their heads in response.

Yun Canglan rolled her eyes, 'I'm Mister Night Phoenix! Is Mister Night Phoenix only supposed to have the one outfit? Am I not permitted to change my style?'

Mister Night Phoenix was the top member of the Nine Prominent Figures. He's considered a "good-looking man in a red dress. His white j


"You think that's bad. My wife acts completely crazy lately, saying she wants to marry Mister Yao Yan."

"My mother adores Mister Yao Xi so much that she wanted to divorce my father!"

"Is the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures a lively event?"

"Rumor has it that Mister Night Phoenix, the top member of the Nine Prominent Figures, will attend the reunion. There are not many people in the world who have seen Mister Night Phoenix, and nobody has succeeded in drawing Mister Night Phoenix over to his side."

"People say whoever wins the Nine Prominent Figures gains the world!"

"That's bullshit though. Ten years ago we were told he who influenced the Fire Phoenix gained the world, and have you seen a Fire Phoenix?"

"I for one think it is a good thing the reunion is going to be here in Can City. I sold the stock in my warehouse in days because of the event."

"Me too, I sold all my inventory of tea in my store."

"I sold out of pork!"

The other people at the table were surprised, what did pork have to do with the reunion of the Nine Prominent Figures?

Yun Canglan praised Yun Qi, "Well done, Yun Qi! you spread the news that Mister Night Phoenix will attend the reunion quickly!"

Yun Qi looked embarrassed and confused as he admitted, "Mistress, I haven't spread the news yet."

"What?" Yun Canglan gave Yun Qi a stern look, "If you haven't spread the news yet how do people know that I'm going to attend the reunion?"

Yun Canglan gave a mysterious smile looking like a demon suddenly, and the twins couldn't help but shiver, 'Our Mistress looks like a demon or devil right now!'

"Yun Qi, good news! You will not be required to spread the news. Yun Qin, keep on monitoring Mister Yao Xi and his movements!"

She furrowed her brow as she puzzled over who did spread the news that Mister Night Phoenix was attending.

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