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   Chapter 61 A Little Dense

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When Huo Liuyun stepped into the imperial garden, accompanied by several guards, he took in the scene before him. Yun Canglan was sitting on a stone bench with Yun Qin and Yun Qi standing behind her. Ten or more concubines stood nearby trembling with fear, including a lady dressed in yellow with grapes cupped in her hands; one in pink holding a teapot; a lady in green that was furiously waving a fan and a lady in red who was massaging her shins.

The exhibition made Huo Liuyun feel as though a god had been invited into the imperial palace.

"You seem rather happy, Miss Feng" Huo Liuyun remarked, his smile appeared soft, however, his voice was steeped with annoyance. He glanced around for Lady Lan's body. He had hurried to the imperial garden immediately after being told Lady Lan had been killed. But where was the body?

Yun Canglan opened her mouth to talk, but the concubines around her chose that moment to rush to Huo Liuyun surrounding him like flies on shit.

Thankful their patron had finally arrived.

Grapes, teapot and the fan were tossed aside, and even the lady massaging her shins stopped and sought protection from the Crown Prince.

Watching the shit with his flies in front of her, Yun Canglan tightened her lips in aggraivation.

"My Crown Prince, waaah. Please help me, I was so scared." A timid and lovable concubine cried.

"My Crown Prince, my hands are still shaking!" A spoiled concubine complained.

"My Crown Prince, help us please! That woman, she killed Lady Lan and we all saw it!" A practical and realistic concubine screamed.

"My Crown Prince, that woman wanted to kill us too! Waah, it was horrible!" Rumors fabricated out of thin air.

"My Crown Prince, her servant girls know kung fu and Lady Lan was strangled by one of them!" One accused them three.

"My Crown Prince, I was so scared by this, and my feet were hit by the grapes." A concubine pretended she had been abused.

Huo Liuyun shouted impatiently as more ladies crowded him, complaining and whining, "Enough!" His concubines had never seen Huo Liuyun upset, and they stopped talking, looking at him in fear.

Huo Liuyun looked down at Yun Canglan as he got away from his concubines and strode up to her.

"Miss Feng,

She considered, 'Poor ladies! I just wanted you to see that to Huo Liuyun, you are nothing more than goods.'

Huo Liuyun unknowingly had just given another step toward her goals. Beaming now, he asked, "Miss Feng, will Lei Tianyan return soon? His Majesty wants very much to have a welcome dinner in your honor."

She had turned him down every time he brought up mention of a welcome dinner and even gave the reason that her man wasn't present.

Yun Canglan feigned sympathy, "Tianyan is busy with his affairs. We don't have to wait for him." She sent Lei Tianyan back to the Si kingdom, and he would come back next month.

Huo Liuyun was elated with her news, "Great! I will make the arrangements. Would tomorrow be acceptable?"

Yun Canglan didn't refuse him.

"Will the 6th Prince of the Lie Kingdom be able to attend the dinner too?" Huo Liuyun was scheming, and thinking ahead, 'It's not bad idea to make friends with the beloved 6th Prince of the Lie Kingdom.'

Yun Canglan gave Huo Liuyun a strange look, "The 6th Prince of the Lie Kingdom? I am sure I don't know him."

Huo Liuyun became confused, "He is also known at Mister Wu Hen, and is one of the Nine Prominent Figures."

Yun Canglan shook her head slowly, "I don't know."

Huo Liuyun was stunned. The day at the Feng's House, the 6th Prince moved to protect Feng Yun'er. How could Feng Yun'er not know him?

Reflecting on this heavily, Huo Liuyun concluded that the boss of the Fengyun Firm was a little dense.

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