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   Chapter 60 Turmoil in the Imperial Garden

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7260

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There was a haze over the imperial palace of the Can Kingdom the morning after assassins encroached on the Eastern Palace, killing one of the Crown Prince's beloved concubines and confronting the Crown Prince face to face. Gossip called it a deliberate provocation against the Crown Prince. The people within the confines of the imperial were unsettled. Thousands of troops were summoned to guard the Emperor and the Crown Prince of the Can Kingdom, as well as the imperial palace. The guards swore no one was able to intrude into the imperial palace.

At the Siyuan Palace

The magpies in the trees outside Yun Canglan's room would not stop their chattering. Yun Canglan was unable to sleep. She opened her eyes impatiently, threw back the covers and shouted at them, "Stupid crows! Shut the fuck up! Are you in heat? Let me get some sleep!"

Yun Qin and Yun Qi were standing outside the room waiting, and when they heard Yun Canglan's voice, they came in with a basin and breakfast.

Yun Canglan looked coldly. Yun Canglan was not a morning person, and they were used to that.

Yun Qin placed the basin of water on the shelf, and wet and handed a silk towel to Yun Canglan. Yun Canglan cleaned her face before giving it back to Yun Qin. Yun Qin then handed her a small bottle.

Yun Qi opened the box of food, removing several dishes including the delicious porridge which she poured from a jar into a exquisite bowl.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi sighed realizing how accustomed they were to being ladies now. They feared they would wipe their sweat with a silk handkerchief like ladies when they were finally free of these roles.

"Mistress, are we going anywhere today?" Yun Qin was curious to know. Since arriving at the imperial palace of the Can Kingdom, Yun Canglan had done nothing except to provoke Huo Liuyun, and that was only last night when Duan Mingxuan breached the palace. Yun Canglan said it was "fattening the pig."

However, Yun Canglan also told them, "fattening was fatal for a pig" yesterday. Yun Qin and Yun Qi thought about her words from the previous night and realized she was going to cause trouble.

Yun Canglan stretched lazily, "The impe

she charged at Yun Canglan.

Yun Qin barred her, constraining her in one arm and shook his sleeve as if he touched something dirty, "I am sorry, but my Mistress says you must die now."

Yan Lan continued the tirade, "Who the hell do you think you are? You...."

Yan Lan's words slowed, and she sounded feeble as the air was cut off from her brain. Yun Qin tightened the grip on the girl's throat and Yan Lan's mouth opened in a desperate attempt to breathe.

The other ladies wanted to scream in panic but were gripped in fear, just as tightly as Yun Qin squeezed the life out of Yan Lan.

"Don't look at me like that; I am not to blame here. If you want to blame anyone, condemn Huo Liuyun." Yun Qin commented casually, and clenched her throat tighter. After a sharp snap, Yan Lan's head flopped to the side, the look of terror frozen in her lifeless eyes, her mouth hanging open.

Yun Qin disgusted, tossed the dead body to the ground, produced a handkerchief from a pocket and wiped his hands clean.

"Aaah...someone has been killed......"

The sound broke the silence of the ladies watching in horror. As soon as the first began screaming, the imperial garden was filled with the collective sobs and shrieking of the rest ladies.

Yun Canglan sat back, satisfied and nodded her head approvingly.

She relished the turmoil about her.

Swinging a leg casually, she pondered 'Well now Huo Liuyun, how long will you show up?'

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