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   Chapter 59 A Gift for You

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5465

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Huo Liuyun was still angry when he returned to his palace. He reprimanded the guards before sending them to stand watch from outside the castle. Huo Liuyun detected a vague scent of blood as he entered. The smell was familiar he had …

He was cautious as he entered his rooms, looking around for telltale signed he wasn't alone. The raw smell of blood was more noticeable in his room, even though the Crown Prince could find nothing awry.

'No!' he realized, 'There is something wrong here, and my bedroom lights are on.'

He held his breath as he drew the blade always at his side before cautiously approaching the door.

Kicking the door in, he found the bloody head of Lady Yuan on the delicate square table in the center of the room.

Beneath the head was a piece of paper.

Nothing more, just the paper.

Huo Liuyun pulled the blood-soaked paper from under the head. The ink was soaked but recognizable.

It read, "Huo Liuyun, please accept this gift. You are welcome."

Anger darkened his face, "Night Phoenix! Mister Night Phoenix!" He crumpled the paper into a ball as he gnashed his teeth and said, "I won't be so easy on you when next time we meet, Mister Night Phoenix."

The Siyuan Palace

Yun Canglan and her underlings burst into laughter, and it was hard to stay standing. Yun Canglan stood out because she was a spoiled girl from a wealthy family, yet still unrestrained by conventional manners.

"Do you adore me? I was so laid back, calm, and I didn't even twinkle my eyes. I was distinguished and admirable when I shook the White Jade Fan."

Yun Canglan joyfully danced around laughing and chattering, saliva sprayed her companions.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi wiped the spittle off.

'Mistress Yun is boasting again. She brags three times each day.'

"Mistress Yun, you are so cool and we worship you." Yun Qin recited the compliments that he had made up with Yun Qi.

"Mistress Yun, you are powerful and excellent." Yun Qi repeated his lines.

Mistress Yun felt proud of herself, even though the Medical Sage and Poison Sage back in their disguises, yawned occasionally.

"Mistress Yun, it's midnight."

Yun Canglan asked with a wide open mouth in surprise, "Midnight?" 'Oh, my god. I will have shadows under my eyes from lack of sleep tomorrow. I don't want to be a giant panda.' The audience thought she was disgusting, too disgusting, much too disgusting…

Yun Qin and Yun Qi got goose pimples at the changes of Mistress Yun, they advised, "Mistress Yun, we had fun. Let's wash up and go to bed." 'We are too sleepy.'

"Who said I had enough fun, " Yun Canglan glanced at them impatiently, "You think Huo Liuyun won't fight back after I offended him. He is a noxious toad.

The more you beat him, the angrier he becomes. Finally he will poison you. I told you if you annoyed him, he would list you as wanted."

Yun Qi innocently exclaimed, "Mistress Yun, you offended him. Why are we wanted?"

"You killed so many guards, you think he won't seek revenge?"

Yun Qin added more innocently, "Mistress Yun, I didn't kill his guards so he won't want me."

"The Medical Sage and Poison Sage always appear at the same time, so you are involved."

Yun Qin and Yun Qi continued their explanations, "Mistress Yun, you are the chief plotter we are just accessories."

'I have decided to send you to Yun Yu for further training.' Yun Canglan thought while reminding the Sages, "It's known to all the Medical Sage, and Poison Sage serve the Night Phoenix. It's time to test your accuracy. If your mistress makes mistakes, you are to blame; if your mistress runs away, you cover her; if your mistress is in danger, you protect her correct?"

'We are just laborers with no say according to Mistress Yun.'

"Mistress Yun, have you had your fill of fun?" Yun Qin worried because their Mistress never restrained her temper.

"Of course we will continue. I will show the Crown Prince I possess superior abilities." Her reply was per Yun Qin's guess.

"Mistress Yun, what's the plan?"

'We have few chances to perform but take pride in clearing up messy situations, you don't make it easy for us though.'

Yun Canglan rolled her eyes and asked, "Yun Qin, where will the Nine Prominent Figures meet this year?"

Yun Qi replied, "They meet in ten days in Can City of the Can Kingdom."

Yun Canglan stopped smiling and in a serious tone, "In Can City? Of the Can Kingdom?"

'I hadn't attended a gathering of the Nine Prominent Figures before, Mister Yao Xi is ranked second and arranges them. Mister Yao Xi, what're you up to? There was a footnote on you that cited your smile intoxicated the seven kingdoms, while your anger frightened the two continents. You are incredibly handsome, talented, and ranked second because of the mystery that wherever you went, there were deaths and wars. At the gathering of the Nine Prominent Figures this year, will you take aim at the Can Kingdom?'

"Yun Qin, have Yun Yu to investigate Mister Yao Xi and report back in three days. Yun Qi, ask Yun Ri to conduct the 72 Best Mercenaries into Can City covertly. Spread the time, location and news that Mister Night Phoenix will attend the gathering."

'Can Kingdom won't be overthrown by anyone; it's mine. If I am attacked, I will kill his or her whole family. Mister Xiao Xi, if you decided to overthrow the Can Kingdom, you will have a rude awakening. I do not forgive easily when I have been offended.'

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