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   Chapter 58 The Person Who Knows You Best

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7084

Updated: 2018-08-21 15:28

"My Crown Prince, you misunderstand. I was an onlooker, " Yun Canglan said, her smile as enchanting as the Red Spider Lily blooming in the hell, "but then I saw an acquaintance in trouble. It is only natural for me to offer assistance."

Huo Liuyun's eyes flickered with the severe danger of the situation as he responded, "What you say indicates you are an accomplice though."

"Haha, " Night Phoenix was so powerful and attractive in every aspect that even hearing a giggle had an incessant effect on the Crown Prince, "Huo Liuyun, you are too arrogant."

'Rival of the Can Kingdom? No, I will bring the Can Kingdom under my control, and you will become my slave.'

"You…." Huo Liuyun unrestrained, he exploded enraged, "Mister Night Phoenix, you are a bully. What? You think no one can best you? In all of the Can Kingdom?"

"Guards, bows ready at my mark!"

He gave the order, and archers appeared from the dark. Bows and arrows readied, awaiting orders to fire on the lone figure.

"Hahahaha, " Yun Canglan chuckled, at the bows, as if they were trivial, "Huo Liuyun, you are as naive as ever."

'Three years ago I hadn't any power, and so I feigned death. Today I no longer fear you. Those impotent bowmen cannot stop me.'

Huo Liuyun glared up at Yun Canglan squinting hard, "What did you say?"


Huo Liuyun missed what Yun Canglan said but he knew it wasn't praise. He threatened Yun Canglan, "Night Phoenix, because I appreciate your talent I will spare your life, if you surrender to me now. If not…"

Yun Canglan shook her head and sighed regrettably, "Huo Liuyun, you are so shameless and thick-skulled, nothing gets through."

'Huo Liuyun, you haven't changed. You use anyone who has value in your eyes.'

"Night Phoenix, you think I won't give the order?"

"Oh, I am sure you will, as surely as I stand here. Huo Liuyun, I know you, and you would dare anything. You are so rude and heartless that you would use a girl who grew up with you; you would set up the Huguo General, and you would indulge the Chancellor of the Can Kingdom. So why would I think there is anythin

you for saving my life." Duan Mingxuan showed his respect by bowing his head.

Yun Canglan nodded absently, more interested in seeing the prize, "Duan Mingxuan, do you have what I requested?"

Duan Mingxuan pushed the bloody package at Yun Canglan explaining, "The head of the concubine, Lady Yuan, who only recently wed His Crown Prince."

Yun Canglan smiled, "Great! This concludes our trade Duan Mingxuan."

Yun Canglan turned back to a gloomy Huo Liuyun and scoffed, "Huo Liuyun, this is between you and me now, and has nothing to do with Duan Mingxuan. If you attack him in the Can Kingdom, I will seek revenge on you wherever you go."

Her tone was cold and arrogant, and none dare defy.

Duan Mingxuan looked at Yun Canglan full of appreciation and admiration.

The lonely night wind blew the Night Phoenix's long hair and red earrings danced as though instep. It was clear the Night Phoenix possessed an indomitable spirit, incomparable arrogance, and ferocity which an emperor holds.

"Huo Liuyun, remember, my revenge has just begun."

After finishing those heartfelt words, a strong wind blew, and the roof overflowed with petals filling the whole sky. The scent of Red Spider Lily wafted through the air, as the beautiful and dangerous petals fluttered down in the dark.

"Aim! Fire!" Huo Liuyun ordered too late, the petals dropped and the two figures on the roof had disappeared.

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