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   Chapter 57 You Look Familiar

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5587

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"Huo Liuyun, it's been such a long time."

'Liuyun, it's been such a long time. it's been such a long time.'

The voice was like the chanting of scriptures in temples, and echoed across the imperial palace. The voice shocked everyone, including Huo Liuyun, and he remained speechless for a long time.

His soul was touched by the voice he heard.

When Huo Liuyun regained himself, he asked Yun Canglan in confusion, "Do I know you, Mister Night Phoenix?"

Yun Canglan gave a bland smile, whose charm could make the whole world mad, saying, "You do look familiar."

Huo Liuyun's eyes narrowed with a murderous look nobody noticed, except for Yun Canglan, who knew him all too well. Under his affable smile and gentle exterior, there were deadly plots hidden from others.

Many years ago, he smiled warmly at her like the sun in wintertime, but he plotted to destroy her whole family while he did.

"I've heard a lot about you, Mister Night Phoenix. Why are you here tonight?" Huo Liuyun asked calmly, suspecting Yun Canglan's intention.

Inside he was fuming, though he kept those feelings concealed.

Yun Canglan unfolded the White Jade Fan and fanned herself, looking elegant. Even Huo Liuyun couldn't suppress a sigh of admiration.

"I'm just an onlooker here, passing through." Yun Canglan replied. Everyone knew she liked watching the fun.

'I never cause trouble for others. I'm just an onlooker!' she kept to herself.

Nobody could ignore her, even while her smile was indifferent.

Over there, the assassin gradually became worn out and slowed down. He was wounded several times, as more and more guards joined. He managed to avoid several deadly attacks, but had no time to take a rest as the next attack immediately followed.

Yun Canglan glimpsed at Huo Liuyun before facing the fight.

Huo Liuyun was more handsome, but Yun Canglan thought fight was more interesting.

"Duan Mingxuan, will you regret it if you are killed here today?" Yun Canglan asked. Duan Mingxuan was clever, and he knew Yun Canglan liked watching dramas, so he brought the guards here and made a large noise. Yun Canglan was satisfied with him.

The assassin shouted back while he fought back, "I have no regrets!"

Yun Canglan looked like a monster as she grinned evilly. A faint fragrance of Red Spider Lily was given off in the air, like a god's spell that led the souls.

"Yun Qi!" called Yun Canglan.

Yun Qi, wearing white, knelt down and answered in respect, "Mistress!"

"Assist him!"


Yun Qi slowly moved towards Duan Mingxuan.

Yun Qi thought Yun Canglan was partial as once more. Yun Qin stood behind her doing nothing. Why did he have to do such things? He didn't want to get splashed with blood either. Yun Qi felt jealous. He cursed Yun

Qin and Yun Canglan to himself.

"Yun Qi, are you cursing me?" Yun Canglan frowned, asking Yun Qi, who was hesitating.

"No, of course not, I wouldn't dare! I'm just racing a nail." Yun Qi replied.

"Look! There!" Yun Canglan pointed at the black sky and yelled loudly.

Yun Qi immediately looked up into the night sky.


Yun Canglan kicked him hard on his butt, sending Yun Qi rolling down the roof and landing on the ground below.

Everyone paused, staring at them in shock.


Are they....

Are they the Medical Sage and Poison Sage? Is he really Mister Night Phoenix, top of the Nine Prominent Figures?'

Yun Qi got up, brushing dust of his clothes as he loudly announced, "Smiling can make you younger. Life should be full of fun!" He didn't look angry at all, but kept to himself, 'Fuck! I'll kill everyone who laughed at me!'

Yun Qi suddenly rushed through the crowd, as fast as a cheetah. Unarmed, he assisted Duan Mingxuan. The smell of blood became heavy in the air.

As he went, the armored guards were thrust. Gradually, more and more guards died, with their eyes wide open.

When Yun Qi joined the fight, Duan Minghan gained a second wind, even so, numerous guards were still surrounding them.

Yun Qi was a kung fu master. In the blink of an eye, many guards fell down to the ground, their blood becoming a red stream as it covered the road.

Huo Liuyun gave Yun Qi a murderous look.

The Poison Sage was indeed very proficient in kung fu and was extremely cruel and merciless, but was the leader of the Medical Sage and Poison Sage, really a frail scholar who didn't knew kung fu at all?

Even Huo Liuyun was awestruck by the Poison Sage and wondered about Mister Night Phoenix.

While observing what was happening, Yun Canglan kept talking, "Oh my god! Yun Qi you are so cruel! I won't eat food made by Yun Qi anymore. The cake he made last night smelled weird and look! He skewered the guard through the neck. Yun Qin, tell Yun Qi not to be so cruel! This scene isn't suitable for kids!"

She covered her eyes with her snow-white hand, while her lips curled in a smile, exposing her true feelings.

While Yun Canglan kept jabbering and mocking at Yun Qi, Yun Qin rolled his eyes and didn't know how to respond.

He was used to this abnormal behavior from Yun Canglan.

Yun Qi studied kung fu under Yun Canglan and so spent a lot of time with her.

"Mister Night Phoenix, are you planning on fighting the Can Kingdom?" Huo Liuyun asked as he looked up. He hated looking up to others. His fake smile was gone, and he looked sinister and vicious.

Yun Canglan saw murder in his eyes plainly.

"Hahaha." She smirked.

'Huo Liuyun, this is but an appetizer. We will have to wait and see!' Yun Canglan thought.

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