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   Chapter 56 Assassination

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 6970

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Huo Liuyun couldn't follow everything Yun Qi was saying, but he caught the word 'bitch'.

His gentle smile vanished, and his expression turned dark. When he looked at the women around him, there was disgust in his soft, bright eyes, "How dare you insult Miss Feng? Is this how ladies act? Miss Feng is my guest here!"

The cowering women had never seen Huo Liuyun mad, and they were dumbfounded. They understood that the Crown Prince, who was always gentle, could become angry. They all trembled in fear.

Yun Qin strolled calmly over to Yun Canglan admiring Huo Liuyun at that moment, turning to Yun Qi, "Not bad, I think he got your point. He might have potential and be worth cultivating."

Yun Qi looked unhappily over at Yun Qin and replied, "He is of royal descent and graduated from the Royal School. Would his concubines dare offend our Mistress if he had not allowed it?"

Huo Liuyun looked worried when he heard the exchange, "Please Miss Feng, my concubines wounded you with their lack of etiquette and manners, please forgive them. Let me make it up to you, with a celebration at the palace to welcome you, what do you think?"

Yun Canglan looked at Huo Liuyun's handsome face. His smile was for all appearances as mild as the warm wind. She showed a leer in the corner of her lip, "My Crown Prince, no, I don't like noise, forget about it. However, since I'm a guest in your palace, please keep your concubines quiet, or Yun Qin and Yun Qi will be furious."

Both Yun Qin and Yun Qi had a look of disdain when they glanced at their mistress.

'Who would be furious? Don't use us as excuses every time.'

"Rest assured. Miss Feng, they will be disciplined for their transgressions." Looking at the messy women, Huo Liuyun bemoaned and took them away. Yun Canglan saw a fierce gleam on his face as he turned to leave.

Perhaps he had been depressed for a long time.

In fact, Huo Liuyun had many regrets. In preventing Grand Preceptor from gaining too much power, he had resorted to courting his daughter. He would not have needed to, if not for General Feng

figure. The wicked grin gave a subtle natural appeal, while the moon glow cast from behind, gave the illusion of holy radiance. Embroidered in black silk against the red, was a Phoenix which stretched from the back to the front of the dress. The phoenix reared its head high, worthy of the title King of birds. Red tassels on hairpin danced as a spirit, waving in tune to the night wind. An open White Jade Fan flashed, and the moonlight added brilliance and beauty to the fan's radiant light.

Identical twins stood quietly beside the Night Phoenix. The handsome faces seemed superior. Their white clothes, billowing as they did, gave them an appearance of floating in the air.

The three of them seemed to absorb the light of the world as they stood there. Through small movements, they charmed the audience now below.

The Night Phoenix was the most outstanding masterpiece, with pride that boasted dominion of heaven and earth. Though laughing, there was an undertone of murder.

"Mister Night Phoenix?" Huo Liuyun breathed in wonder.

'He cuts a fine figure of a man dressed in red. His White Jade Fan makes jianghu quiver with fear, His hairpin will save the world. The Medical Sage and Poison Sage devotedly accompany him.'

There was no need to ask the name, just one eye; people knew that he was Night Phoenix, the top member of the Nine Prominent Figures of the world.

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