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   Chapter 54 Dog Training

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 6459

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Huo Liuyun made arrangements at the imperial palace in the Can Kingdom, and Yun Canglan was residing in the luxurious Siyuan Palace.

Siyuan Palace was the most exquisite of the palaces in the Can Kingdom. There were antiques everywhere, the walls and pillars boasted of bright colored glaze, embedded with various precious coral. Luminous pearls were inlaid throughout the walls replacing candles, and the curtains were made of expensive snow silk.

Yun Canglan thought Huo Liuyun wanted to ingratiate himself with her or flaunt his wealth. Material wealth didn't matter at all though and even her servants, Yun Qin and Yun Qi, looked down on it.

"The quality of this coral is poor. Mistress, the coral you gave me last time was far superior to this." Yun Qi remarked.

"Oh, Mistress, this curtain is very rough. Maybe I could tear it down and use it to wipe your feet with?" Yun Qin noted.

"Yun Qin, how insensitive of you! Do you want to hurt the Mistress's feet? She uses only the golden silk* to wipe her feet. Snow silk is far too inferior and should only be used by the likes of you or me."

(*TN: Fabric made by golden silk is much softer and more expensive than that of snow silk.)

"Mistress, this is all garbage! If Yun Xiang were to see this, he would scold me. I think we should completely replace these."

"I agree with Yun Qin. What if you are allergic to these? Even you are not allergic; you might end up with a rash, and then he would beat us!"

Yun Canglan was way too distracted to listen to their words. She pounded the table, "We need to keep a low profile, understood? Even though I'm rich, I don't like to brag. Kidnappers are prone to snatch you two. Yun Qin put this garbage outside and burn it. Yun Qi, tell Huo Liuyun that we will need to redecorate the palace."

Yun Qin and Yun Qi rolled their eyes but kept quiet.

They thought that Yun Canglan was not able to keep a low profile. Th

would make wild geese alight and fish dive down for shame.

Wu Yunling was fearful the Crown Prince would marry this lady.

She planned to get rid of this lady as soon as she saw her. Otherwise, the Crown Prince was sure to be seduced by her. "How dare you not salute me!" Wu Yunling screamed.

Yun Canglan continued to play with her nails, ignoring Wu Yunling.

Yun Qi was great at giving a good manicure. Yun Canglan thought, satisfied with how her nails looked. 'Maybe Yun Qi can remain my servant girl always.'

Wu Yunling was furious, "Bitch! How dare you ignore me! Seize her! Cut her head off!"

Yun Canglan finally looked and scornfully remarked, "This dog is very noisy. Huo Liuyun has not trained her at all!"

Yun Qi volunteered, "Mistress, please, let me show you how to train a dog properly."

"She called me 'Bitch', and I don't like that. Yun Qi, show her what a bitch is!" Yun Canglan said nonchalantly.

Yun Qi was angry that this dog had called Yun Canglan a 'Bitch' and had a murderous look in his eyes as he walked up to Wu Yunling.

"What...what are you doing?" Wu Yunling stuttered a bit, trembling as Yun Qi came closer.

"Are you stupid and deaf? The Mistress wants to see a dog training session." Yun Qi said brutally, looking like a demon.

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