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   Chapter 53 Married a Vulgar Man

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7413

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"No, no, this is impossible, it's not possible!" Feng Gui sank, and as he pulled his hair, shaking his head, he repeated the words over and over quietly. He was feeling more depressed by the second. His eyes hinted at his incredible despair and no one would recognize the once incredibly handsome Feng Gui as this despondent, desperate man before them.

'What am I to believe? This succession of revelations that rips at all I have known to be true and called them lies? I can't even say anything to refute them. I am to believe that my tender-hearted wife is the boss of the Fengyun Firm and my successful business is such through the help of others. I am also to buy that my clandestine concubine gave birth to a baby safely on my wife's behest to outside help. What on earth, what more will they claim? What is real? What is left that is mine?'

Yun Xiang disregarded Feng Gui's hopelessness and turned around to Huo Liuyun arrogantly stating, "My Crown Prince of the Can Kingdom, I want to allow you to save face, but my Mistress must get her certificate of divorce. Since Feng Gui is unwilling to sign it, I implore you My?Crown?Prince, as a favor to me, please witness their divorce."

Huo Liuyun was offended, but what could he do? He weighed the options, 'If I did this favor, I might receive support from the Fengyun Firm, so my career would be twice as successful with half the effort. If the Emperor of the Can Kingdom were here, he couldn't do better with the Fengyun Firm than this.'

Huo Liuyun smiled innocently prompting, "It's your family affair. I shouldn't interfere, but… " He stopped and turned to seek advise of Feng Tian, "Feng Tian, what do you think?"

Feng Tian was waving his hand in front of him, unable to speak out. Chu Qing was not though and with her face paled answered, "Please, My Crown Prince, make this decision on our behalf. Our family is too small to handle the intimidation of the Fengyun Firm's boss."

"No… no…My Crown Prince…Yun'er is my wife! Please, you can't…"

Huo Liuyun ignored Feng Gui's shrilling bellows and declared his adjudication, "Feng Gui, the boss of the Fengyun Firm has requested a divorce, and we can not change this course of action. Don't worry

with interest. His eyes narrowed, hinting they were prey and he was the hunter.

Huo Liuyun's heart stopped beating for a few seconds as he watched the couple, 'Canglan was unrestrained like Feng Yun'er and would hug me in public despite others' glances.' Suddenly his thoughts turned from the two hugging, to what was never far from his thoughts, 'But she died, she died on my chest.' he remembered vividly.

Shui Minghan remained standing with his head lowered, and it seemed as if he was avoiding the harmonious intimate couple. His hand was gripping the front of his shirt a bit tighter and tighter.

Yun Qin, Yun Qi, and Yun Xiang looked at the ceiling automatically, as they were used to such scenes. They hoped this encouraged the others to adjust themselves as well.

Lei Tianyan kissed Yun Canglan on the cheek before he reluctantly let her go.

"My Crown Prince, please show us the way."

"Yes, please, follow me, " Huo Liuyun said as he came to his senses and led the couple out.

Feng Gui wept in such a dismal way others' might pity him. However, Yun Canglan was a straightforward person, not such a kind-hearted fool. She wouldn't forgive once betrayed.

"Yun'er, Yun'er, please don't leave. I beg you, don't leave me, stay."

Yun Canglan didn't look back, her voice held contempt, "You hid your true self well. I married you, a vulgar man. I kept struggling, and finally, I am free of this. You will remain vulgar, while I will go on a new life."

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