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   Chapter 52 You Depend on My Mistress for Your Livelihood

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 9515

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The hall of the Feng's House was lit up. The guards outside the hall laid on the ground. A man in gold strolled in leisurely, accompanied by three beautiful servants who were also clothed in gold, which boasted of his wealth and rank.

The gold color was cheesy, but somehow he looked gorgeous and elegant. Seemingly, he was the source of the gold color and it suited him precisely.

Feng Gui and Huo Liuyun were both taken aback. Xi Zhiyao even set his tea down and watched as though in a trance.

The man entered the main hall, glancing at Huo Liuyun and rolling his eyes in disdain, but Huo Liuyun didn't seem to mind.

"Hello, Mister Zi Zhu. We met once before, do you remember?" Huo Liuyun offered in humble reverence.

Seeing how Huo Liuyun treated Yun Xiang, Feng Tian bit back the harsh words he was about to utter and stared at this young man in golden dress surprised.

Mister Zi Zhu! He was the one, who controlled the economic lifeline.

Feng Gui stepped forward embarrassed, "Hello, Mister Zi Zhu. I am sorry, I didn't know you were visiting today. Please forgive me for not receiving you at the gate. What brings you here?"

Everything was a complete mess, which had Feng Gui in a tizzy.

Although Yun Xiang's arrogant attitude somewhat embarrassed Huo Liuyun and Feng Gui, they could do nothing. Yun Xiang controlled the economic lifeline in the Can Kingdom, so they had to show him respect.

Yun Xiang's cold gaze swept around the hall, and he frowned when he saw Shui Minghan.

Walking to Shui Minghan with his three beautiful servants following arrogantly, he knelt.

"Mistress, Mister Yao Yan." Yun Xiang was bowing his head in reverence and humility while he knelt, as the three servants followed suit in fear and trepidation.

Except to those few who understood, the scene was greatly shocking.

Feng Tian, Chu Qing, and Feng Gui looked at Yun Canglan and Yun Xiang who knelt on the ground shocked. The teacup in Xi Zhiyao's hand shook, and the tea almost spilled. Huo Liuyun was startled but appeared calm. He was amazed more the true master of Fengyun Firm, whom the seven kingdoms feared, was such a comely lady.

Yun Canglan looked at Yun Xiang as she slowly blew on her hot tea, "Zi Zhu…"

Yun Xiang had a bad feeling and frowned.

Just as expected, Yun Canglan mocked, "The masses have sharp eyes, Yun Xiang. You deserve the name of Zi Zhu*."

(*TN: "zi zhu" means one who is calculating and unwilling to make the smallest sacrifice in Chinese.)

"Mistress…" Yun Xiang looked up.

"This is no time to play for your jokes." He protested.

Yun Qi chuckled at his discomfort, "He is so stingy, Mistress, why not call him Zi Zhu afterwards?"

"Humph, he always makes me repay even 15 liang* owed to him."

(*TN: Liang is a monetary unit used in ancient China, equivalent in value to th

lp of the Medical Sage to nurse her health privately. Her nature means she easily miscarries, so Yun'er asked the Medical Sage to protect the baby in secret until he was safely born. This baby was Yun'er's gift to you. Feng Gui saved Yun'er and wanted a child more than anything, so Yun'er gave you a baby boy. Most importantly, she owes you nothing."

His complexion paled as he staggered back, Chu Qing reached out to steady him. Lei Tianyan sneered continuing, "That isn't even the whole story, " Lei Tianyan glared at Chu Qing sharply with obvious disdain, "You claim your family offered Yun'er an extravagant life, but that is not right. Everything you have is because of Yun'er."

Yun Xiang nodded at Lei Tianyan respectfully and then stepped arrogantly to Chu Qing and Feng Gui. He looked around the splendidly decorated room full of exquisite furniture announcing, "Wow, the richest family in the Can Kingdom. You have all this luxury and a beautiful house. However, if my mistress were angry, she could easily destroy all this. I heard about how you mistreated my mistress and referred to her as 'you bitch.' Believe it or not, my mistress doesn't need to lift a finger, because I can make you suffer grievously."

"Eh…" Feng Tian uttered the feeble cry as he suddenly moved forward aiming to strike at Yun Xiang. He was blocked by the three beautiful servants who promptly went in front protecting Yun Xiang.

Yun Xiang stepped from behind and calmly reminded him, "You should remain calm, or the poison will easily cause harm to your head. If you die, it will be your fault!" Yun Xiang was relaxed, while the Feng family looked sullen. "You think that your son is a business genius that can develop such a business in just three years? You know what, Fengyun Firm has helped you secretly. My Mistress gave you this extravagant life! You depend on My Mistress for your livelihood."

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