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   Chapter 51 Saw Huo Liuyun Again

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7064

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Feng Tian, Feng Gui, and Chu Qing immediately went to receive the Crown Prince at the entrance. They didn't know why the Crown Prince came to the Feng's House? Feng Tian had resigned from his official position for three years now, and even before that he did not have a close relationship with the Crown Prince.

"Welcome to the Feng's House, My Crown Prince." The three of them and their servants knelt before the Crown Prince, Huo Liuyun.

Yun Canglan and Lei Tianyan remained sitting, casually drinking tea. Shui Minghan went and sat at Yun Canglan side. Xi Zhiyao stood where he was as if he was unaware of the arrival of the Crown Prince.

It had been three years. Huo Liuyun wore an affable smile always out in public and had mellowed over time.

Huo Liuyun noticed the lady in white before anyone else when he entered the hall. Her beauty was astonishing.

He looked around then, noticing several people who hadn't saluted. Among them, he recognized Xi Zhiyao and Shui Minghan.

Feng Tian escorted Huo Liuyun to the host's seat, and he became enraged when he saw that Yun Canglan didn't salute.

"Were you raised with no manners heathen? How dare you not give the proper tribute to the Crown Prince!" Feng Tian screamed at Yun Canglan and then groveled to Huo Liuyun, "My most humble apologies, My Crown Prince, for Feng Yun'er's disgraceful behavior."

Yun Canglan giggled crisply and glanced at Huo Liuyun: "I'm afraid the Crown Prince doesn't deserve my tribute."

Huo Liuyun was irritated himself but kept smiling dryly: "It doesn't matter. I heard the sixth prince of the Lie Kingdom and the Prince Xiaoyao of the Jin Kingdom were here, so I came to welcome them."

Yun Canglan observed Huo Liuyun reflectively, 'Huo Liuyun, we may not have seen each other for several years now, but you are still questionable! We will wait and see.'

Shui Minghan watched Yun Canglan as though unable to see anyone except her. Xi Zhiyao said gently to Huo Liuyun, "My Crown Prince, thank you for your kindness, but I am merely here to visit my aunt."

Huo Liuyun and Xi Zhiyao glared at each other

a trying not to laugh.

Lei Tianyan looked at her and retorted, "Why are you smirking?"

"I've never heard you are called a 'sissy' before. It's funny. Hahaha." This time Yun Canglan laughed freely.

Lei Tianyan sighed and turned away. Looking at Shui Minghan, he asked, "Mister Wu Hen, did Yun'er seduce you?"

Shui Minghan answered coldly, "I'd likely die if Yun'er were to seduce me."

Yun Canglan rolled her eyes at his words.

Feng Tian was disconcerted and criticized Yun Canglan, "Bitch, if you want to go, leave my house now. We won't beg you to stay. Feng Gui was too kind to you. Get out of the Feng's House. Go, and seduce men outside my house, or be a hooker for all I care; it's none of our affair..."

Yun Qi swiftly launched a pill into Feng Tian's mouth. Feng Tian clutched his neck with his hands, screaming in pain.

"Keep your mouth clean. I would have killed you a thousand times, if not for the Mistress's orders." Yun Qi sounded.

"Father, are you okay, father?" Feng Gui and Chu Qing worried rushed to Feng Tian, holding him. Xi Zhiyao sat calmly drinking the tea as the drama unfolded.

Huo Liuyun unable to sit still, shouted: "How dare you! Feng Tian was an official of Can City. Seize him!" The guards charged from behind Huo Liuyun surrounding Yun Qi to capture him.

"Huo Liuyun, I would think thrice before acting, if I were you." Yun Canglan stated coldly.

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