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   Chapter 50 It's been a While

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Feng Tian and Chu Qing turned pale, griped in fear, and Feng Gui became sullen. Shui Minghan stood there with a murderous look, and nobody dared challenge him.

Yun Canglan glanced at Shui Minghan before she stepped back and sat in her chair again. Yun Qin served her tea. Lei Tianyan pouted, sitting next to Yun Canglan when he saw Shui Minghan.

"Who...who are you?" Feng Tian was scared and stood trembling. He knew Shui Minghan was a kung fu master from how he held himself.

Shui Minghan, the beloved sixth Prince of the Lie Kingdom, and ranked third in the Nine Prominent Figures, didn't want to say anything.

After a pause he said in a low voice, "Her man."

Yun Canglan suddenly didn't look very noble, as tea water spluttered from her mouth and nose.

She sighed rolling her eyes and silently noted, 'Great! Now everybody will think I'm a slut.'

Lei Tianyan's eyes were narrow as he ridiculed, "How shameful you are!"

Shui Minghan responded with pride and flourish, "I'll take that as a compliment." Feng Gui's heart sunk deeper. His wife was a beautiful and charming woman; still, he had no idea so many distinguished men were attracted to her.

This man he recognized was Shui Minghan, the beloved sixth Prince of the Lie Kingdom and one of the Nine Prominent Figures. Shui Minghan was said to move fast and fight fiercely with a frosty look. His wife attracted even Shui Minghan; he had no hope at all of her remaining.

Feng Tian sat there, infuriated and speechless. What else could he do though? He was too weak to fight him.

Chu Qing could not deal with Shui Minghan, so instead scolded Yun Canglan: "Just how many men have you seduced? You are such a slut. Feng Gui treated you well, so why did you betray him? Do you think you can destroy the Feng's House? I know, it is because the Feng's House is the richest in all of Can City! You are a gold digger, and want to rob our family, don't you?"

"Mother!" Feng Gui yelled to silence Chu Qing. He had noted Shui Minghan drawing his blade and Lei Tianyan scowling. In the midst, Yun Canglan was calm, which made him felt like a knife twisting in his heart.

"Are you blind?" Yun Qin couldn't help but ridicule, "My Mistress hasn't seduced these men. They harassed her! Plus, even if the Feng's House is the richest family in Can City, we don't care about your money! Stop your insults! Otherwise, I will cut your tongue out!"

Chu Qing was furious as she fell back into her chair, her face red. She shrieked, "You are merely a servant, and don't forget you belong to the Feng's House. When this wench leaves the Feng's House, you are not permitted to leave!"

Yun Qi sniffed and said cheekily, "If I want to leave, nobody will be able to stop me. If you doubt me, ask Mister Wu Hen." He nodded in the direction of Shui Minghan as he finished.

"Mister Wu Hen?" Feng Tian jumped to his feet looking the kung fu master over in consternation, and realized this was Mister Wu Hen. Although he was not a martial artist, he had heard of the Nine Prominent Figures before.

Mister Wu Hen was a kung fu master, with a strong background. If he was Mister Wu Hen, then Feng's house...

"Why are there so many people here?" The man's voice came from outside, as Xi Zhiyao appeared in the hall.

Feng Tian was pleased with this turn of events. Xi Zhiyao was the Royal Highness of the Jin Kingdom. Since he was here, the Feng's House wouldn't be punished for offending the sixth Prince of the Lie Kingdom.

Feng Tian immediately approached Xi Zhiyao and greeted him, "Nice to meet you, Zhiyao. There's no big deal here. Feng Yun'er was caught cheating on Feng Gui. You've come just at the right moment. Could you please be our witness?"

Yun Canglan widened her eyes at his words, t

aken aback that he would stoop so low with such a lie. She glared at Feng Tian wondering how shameless he was.

Feng Gui grew impatient with his father's tale and explained, "Zhiyao, don't listen to my father. I had a small quarrel with Yun'er."

Xi Zhiyao was the Royal Highness of the Jin Kingdom, and although he never cared for state affairs, he was a clever man. As he looked around the room, he seemed to know something.

Xi Zhiyao viewed Yun Canglan with significant interest. He glimpsed briefly at Lei Tianyan before he finally fixed his gaze on Shui Minghan.

Xi Zhiyao spoke to Shui Minghan, "You would be Mister Wu Hen, the beloved sixth Prince of the Lie Kingdom!"

Shui Minghan stood silently looking nonchalant.

Yun Canglan spoke impatiently, setting her teacup down as she did, "Feng Gui, have you signed the divorce paper?" Yun Canglan wanted this over with, after several cups of tea, her patience was coming to an end, and she didn't want to wait any longer. It was almost noon, and she was looking forward to enjoying a hearty lunch with this all past.

Feng Gui frowned reiterating, "Yun'er, I told you I wouldn't sign the paper, and I don't want to divorce you."

Yun Canglan shrugged and told Yun Qi, "Yun Qi, call the municipal official Mr. Yin* over."

(*TN: Mr. Yin handles divorce cases.)

Feng Gui forgot his image and shouted anxiously, "NO!" He begged Yun Canglan, "Please, Yun'er, I was wrong. I should never have forsaken my vows or take a concubine. I'm the only son of the Feng's House, and I needed a son to carry on my family name. Yun'er, please forgive me. I will immediately send Tan Yueyue anywhere, and not see her again. Please! Let's go back to the life we used to have, okay? You said you wanted to live a normal life with me."

Lei Tianyan and Shui Minghan made a face at Feng Gui's words, and when he finished, Yun Canglan finally looked up at Feng Gui and spoke earnestly, "Feng Gui, I fell in love with you two years ago. So I was willing to abandon everything and live a normal life with you. I didn't mind you parent's bad attitude, but what I cannot abide by is betrayal and deception. You, Feng Gui, betrayed me when you broke your vows to me. I won't forgive you. Besides, you had sex with this lady, and I never share a man with another."

Feng Gui's head ached as he stepped back. No wonder she began to refuse him a year ago. It was because he had sex with Tan Yueyue. She fell in love with him once, but he had abandoned their commitment.

"Damn it!" Feng Tian banged the table as he stood up, "Stop talking nonsense. Polygamy has been a tradition since ancient times. How dare a slut like you accuses Feng Gui. How shameless you are!"

Yun Canglan stared at Feng Tian and in clipped measured words advised him, "You'd better be nice to me because my servants are ill-tempered. I'm sure they will teach you a lesson, and nobody in this world could stop them!" If she told him that they were Medical Sage and Poison Sage, he would die of fright right there.

"How... how dare you threaten me? They are slaves of the Feng's House." Feng Tian hastily said.

"Slaves?" Yun Canglan snorted, "You are not even qualified to be their slave." Yun Canglan turned around and said to Feng Gui, "Feng Gui, I won't wait any longer. You'd better sign the divorce paper." Otherwise, she didn't mind destroying the Feng's House.

"Yun'er, I won't sign it. I love you, Yun'er. Please don't go..." Feng Gui yelled.

"His Crown Prince is here!" A voice heralded the impending arrival from outside. Everyone in the hall watched the man dressed in yellow as he walked through the entrance, followed by dozens of guards.

Yun Canglan smiled cryptically.

'It's been a while, Huo Liuyun.' She thought.

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