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   Chapter 49 The Divorce

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7207

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The unexpected appearance of Tan Yueyue contradicting what Chu Qing said humiliated her. Feng Gui's face was full of fear and panic as he stood trembling.

"Yun'er, this is not what it appears, I can explain. My parents forced me to take her as my concubine to have a baby. I only slept with her the once, and I don't like her at all. I love you, my dear Yun'er. Please, you must trust me."

Tan Yueyue stood still with the baby in her arms overwhelmed and saddened by what she heard. Yun Canglan walked up to her, took her to sit down and delighted the baby.

"What a lovely baby." Yun Canglan complimented, looking back at Feng Gui smiling, with just a trace of coldness in her eyes. "You shouldn't say such mean things. She has given your family a baby, and what you have said will make her sad."

Feng Tian and Chu Qing were relieved at Yun Canglan's reaction, but Feng Gui felt uneasy. They had been alienated, and she was a stranger to him.

"Father, mother, Yueyue just delivered the baby, and needs to be taken care of, so I have arranged for her to live in Gui's house without telling you in advance. Please forgive me."

Chu Qing finally smiled. "Good. I hadn't expected you capable of accepting Yueyue. You are a virtuous wife."

Tan Yueyue who was feeling awkward smiled too, and she looked around timidly, before gazing down at the baby in her arms.

Feng Gui sulked. He wasn't sure why Yun Canglan was being so gracious to Tan Yueyue, and that troubled him.

"I'd be flattered, if you don't mind, Gui, please sign this." Yun Qin presented a piece of paper, while Yun Qi held the brush and ink in his hands.

Feng Gui looked over the paper confused; when he finished reading it through, he was breathless.

"This letter is to attest to the divorce of Feng Gui from Feng Yun'er, for reason set forth below. After two years of marriage, Feng Yun'er, the daughter-in-law of the Feng's family, has failed to have a baby."

Feng Gui looked heart broken when he turned to Yun Canglan, "Yun'er, what, what does this mean?"

"Do you remember what you promised me before we were married?" Yun Canglan was no longer the virtuous tender young girl. Even dressed in white, she looked cold and imposing.


"Yun'er, will you marry me?"

"I don't want to share a husband with other women."

"You are and will be, my only wife."

"Okay. I will marry you, but, I will leave if you break your word."

"Yun'er, I swear I keep my promise, and I honor you always."


Feng Gui studied Yun Canglan, his face reflecting the grief in his heart. He recalled his vow, and he had broken his promise. "Yun'er, please don't do this." He implored, and then he immediately straightened himself, cocked his head and apprised her, "No, I won't sign this letter. You can't leave me."

He couldn't lose Yun'er. He didn't want her to leave him. He was forced to impregnate Tan Yueyue and break his word, but he dearly loved Yun'er. Which was why when his parents made him take Tan Yueyue as his concubine, he secretly arranged for Tan Yueyue to live elsewhere and only slept with her the one time.

Feng Tian and Chu Qing finally understanding what was transpiring between their daughter-in-law and son faced Yun Canglan, mortified and hostile. Feng Tian exploded, "Bitch! How can you ask for a divorce?"

Chu Qing fueled the flames with her hate filled words, "You should appreciate what you have is good. We are a large, influential family. You can't get pregnant, so, Gui had to take a concubine. You may appear to be gentle and tender, but you are a jealous viper. I s

hould never have agreed to this marriage in the first place!"

"Yun'er didn't want to marry your son." A hoarse, sexy yet lazy voice came from behind the screen. Lei Tianyan wore an evil grin and red attire. He looked like a goblin emerging from a painting. The red feather at the tip of his brow was concealed with some of Yun Qin's powder. So no one knew that this was the stunning Mister Yao Yan, aka Lei Tianyan, the seventh prince of the Si Kingdom.

Lei Tianyan stepped over to Yun Canglan and whispered, "Yun'er, please don't give me away to another woman again, it makes me sad."

Yun Canglan raised her brow, "I didn't. I just asked you to bring her here."

"Who are you?" The exceedingly beautiful looks of Lei Tianyan and Yun Canglan stung Feng Gui. As he gazed on the two of them, Feng Gui felt that nature endowed them with eminently superior looks and graceful quality. Feng Gui felt this man seemed familiar and thought he had met him somewhere, but after thinking for a second, he decided he had not.

In fact though, Feng Gui had meet Lei Tianyan at the gathering of the Nine Prominent Figures, but now his feather birthmark was covered with some makeup, so Feng Gui didn't recognize him.

Lei Tianyan gave Feng Gui a disdainful look as he told him, "My name is Hua Suiluo, and I style myself after Tianyan." Yun Canglan didn't want anyone to know her identity, Xi Yun, the Crown Princess of the Si Kingdom, so he had to choose an alias.

"Well, Feng Yun'er, you are having an affair! You want to elope with this man, so you ask for a divorce, right? We treat you nicely, and you disgrace our family!" Chu Qing shouted loudly, as if she had something on Yun Canglan.

"Gui, sign the letter to divorce her. Such a shame."

"No, mother, I won't sign the paper. I only want Yun'er in this life." Feng Gui was heartbroken. The appearance of Lei Tianyan stung him, but he didn't believe Yun'er would cheat on him even if the two did look cozy. What happened? Why was Yun'er treating him this way?

The insults from Chu Qing irritated Lei Tianyan, "The fact is, Feng Gui took my fiancee by force." It was known to all that the Emperor of the Si Kingdom betrothed his seventh son to Xi Yun.

Feng Gui looked stunned. Yun'er wouldn't agree to marry him at first because she was engaged, but he loved her so dearly that he persisted on her agreeing to marry him. 'Was this man her fiance?' Feng Gui wondered.

However, Feng Tian and Chu Qing didn't know any of this. Feng Tian banged the table cursing, "How dare you, an outsider, interfere in our private business! Feng Yun'er, what is going on?" He demanded.

Yun Canglan said coldly, "He is telling the truth. He is my fiance, and Feng Gui knew this when he proposed to me."

Yun'er spoke up. Since she presented the divorce letter, she was no longer his wife and no longer willing to smile and take his mother's abuse.

"What, you were engaged? Why did you marry my son? What do you want? Guards, arrest this shameful bitch!"

More than a dozen guards rushed into the main hall swords drawn, to arrest the woman in white with the poker face.

Yun Canglan stood still as if this were none of her concern. Lei Tianyan frowned, blocking the guards from Yun Canglan, and Yun Qin and Yun Qi were prepared to fight their way out.

Before the guards were near enough, a glaring light flashed, and the guards' swords splintered in half. Their weapons shattered, the troops froze terrified about what happened. Enshrouded in black clothing, Shui Minghan, stood guarding Yun Canglan's front next to Lei Tianyan.

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