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   Chapter 48 A Boy was Born

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7027

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Yun Canglan had the power to bring Shui Minghan from heaven down to the depths of hell with just a word or look. He was unable to breathe when he saw the cold indifference in her eyes as she looked at him, and all he could do was to feel the pain growing in his heart.

She used to ask to see his feather mark all the time, but she didn't care about it now. She had told him the feather mark hadn't bloomed because he didn't trust her completely, yet here it was in full bloom and she treated him with an icy demeanor.

Yun Canglan was glad when she saw the feather mark had bloomed, but only because it meant she was one step closer to going home. Shui Minghan had betrayed her, so the relationship would not be salvaged as far as she was concerned. Add to that, when he left her for a year, he was with another woman. Whether he had relations with the woman before or after he left was unknown.

"What are your feelings for me now?" Shui Minghan wouldn't believe that she had no feelings for him, and had moved on.

Yun Canglan looked directly through him as she told him, "I haven't had feelings for you since the day you betrayed me."

The moonlight shone sporadically through the thick clouds overhead, and lightened the dark, desolating the atmosphere.

As Shui Minghan turned to go, the realization hit him, and he decided he would win her back.

At the crack of dawn in the following morning, Yun Qin and Yun Qi burst into the bedroom shouting for Yun Canglan to wake.

"The baby was born! Mistress, get up! She gave birth to a baby boy!"

Today when she could finally sleep in late, they were so loud. Yun Canglan rolled over sleepily. "Stop yelling, and let me sleep some more. I'm exhausted." She mumbled half asleep.

Yun Qi yanked her quilt away, shouting, "You must get up, Mistress! We are leaving the Feng's House today. Tan Yueyue had a baby."

Yun Canglan abruptly sat up and screeched, "Fuck you! I said I wanted to sleep! I don't care about Tan Yueyue at all!" Her face was sleepy and sexy, but the words that fell out of her red lips were explicit and sharp.

Yun Qin immediately began dressing her, while Yun Qi ran to prepare the supplies for her to wash.

"Mistress, you should make yourself beautiful today. Let them all see that the victorious cock is more beautiful than any peacock." Yun Qin looked serious.

Yun Canglan slowly looked at Yun Qin as his compliment sunk in, and frowning wanted to know, "Do I look like a cock?" How dare he refer to her as a cock?

Yun Qin quickly covered the error, with a flattering smile, "My fault, Mistress. You are the peacock."

"Is the baby a boy or a girl?" Yun Canglan rolled her eyes as she asked. She felt she was on the losing side of a hopeless battle. When she gave birth to her baby, there was no one to help her. However, she had to take care of her husband's concubine secretly now.

Yun Canglan had told him she wanted Tan Yueyue to have a boy. Yun Qin's chest puffed proudly as he said, "She will give birth to anything I want her to."

"If you can make Tan Yueyue give birth to a bug, you are my boss!" Yun Canglan mocked, before chuckling in an ill-tempered manner.

Yun Qin frowned, 'The Mistress is in a bad mood this morning. Is it because of morning sickness?'

"Mistress, you are far smarter than I am." Yun Qin couldn't stop the flattery, "Three kingdoms ended their war with each other because of your words. You give a single look; people have no food. You let a fart, and a brothel i

s shut down. You stamp the ground, and people immediately cover their necks afraid of being murdered. You give a wink, and the emperors of the seven kingdoms fall over themselves to please you..."

"Do you mean I get strange convulsions?" Questioned Yun Canglan.

"No, no, what I mean..."

"Stop flattering me! I want a girl's hairstyle today. I declare I am single from now on. Hahaha!" Yun Canglan laughed loudly.

Outside the Feng's House, Feng Tian, Chu Qing, and Feng Gui descended from the carriage heading to the entrance. Feng Tian led the way, with Feng Gui holding Chu Qing's arm as they strolled farther back. They were all smiling, even the ordinarily sedate Feng Tian.

Yun Canglan sat in the main hall that morning, drinking tea and watching the entrance. Servants were gossiping. They had looked down on Yun Canglan thinking she was an ill-bred nothing, a slut, yet here she was in the hall as she sipped her tea, looking gentle and virtuous. They felt weird.

"Mistress, they've returned." Yun Qi told Yun Canglan in a low voice. Yun Canglan raised her head and set the teacup on the table.

As soon as they entered the house, they saw Yun Canglan looking stunningly gorgeous, sitting in the hall. She wore white with a red tassel hairpin in hair.

Feng Tian's face went from happy to dark on seeing Yun Canglan. He contemptuously snorted as he sat in the host's seat. Chu Qing also scowled. Feng Gui's face was blank, and then he returned to a cheerful countenance, but with a little sense of guilt.

Yun Canglan stood to greet them with a smile on her lovely face, "Good morning."

Feng Tian ignored her completely. Yun Canglan had ruined his jovial spirits.

"Why are you here? You should stay put in your yard. Shame on you! What, were you born in a barn?"

Chu Qing scolded Yun Canglan as she sat down next to Feng Tian. She had been anxious the entire night, and looked worn out now.

"I have reminded you many times about how you should conduct yourself. Look at your face. Are you trying to seduce the servants? Don't act like a slut! You are the young Mistress of the Feng's House."

Feng Gui was embarrassed but remained silent. He felt stuck in the middle between his beloved wife and parents, and he didn't know what to do, so only said sorry to Yun'er over and over in his mind.

Yun Canglan was not angered at all, and her smile grew wider.

"Thank you for your guidance!" She answered rolling her eyes when nobody noticed.

Yun Canglan stepped in front of Feng Gui and in a gentle voice told him, "Congratulations, darling, you finally have a son."

Her words shocked everyone within the hall. There was a surprise on Feng Tian and Chu Qing's faces, while Feng Gui panicked rushing to explain, "Yun'er, this is not true, Yun'er..."

Feng Gui was about to explain to her, but Chu Qing stood up and shouted: "You are talking nonsense. Feng Gui only has one wife, and that's you."

Yun Canglan kept smiling, even though she hated Chu Qing's reaction. If it weren't for the fact that Feng Gui had once saved her, she would surely kill them all.

Chu Qing continued her criticism, "What do you mean, Feng Yun'er? Did you listen to the gossip of servants? You should care for your husband, and treat him as a god. Feng Gui saved your life. Remember, you should be grateful..."

Chu Qing's eyes widened suddenly, as she saw Tan Yueyue walking outside. Feng Tian and Feng Gui also saw that Tan Yueyue had strolled carrying a baby in her arms.

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