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   Chapter 46 Mister Zi Zhu

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Yushi Restaurant was known for their fresh, delicate dishes; it was unmatched in all the Can City.

Today, the most luxurious, expensive private rooms on the third floor of Yushi Restaurant were all reserved for a generous man, and although the second floor was bustling with activity, the third floor remained elegantly quiet.

Feng Gui wore white, and a jasper hairpin held his carefully coiled waist-length, black hair. His handsome face was pensive.

"Master, Mister Zi Zhu of the Fengyun Firm has arrived." Anu rushed to tell his master respectfully. Feng Gui rose from his seat to greet his guest at the door.

The door to the private room opened from outside, and in walked a handsome man dressed in gold, attended by three servant girls with extraordinary features.

All the emperors of the seven kingdoms had to bow to Mister Zi Zhu, and looking at this teenage looking man, standing there, no one would have guessed he was, in fact, the owner of the Fengyun Firm.

Feng Gui hurried forward, "How are you Mister Zi Zhu?"

Zi Zhu's eyes shown an arrogance that contradicted his faint smile which gave him the appearance of being relaxed and approachable.

"Fine, thank you for asking, Mister Feng Gui."

"Now that you're in Can City, would you mind if I call you Zi Zhu?" Feng Gui took his hand, guiding Zi Zhu to the seat of honor, and Yun Xiang took his place without ceremony.

The world only knew him as Mister Zi Zhu, but his real name was Yun Xiang.

The three servant girls scurried to replace Yun Xiang's seat with a soft couch and then set about substituting all the ordinary utensils on the table for bright golden ones.

Feng Gui felt slightly embarrassed for a moment, but it soon passed, after all, Yun Xiang was much wealthier than him.

A delicate fragrance filled the room when Feng Gui picked up the teapot and poured hot water into the pot.

As soon as he caught the scent, Yun Xiang recognized the tea as his favorite, Lotus Fragrance, and his dull eyes lit up, "Good." He exclaimed happily.

While not the most expensive tea of the seven countries, this famous tea would give off a fragrance of lotus when it mixed water, so it earned the name Lotus Fragrance. The lotus scent was very much like his mistress' body scent, so Yun Xiang fell in love with the tea involuntarily.

Feng Gui had gone out of his way to choose a tea that Xun Xiang preferred, a

maintained a low profile and then was married a few years ago, but her husband and his family maltreat her. Consequently, she wants to return."

"Your boss is a woman, Zi Zhu?" Feng Gui's eyes widened completely this time. A woman who could build such an empire, she would be legendary!

"Haha, she's not just any woman, there are none more beautiful than she."

Feng Gui smiled awkwardly, "It seems that she is indeed a rarity in the world."

Feng Gui had taken the bait. Yun Xiang triumphantly confided, "Of course she is. Alas, that man doesn't see her value, and he gave up the pearl in his hand and clung to a clod. I swear, that man must be blind, or he hit his head on a door, don't you agree?"

Feng Gui believed Yun Xiang was only complaining about the injustice that his Mistress had suffered, so he quickly echoed, "Yes, yes, you can hardly find such a woman!"

"He'll cry when Mistress divorces him. I'll be kind and give him a graveyard to cry in."

"Yeah, he would have no place to cry. He really has poor taste."

"Mistress forbid me to hurt him, or else I would confiscate his property, and make his muddle-headed parents beg in the street."

"Yeah, they should have been kind to her."

"Besides, that bastard man married a concubine. I should send his concubine to a brothel. No, to a barracks as a military prostitute, and let them torture her to death!"

"Yes, torture her to death!"

"And there is a bastard of his concubine. Send him to be a hustler and cultivate his hustler consciousness from childhood."


'That sounded a little too vicious.'

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