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   Chapter 44 Yun Canglan Refused Feng Gui

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The night air was more temperate but muggy with no breeze, and there was no moon. Although the cicadas finally ceased their noise, the crickets and other denizens of the night came awake and began their song.

Feng Gui felt touched seeing Yun Canglan as he opened the door and entered the bedroom. He strode to her and wrapped his arms around her pale figure as she made the bed. As he leaned into her back, inhaling deeply, his nose filled with the unique lotus aroma that belonged to her.

"Darling!" Yun Canglan greeted him warmly.

"Yun'er, Yun'er! I missed you so!" Feng Gui rushed in his excitement.

Yun Canglan blandly smiled, "I missed you too."

Feng Gui let go of Yun Canglan and spun her, so she faced him. He spoke tenderly, "Yun'er, these past months while I was gone, you were mistreated, and I am sorry." He married her despite his parents' opposition, and he knew they were mean to her.

Yun Canglan's smile was indifferent as she reminded him, "I owe you my life. You married me even though your parent disapproved. I don't mind their attitude, as long as you love me."

Two years earlier, during the full moon, Feng Gui happened on her dying. He detoxed her, saving her from certain death. Afterward, in spite of opposition, Feng Gui wanted to marry her. She didn't know why though. Had he fallen in love with her at first sight, or did he treat it as his duty? She accepted his proposal out of gratitude and became the young Mistress of the Feng's House.

Back then, she had just left a relationship, and Feng Gui was so nice to her so that she tried to love him. She even fancied giving up the Seven Feathers, the world, and living a conventional life with him. Until, a year later, because Yun Canglan was unable to bear him children, he took a concubine. She was only able to conceive babies with the Seven Feathers, and Feng Gui was not one of them.

That was when Feng Gui's parents compelled him to take a concubine. While he housed her in another home entirely, and no one dared tell her, Yun Canglan knew everything. She was, after all, not an ordinary person.

She liked things to be orderly and tidy, and a love triangle was a messy game she refused to be tangled in. There was no way she would share a man with another woman.

She had m

. Have you also forgotten your promise?"

Yun Canglan stepped back, shocked stating in seriousness, "Please conduct yourself respectfully, Your Royal Highness. I'm a married lady."

Xi Zhiyao couldn't stop his laughter grabbing her hair tightly, "You have forgotten, but I remember it quite clearly. I don't like your appearance now. I prefer the willful young Royal Prince from twelve years ago."

Yun Canglan was shocked that he remembered her, even though they had met just once and twelve long years ago. How could he recognize her?


At the sound of a girl's voice, Xi Zhiyao released her hair; there was a wistful expression on his face.

Yun Qin reached Yun Canglan and dotingly reminded her, "Mistress, it's past time for bed, and the night is cold." Yun Qin glimpsed at Xi Zhiyao.

Yun Canglan addressed Xi Zhiyao, "Please, forgive my rudeness, but, I don't understand what you are talking about."

Watching her back as she walked away, Xi Zhiyao wore a mysterious smile once again.

'Yun'er, you are mine.' He vowed to himself.

Yun Qin followed Yun Canglan into her bedroom.

"Mistress, who was he?" Yun Qin wanted to know.

"Xi Zhiyao."

"Xi Zhiyao, the Prince of the Jin Kingdom, the Prince Xiaoyao?"


"Why is he here?"

"He is Feng Gui's cousin."

"He looked at you strangely."

"He recognized me."

"What? Oh, we will have to kill him now."

"No, he might be one of the Seven Feathers."

Every member of royalty may be one of the Seven Feathers.

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