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   Chapter 43 The Husband Returns

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7017

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A man dressed in plain-clothes astride a white horse came up the road. His black hair wafted gracefully in the wind, and attractive features had girls blushing as they passed by him. He only had eyes for the woman standing at the gate dressed in the white gown. Seeing her there made him smile cheerfully.

Feng Gui stopped and dismounted agilely at the gate, greeting his parents first, "Father, mother, sorry to keep you worrying about me."

Chu Qing hugged Feng Gui, her excitement overwhelmed her, and she wept, "Oh, thank God! You're finally home. I was so worried about you."

Although Feng Tian was excited, he couldn't bear his wife's tears. "Don't cry; it is such a good day."

"Mother, father is right. You should be happy that I am home." Feng Gui felt fatigued from the journey, but he still looked charming. He was deserving of the title most outstanding man in Can Kingdom.

Yun Canglan watched the reunion feeling irrelevant as she stood to the side. Alas, she wasn't part of this family, anyway.

Chu Qing wiped her tears smiling, "I am happy, come, let's go inside. I ordered your favorite food prepared. We haven't enjoyed a family meal together in a long time."

Feng Gui stopped. "Mother, please wait." He turned to his gentle wife Yun Canglan; he felt so much in his heart, that he wanted her to know, and couldn't help but smile, feeling he would burst with emotion.

"Yun'er, I am sorry to make you suffer, waiting." Feng Gui was smiling gently down at her.

With tears in her eyes, Yun Canglan nodded her head, responding as a decent and virtuous wife, "It is good that you return, safe and sound."

Feng Gui held her hand. "Come, let's go inside."

Their affectionate display disgusted Chu Qing. Feng Tian turned his head disapproving and did not look at the two.

At the dinner table, Chu Qing picked up food to feed Feng Gui happily. Feng Gui occasionally picked up food feeding it to Yun Canglan softly smiling at her.

"Well, Gui, did you acquire anything this journey?" Feng Gui's parents couldn't bear his tenderness to Yun Canglan as they didn't like this daughter-in-law.

Feng Gui smiled confidently saying, "The silk sold well in the Jin Kingdom. Moreover, I met Mister Zi Zhu, the boss of Fengyun Firm and one of the Nine Prominent Figures. I am told he will soon come to our kingdom. If we develop good relations with him, we can develop our business in other kingdoms in the future."

"Mister Zi Zhu?" Feng Tian was shocked. "It's said that he is one of the magnates and industries of the Fengyun Firm span the seven kingdoms on the two continents. However, he is so arrogant that he disdains to flatter the emperors of the seven kingdoms. We are nobodies to him; it won't happen."

Feng Gui confidently added, "Father, don't worry, it will happen, and we reached an agreement to meet at Yushi Restaurant the day after tomorrow."

Feng Tian burst into laughter. "Ha! That is good to hear! My son is amazing. Even if you don't serve in the court, you are prominent in the commercial circles. I'm so proud of you!"

"Well, I also met up with my cousin on the way back. He…"

"Hello, Feng Gui." Came a clear, deep voice from the courtyard, before Feng Gui could finish his words. Chu Qing stood up surprised when she saw the handsome man in blue approaching at sunset.

"Zhiyao? What brings you all the way out here? Why didn't you let us know in advance?"

Xi Zhiyao looked innocently, "I came back with Feng Gui. I see he took on

e look at his wife and forgot all about me."

Feng Gui stood, "No, that's not true! I was telling my parents about you."

Xi Zhiyao smiled turning his attention to gentle Yun Canglan, "You must be Feng Gui's wife, Feng Yun'er. You are so lovely; now I understand why Feng Gui missed you so much and wanted to rush home. He hides you away, keeping your beauty hidden, afraid that you will outshine the three beautiful women in the world and become more popular than him."

Chu Qing looked over at her daughter-in-law, disgusted at her lack of manners and upset that she received such high compliments, "How ill-bred of you. You should have risen to bow since Zhiyao is Prince Xiaoyao of the Jin Kingdom."

Hurriedly rising to properly greet Xi Zhiyao, "Your Royal Highness, please pardon my ignorance." She offered as she gracefully bowed before him.

Prince Xiaoyao was Xi Zhiyao?

She recalled meeting him. It was more than ten years ago, she was an arrogant young girl back then, and he was having tea with Feng Gui at the tea house. She remembered she teased him mercilessly, but she still wore her mask all the time back then, so she knew that he wouldn't remember her.

Feng Gui looked over at his wife affectionately before turning to confront his mother, "Mother, how would Yun'er have known who Zhiyao is? We married only two years ago, and during that time, he was always traveling abroad, and she remained here at home. Besides, " he added, "no one introduced him."

Chu Qing sat silently, seething beneath her calm exterior. Feng Tian stood up and respectfully asked, "Zhiyao, won't you join us for dinner? It is not what you are accustomed to at the palace. I do hope it is to your liking though."

Xi Zhiyao made himself comfortable, "Thank you." He looked at the table before taking a seat, however, saw only four places, so he didn't know where to sit.

Chu Qing loathed Feng Yun'er, and she spat out, appalled, "What do you think you are doing? We are having a special meal to welcome our son home. Why are you, an outsider, sitting here?"

Yun Canglan stepped back and bowed low to Chu Qing, "I am sorry, it's my fault. I am leaving."

Feng Gui grasped her arm and stopped her; his eyes silently spoke his regret and shame as he frowned, "Please wait, the table is big, and we can add another seat."

"No, it is okay. I am already stuffed." Yun Canglan smiled gently, "Besides, with His Royal Highness here, you two must have a lot to talk about. I should go."

She brushed against Xi Zhiyao, who had an inscrutable smile as he watched her leave.

"Zhiyao, have a seat. She is of unknown origin and ill-bred too, just let her go." Chu Qing sat back in her seat and had Yun Canglan's bowl and chopsticks replaced.

Feng Gui was unhappy, "Mother, did Yun'er offend you? Why do you always treat her so poorly?"

Chu Qing glowered, "Why would I like a tease? She hasn't gotten pregnant in the two years you have been married. Luckily, Yueyue is pregnant, or we would have no grandchildren."


"I know you want to keep your concubine out of the way. I'll keep my mouth shut, but it's normal for men to have concubines. Why does Yueyue have to live in another house? She will deliver the baby soon. You should go keep her company when you are free."

"Mother, please stop."

"It's okay. She can't hear me."

Xi Zhiyao sat quietly eating, with his head lowered and thinking of something altogether different than the topic between those two.

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