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   Chapter 42 Get Me a Head

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There was an old saying, 'there is gold under a man's knees, ' to kneel for just any reason, a man loses dignity. So when Duan Mingxuan flopped down before Night Phoenix and the Sages, they knew his plight to be significant. Yun Canglan was touched and left in awe at the love and devotion Duan Mingxuan felt for his wife.

When Night Phoenix turned and faced Duan Mingxuan, he was enraptured by the stunning face. The red tassels were moving, dangling from ears, were rocking to and fro gently.

The White Jade Fan opened with a swishing sound, every movement revealing the Night Phoenix's elegance and charm completely.

"Are you positive you want me to save her? It will be very costly." Her voice carried clearly, as snow falling and flowers blooming.

Duan Mingxuan privately marveled at the first of the Nine Prominent Figures, ascertaining the reputation and praise he heard was well deserved; with an exquisitely sculpted face and flawless graceful, the impressive figure was enchanting and pure like a fire lotus.

'He cuts a fine figure of a man dressed in red. His White Jade Fan makes jianghu quiver with fear. His hairpin will save the world. The Medical Sage and Poison Sage devotedly accompany him.'

He finally understood why the Sages while so remarkable were willing to attend Mister Night Phoenix.

No matter how distinguished, they paled next to Night Phoenix.

Duan Mingxuan gazed down at the pale woman in his arms tenderly, and with resolve, "Even if it is at the cost of my life."

"What if at the cost of your chivalrous reputation?"

Duan Mingxuan was slightly dazed, but within seconds, he raised his head looking more determined, "Reputation is trivial compared to a life, and I need my wife to be healthy and alive."

Yun Canglan admired the man's feeling toward his wife secretly while continuing the questions, "How do you know I can save her?"

"You may not be able to save her, but the Medical Sage, here, obeys your orders and can grow flesh on bones. Besides, Mister Night Phoenix can save the world, so why wouldn't you be able to save my wife?"

A smile crept up on Yun Canglan's face while thinking; the gentleman was very astute.

When Yun Canglan winked at Yun Qin, a silver thread shot out of Yun Qin's hand and snaked across space to the lady held by Duan Mingxuan. In the blink of an eye, the thread tied itself to the woman's wrist, and Yun Qin felt her pulse from several feet away; the small feat stunned Duan Mingxuan.

Duan Mingxuan, a famous master in Jianghu for over ten years, would have been unable to prevent an attack from the Medical Sage if they fought. Yun Qin had lightning fast reflexes and could cut even him down if so inclined.

After the time it would be to savor a half cup of tea, Yun Qin pulled back the silver thread. With compassion in his voice, he said slowly, "She won't live to see the next month, " which gave her less than ten days.

Duan Mingxuan's face twisted with grief and fear as he gripped his wife tighter to him automatically as if in doing so, he could halt the hand of death.

"Please, save my wife I would give you anything, even my life."

Yun Canglan raised her eyebrow in curiosity, "Can she be cured?"

"The King of Hell can't beat me!" Yun Qin smirked as he boasted, he could bring the dead back to life, this was child's play to him. His chest puffed proudly, why, he was so exceptional they should adore him, revere and admire him, he believed.

Yun Qi frowned, disappointed in Yun Qin for his gloating.

"Save her." The order sounded like divine angels to Duan Mingxuan's ears; his wife would return to him.

"Your wife was hurt by love before and could not let go of anxieties. Moreover, recently, she was hurt so deeply, all she wants is to die. I can save her, and keep her alive, but, she will be living dead person, and she n

eeds the desire, which will be in your hands to ensure occurs." Yun Qin explained as he worked.

Hearing this, Duan Mingxuan's face was stricken with remorse, and an overwhelming sadness that filled him with pain as he clutched her tightly as if to pull her into himself.

"I'm sorry, Xin'er, this was all my fault, from now on, we will make everything better between us. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, It was too late for me to understand all of this. Xin'er...."

Yun Canglan sighed bleakly, 'Of course, it would be a heart filled with love and broken. It explains why her countenance is so dire.'

Love can destroy a person, and almost did her in. Fortunately, she was always resolute and daring, which saved her.

"Thank you for everything. The cost will...."

Yun Canglan's ruby red lips curved into a bloodthirsty smile.

"The price is the head belonging to Can Kingdom's Crown Prince's concubine!"

'Huo Liuyun, I, Yun Canglan, have held a grudge for the wrong you did me. Now, I will have my revenge.'

Early the next morning, magpies were screeching in front of the Feng's House. The servants were up first to clean the house thoroughly. Chu Qing, Feng Gui's mother, had the kitchen preparing food for him, and even his father, Feng Tian was anxious and pacing in the study.

Today marked the return of the house's Master, Feng Gui, who left for a business trip three months ago.

"My Lord, My Lady, the Master is at the front street, and will arrive in a quarter hour." One of the servants gave the alert to the house. Feng Tian and Chu Qing rushed, several servant girls to help them out of the house and strolled to the gate to greet him.

Yun Canglan was at the gate with her two 'servant girls', watching for her husband to return. Seeing Feng Tian and Chu Qing hurrying to the gate, she whirled around greeting them.

"Good morning, father and mother."

Feng Tian's mood soured while he pretended not to notice Yun Canglan. Chu Qing grew tart and mean seeing her there, "Feng Yun'er, is Gui's room ready yet? He has suffered traveling three months, and you must serve him well. Don't think you have been the Young Mistress of the Feng's House and can sit idle. Don't forget; you would be dead on the roadside if not for Gui. You cannot enjoy the glory and wealth without Gui. The Young Mistress of the Feng's House is not easy!"

Behind Yun Canglan, both Yun Qin and Yun Qi were attempting not to react and clenched their teeth. Yun Canglan seemed to be unphased by her mother in-law's words, however, with a gentle smile on her beautiful face.

"Yes, I will follow your direction."

"Plus, don't go out unless you have business to attend. Look at you, resembling a fox spirit. I don't know why Gui is so mesmerized by your looks. The Feng House has fame and prestige, don't sully that by allowing people to think that the Young Mistress misbehaves."

Feng Tian looked at Yun Canglan snorting his disdain. He had seen Yun Canglan before he quit office, but didn't connect the ordinary looking Yun Canglan to Feng Yun'er, who was a most extraordinary beauty.

Yun Canglan's soft smile remained the same, "Yes, I'll remember that."

Chu Qing haughtily raised her head, "You and Gui married two years ago, and yet you haven't borne any children. If you can't have a baby, find Gui some concubines. No man of his prestige should go without several concubines. What's more, Gui is now the wealthiest man in Can City and one of the Nine Prominent Figures in the world. You should be honored to be the wife of Gui; the offspring of our family is the key issue."

Yun Qi could hardly contain himself, but under Yun Canglan's unmasked glare, he remembered himself at once.

"Yes, mother, I will do as you say."

With a loud cry from one of the servants, "Look, the Master's returnerd." Everyone watched towards the crossing.

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