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   Chapter 41 Night Phoenix Emerged

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The Feng's House in Can City

The weeping willows surrounding the pond brushed the water, startling some goldfish near the surface as they dove to escape. They sent ripples spreading that grew as they crossed the pond. The sound of the cicadas shrill rasped insistently and the hot weather became tiresome. The view of the pond was beautiful, although, no one was in the mood to enjoy it.

Lotus flowers were blooming in the corner of the pond. A single red lotus stood out among white lotuses, dazzling, out of place in the quiet, tranquil pond.

A lady sat in a pavilion near the pond leaning on a wooden rail. Her gown was white and looked like one of the lotuses on the lake. She appeared less like a young girl and more like a mature woman with her elegant yet simple hairstyle and the expression in her eyes.

She looked up, raising her head, and looked over the scene of the pond. With pinked sculpted cheeks, lush, red lips, scintillating eyes, and snowy-white skin, she was a rare beauty.

"Mistress!" Two identical servants appeared by her side. Though not as beautiful as the lady, they were elegant and graceful.

One servant spoke slowly: "Anu told me that the Young Master would be home tomorrow at this time."

The lady raised her brows and said slowly, "It's time for him to be home."

The other servant clearly not happy, frowned adding, "Mistress, why bend over backwards? Since he is ruthless, we can put a flea in his ear!"

In a calm voice the lady inquired, "How is Tan Yueyue?"

The servant pouted, saying reluctantly, "She is doing well, and will have her baby in two days."

"Qi, are you feeling wronged dressing like this?" The lady teased.

The servant yelled: "You are an unscrupulous Mistress. You know I don't mean it."

"So, you like dressing this way! You may dress like this from now on, okay?" She taunted jokingly.

The servant realized the Mistress was teasing and threw, "I don't mind, but what of you? This will damage your image, won't it, Mister Night Phoenix!"

"Are you kidding? I would benefit from this! People won't think I'm gay anymore." Mister Night Phoenix was accompanied everywhere by the Medical Sage and Poison Sage, so people thought Mister Night Phoenix was a gay.

"You... you are such an unscrupulous Mistress!" Yun Qi gnashed his teeth.

Yun Canglan, the Night Phoenix, went by the name Feng Yun'er now. It was a normal name, which suited the normal her.

No one knew the famous Mister Night Phoenix, head of the Nine Prominent Figures and wife of Feng Gui were one and the same. Just as people were unaware she was in the Feng's House in the Can Kingdom right now. The Medical Sage and Poison Sage were disguised as two servant girls.

Yun Qin's smile fell away, "Mistress, someone is looking for you."

"Who is looking for me?" Yun Canglan stretched herself yawning as she considered it was not easy being a housewife.

"Duan Mingxuan, a famous swordsman in Jianghu, he seeks treatment for his wife." Yun Qin answered.

"Seeks treatment? Yun Qin, he is looking for you, not me. This is none of my concern." Yun Canglan felt she was useless.

Yun Qin dared not treat Duan Mingxuan's wife without the Mistress's permission and felt embarrassed. He was not a kind-hearted man at all, and saved people only when the Mistress asked him to do it.

"By the way, how does Duan Mingxuan

know I'm in Can City?" Yun Canglan was confused. She hadn't taken up her role as Mister Night Phoenix for years now, but even as Mister Night Phoenix, she didn't allow her whereabouts to be known.

"Yun Lie told him. Yun Lie said Duan Mingxuan was his benefactor, so..." Yun Qin explained to Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan yawned, stretching again as she rolled her eyes towards Yun Qin.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi sighed in resignation, "Mistress, please behave yourself."

Yun Canglan put her arms down and looked about, "Is anyone else here?" After a good deal of trouble, she had established a gentle and soft image in Feng's House.

Yun Qi wiped the sweat off his forehead, "No one else is here, still please behave!" Yun Canglan was a lady and should act like one after all.

Mister Night Phoenix, famous for his paintings and calligraphy, was as handsome as Mister Yao Yan with Mister Feng Gui's talent. People described him in this way -- 'He cuts a fine figure of a man dressed in red. His White Jade Fan makes jianghu quiver with fear. His hairpin will save the world. The Medical Sage and Poison Sage devotedly accompany him.' If people saw Mister Night Phoenix's posture right now, they would be astounded.

Yun Canglan stared from Yun Qin to Yun Qi and said in a bored tone, "What's wrong with how I behave? I'm such an innocent young lady, and everyone loves me! You would imply I do not act properly!"

Yun Qi flattered her, "Mistress, I was wrong, I am sorry, please forgive me!"

Yun Qin just shook his head and asked, "Mistress, shall I save Duan Mingxuan's wife or not?"

"Of course we should save her!" Yun Canglan voice was clipped.

'But I must take something in return!' She thought.

Outside Can City, lay an unused house renovated and looked different than it once had. It had a new plaque that read, "Yun's House" hanging on the gate of the house. This was Mister Night Phoenix's shelter. More accurately, it was the infirmary for the Medical Sage and Poison Sage's Laboratory.

Duan Mingxuan, followed a servant into Yun's House, carried his wife who was near death. So focused on his wife as he stared down at her, even the beauty of the homes couldn't get his attention.

He turned a bend, and a green bamboo forest leaped out in front of him. The bamboo leaves swaying with the wind, gave a melody as they moved, like a song of nature. Magnolia flowers were planted in the gaps of the bamboos. The main attraction were the lotus flowers in the pond though.

It surprised visitors to see that these lotus flowers were all red, like rosy clouds in the sky.

There was a figure standing near the pond, looking mysterious in red clothes that bore a black and golden phoenix. He stood straight, which took the shine off the world. There was a red tassel hairpin with the symbol of Mister Night Phoenix, clasping his hair, some black hairs escaped and rested on his shoulders.

Two identical men, one in white with bamboo on his clothes, the other had white with green magnolia flowers, stood on either side of Mister Night Phoenix.

The servant leading Duan Mingxuan withdrew now. He felt stressed, and looking over these three before him, did not alleviate it any. He walked up to them and knelt before them on one knee.

"Please, Mister Night Phoenix, save my wife. I will do anything if you just please, save her!" He pleaded.

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