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   Chapter 40 The Nine Prominent Figures in the World

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7772

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Three years later

Across the two continents, through all seven kingdoms war was ever-present. The conflicts between them intensified, and the seven kingdoms were unable to find common ground with each other.

Nine notable figures emerged during these troubled times.

The Nine Prominent Figures in the world inspired a craze throughout the seven kingdoms. Instead of wealth or fame, they immersed themselves in kung fu training while traveling extensively. The royal courts favored them, and women admired them greatly.

They became more famous than the four recluses of legend.

Mister Night Phoenix headed up the prominent nine. Although Night Phoenix always maintained a low profile, it was fourteen years ago that his first masterpiece instigated a fight in the seven kingdoms, bringing him fame. Six years ago he was eclipsed by Yao Xi, and the Night Phoenix vanished.

Two years ago, the Chi Kingdom of Fire Continent conspired with the Jin Kingdom of Water Continent to strike the Can Kingdom from two sides at once. The Can Kingdom sent the Huguo General Yun Yajun and Shenyong General Xue Ying to face the opposition but they took substantial losses. When the world thought the power was about to change in seven kingdoms, the elusive Mister Night Phoenix emerged and overnight terminated war between the three kingdoms. In order to find his trail, the royal courts of the seven kingdoms bought the Know-all and the Buye Tower, both of which made their money selling news. What their efforts brought them was only, "He cuts a fine figure of a man dressed in red. His White Jade Fan makes jianghu quiver with fear. His hairpin will save the world. The Medical Sage and Poison Sage devotedly accompany him."

The Medical Sage and Poison Sage gained world fame because they could grow flesh on dead bones, make the dead come back to life and remove toxins easily. The public learned the Medical Sage rarely saved lives, and the Poison Sage were busy creating toxins. It was said that the Poison Sage could create all kind of toxins, and could also remove all kinds of toxins. Night Phoenix's notoriety and power grew, for, despite the arrogance of the Sages, they attended him.

Night Phoenix was seen as the head of the Nine Prominent Figures instead of as a bookworm, while people fought the world over to o

that he was above the emperors, refusing to kneel down to them. These tales contributed to Mister Zi Zhu being jokingly referred to as the God of Wealth on both continents.

Simultaneously, the counterpart of Fengyun Firm, the Shuihuang Firm grew bigger and stronger and was a bitter rival of the Fengyun Firm.

In the Can Kingdom, there remained a hostage known as Mister Yang, specifically, Yang Gezhi, who was the tenth prince of the Chi Kingdom. A portrait spread among the people. Yang had the elegance, dignity and gentle smile which conquered the world. Stories surfaced proclaiming him a gentleman who smiled gently toward even beggars. With his elegant temperament, peerless style, and gentle charm, he gained the hearts of the people of the world. As with many other events, this all occurred three short years ago.

Mister Yao Xi suddenly had whimsy inviting the Nine Prominent Figures to assemble once a year, starting three years ago. The world was in turmoil, and seven kingdoms in chaos, when the fateful gathering day was held.

However, for the first two years, Mister Night Phoenix didn't make an appearance, which was disappointing to many who hoped to meet him.

Tongues wagged, and rumors flew, and one such account gained popularity. It is the story of one who had the Nine Prominent Figures under control would rule the world. This tale was more popular than the Fire Phoenix Prophesy.

Legends and rumors became commonplace, and it appeared the seven kingdoms across two continents were doomed to remain in chaos.

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