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   Chapter 39 Where to Go

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As Shui Minghan and Yun Canglan left the royal tomb, they saw gray-white clouds on the horizon. It was a frigid morning in the mountains, making Yun Canglan tremble. But she was soon dressed in a black cloak.

Shui Minghan pretended he hadn't draped the cloak over Yun Canglan's shoulders. Walking in awkward silence, he avoided eye contact.

The four subordinates who had been waiting picked her up, joyous to have her back with them. Outside the red wedding dress the black cloak was a real eyesore!

"Mistress Yun, you are awake!" The four hugged Yun Canglan. Yun Qi felt her pulse immediately.

Yun Qi closed his eyes, feeling and listening to her pulse before a smile brightened his already handsome face, "The potency of the Jiahun and Sanhun Qipo were suppressed for the moment."

Yun Qin took Yun Canglan's hand after, checking her pulse carefully. Shui Minghan thought Yun Qin's hand on Yun Canglan was obtrusive.

"Are you finished?" Yun Canglan asked.

'I am okay, much stronger than you thought. Yun Qin and Yun Qi, stop showing off your medical skills.' Yun Canglan thought to herself.

Yun Qin let go of her and grinning confirmed, "Mistress Yun, you and your baby are both healthy." He shot a fierce look at Shui Minghan.

Shui Minghan cleared his throat.

He blushed, trying to retain his composed countenance while Yun Canglan looked up in the sky clearly evading eye contact with her servants.

"Mistress Yun, what is next?" Yun Shu was the most rational as always.

"We will leave Can Kingdom." She advised her group and then considered to herself, 'Yun Canglan died. If I am seen, Huo Liuyun won't let me go.'

"Mistress Yun, will we return to the General's House? Her Ladyship has spent much of her time crying and at the funeral, she passed out four times." Yun Hua sympathized with Her Ladyship, leading her to ask Mistress Yun.

Yun Canglan mulled the idea, 'I want to go home so badly. However, the instant I do, everyone in the General's House will be slaughtered. I have no choice but to conceal my existence from even my gentle mother; there is no other way.'

"I can't return home, much as I want to. Yun Shu, I want you and Yun Hua to take care of my parents. Don't tell them I am alive though, Huo Liuyun is not easily fooled."

In unison Yun Shu and Yun Hua blurted out, "Why can't we follow you, Mistress Yun?"

'We want to follow you, to take care of you, Mistress Yun. If we are left at the General's House, who will coil your hair? Who will cook your meals?'

"I need you to be my eyes and ears, and keep me updated on the news regarding the General's House and of what is happening in Can Kingdom." Yun Shu and Yun Hua came to Yun Canglan as servant girls a decade ago. She took them as sisters now. She loved their companionship and hated that they would part ways.

Yun Shu piped up with an alternative operative, "Yun Hu is in the General's House, as are the Thirty-Six Fighters in Darkness."

The Thirty-Six Fighters in Darkness were the clandestine guards Yun Canglan arranged to safeguard her parents.

Yun Canglan slowly smiled pointing out, "Yun Hu doesn't speak or act cautiously. He might leak my whereabouts; you wouldn't, you are dependable."

The two girls wanted to remain at Mistress Yun's side. However, their loyalty was more significant than the unwillingness to stay behind, so they bowed their heads acquiescing.

"We will not fail you, Mistress Yun. His Lordship and Her Ladyship will be safe with us."

Yun Canglan was relieved knowing her trusted companions were going to take care of her parents. She gave them a final reminder cautioning them, "Huo Liuyun won't ruin the General's

House now. Nevertheless, keep in mind that at some point, he may dispatch assassins."

It was well-known that the person known as the world-famous idiot was a princess of Can Kingdom, as well as the daughter of the Huguo General and that she died protecting the Crown Prince from certain death when she threw herself in front of a sword meant for him. Huo Liuyun won't be stupid and trifle with the General's House. Even though Yun Yajun handed his half of the military power over to His Majesty; he was still a thorn in Huo Liuyun's side.

"Mistress Yun, where will you go?"

Looking at the sun as it rose in the east, the customarily well-informed Yun Canglan was utterly in the dark.

'It's a big open world out there, and somehow, I have no place to stay. No, wait, maybe there is a place.' Yun Canglan realized, 'That seductively charming boy told me when I have no place to go, I should travel to the royal palace in the Si Kingdom.' Now was that time.

She would evade Huo Liuyun and have a safe place to give birth to her baby.

"Yun Qin, you and Yun Qi will accompany me to the Si Kingdom." She remembered the handsome prince had mocked her and wondered how he would treat her when she removed her mask. She laughed silently at the thought.

'Huo Liuyun had mocked my plain face. Hmm, he has no idea that I always wear a mask. My mother was the most beautiful girl in Can City. It is impossible for me to be ordinary-looking.'

"I will go with you." Shui Minghan said indifferently after listening carefully to the details of her plans.

"We have an agreement still, you have lived up to your end."

'Well, it may be an excuse for me to follow her, but it is a reasonable one.'

Yun Canglan rolled her eyes, and the four onlookers knew there would be trouble, Yun Qin, and Yun Qi watched with remorseful expressions, while Yun Shu and Yun Hua stood to the side, snickering quietly. Ignoring the others present, Yun Canglan told Shui Minghan, "You saved my life, we are even."

Shui Minghan was flabbergasted.

"No, you found me a master. I owe you a lot."

Sruthan took Shui Minghan on as his apprentice just at Yun Canglan's request. He owed his name Mister Wu Hen, his ability in kung fu and everything he had to Yun Canglan.

Yun Canglan looked at him in bewilderment.

Here was Shui Minghan, known for his stoic attitude, blushing crimson red, "I mean, we have an agreement for me to act as your secret guard."

"Let me see your right hand."

Shui Minghan put his arm out for her. Yun Canglan rolled the sleeve back and saw that the red feather was straight. She could make out the vague outline of the feather-like birthmark.

"Are you sure you qualify as my private guard? You do not trust me. Perhaps your passion is fleeting, and you need my help." Yun Canglan stopped teasing, and her piercing eyes were vague, as she looked to him with quiet dignity.

Shui Minghan wondered in confusion, 'Why did her attitude change after looking at my birthmark? I examined it many times and there is nothing abnormal.

Why does she say I don't trust her?'

He smiled faintly.

'What was I was told about the mark of the seven male birds, the feathers will stretch when he trusts me or yields to me. If he won't trust me, he will surrender to me. Fearless Armour also told me I can only bear babies for the seven men with the birthmark of feathers. So, Huo Liuyun was one of the seven male birds? I am a Fire Phoenix born without feathers. When I bring together the seven feathers and unite the world, then I will be able to fly high and return to the modern world.' Yun Canglan thought to herself.

"Okay, you will travel with us."

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