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   Chapter 38 Your Child is Mine

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 3513

Updated: 2018-08-12 01:09

When Shui Minghan disentangled himself, he looked over to see that Yun Canglan appeared to be staring off vacantly.

The combination of Jiahun and Sanhun Qipo was so potent that Yun Canglan relapsed and lay there as though comatose. It wouldn't matter what words Shui Minghan spoke, Yun Canglan couldn't hear.

Shui Minghan inhaled slowly and deeply, regaining patience.

"Canglan, Canglan, even if you have regrets, it's too late… "

When Yun Canglan recovered opening her eyes, she saw Shui Minghan's attractive face and he was smiling with a smug satisfied look she had never seen.

Yun Canglan couldn't think of what to say, but felt the silence awkward, with nothing more suitable considering the situation she uttered a, "Thank you."

Her words irritated Shui Minghan. The emotion showed in his eyes for seconds, replaced by a spark of danger. He grumbled, "Since I am in a generous mood and favorable place, you are most welcome."

"Well, could you go out?" Although they had just been intimately entwined, Yun Canglan felt bashful a

adable poker-face, but his anger was evident at the moment.

Shui Minghan grumbled angrily, "What are saying?"

Yun Canglan closed her eyes as she spoke, not willing to see the look in his eyes, "I appreciate you saving my life, but it does't mean you have to look after me for the rest of my life. Why don't we start fresh?"

"Impossible, no! You are my girl now. How can you pretend nothing happened?"

Shui Manghan did not understand, 'Why does she try to turn me away, to reject me?'

"I said never looking for another man." Shui Minghan's stone cold gaze was unfathomable again, as he stepped out of the crystal coffin and unhurriedly dressed. Yun Canglan sat shocked at his behavior.

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