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   Chapter 37 Sex in the Tomb

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 4780

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Everyone stared at Yun Qi, shocked.

Yun Qin did some calculations mentally and announced, "There would be full moon fifteen minutes later though, and if the Mistress weren't able to have relations, she would perish!"

"Well? What are you waiting for? I count three men right here!" Yun Hua shouted.

Yun Qi and Yun Qin both blushed. Yun Qi stammered, "I...I mean, Yun Qin and I...well we're not... not virgins... a long time ago..."

Yun Shu scolded, "Are you two idiots? The Mistress raised you and now when she is in need, you would do nothing!"

"No. This is not the case. We didn't expect this. If we were still...virgins, it would be an honor to help her."

"I can do it." A man's voice steady, calm and masculine came from behind the four debating. Yun Shu, Yun Hua, Yun Qin and Yun Qi turned looking at Shui Minghan. Shui Minghan looked calm, but a flush was creeping up his face.

Yun Qi was not sure, "You? Are you a virgin?"

It seemed highly unlikely that the well-known Mister Wu Hen would still be a virgin! Everyone knew that there were many beautiful ladies after Mister Wu Hen. Wu Hen once saved the life of Yun Pei, one of the three most beautiful ladies in the world of martial artists. Yun Pei even tried to force him into marriage. The last person they expected to remain a virgin was Mister Wu Hen!

Shui Minghan was mortified and turned away avoiding the looks they are giving him.

Yun Qin coughed, breaking the thick tension in the air before saying, "Mister Wu Hen, since you are a virgin, please help the Mistress, her time is short. You will need to put this pill in her mouth and when she wakes, you can..."

Shui Minghan took the pill as he confirmed rather mechanically, "Got it!"

"Remember, her life is in your hands now!" Yun Qin looked at the lady in the crystal coffin adding, "The Mistress is pregnant. Please be gentle with her." On finishing the directions, Yun Qin left the tomb and was silently followed by the others.

The tomb was quieter, with just Shui Minghan. He gazed at the lady laid out in coffin and frowned.

He hesitated, wondering if he should save her or not. If he saved her, he would be responsible for her, and there was his vow to avenge himself. He worried he would let her down though, and didn't have time or energy to consider their relationship.

He had made a deal with Yun Canglan at the start,

if he stayed by her side to protect her and she would avenge him.

He couldn't be reconciled with the notion that he would be the one responsible from now on.

Except, when he announced earlier, "I can do it, " relief and expectation filled him. What did he expect would happen? Damn, they were partners in this still.

She saved him, and was his benefactor. Everything he had was because of her. It was time to repay her, and he would, by giving Canglan his body.

Making his choice, Shui Minghan put the pill into her mouth. His heart was beating faster as his hand brushed her ice cold lips. There was some magic, he thought, staring as his hand reached out to caress the softness of her lips again.

His roughened fingers traced her lips slowly. He was reluctant to have the feelings that were stirring end and didn't want to stop. He never felt like this before, and didn't notice himself smiling dreamingly down at her.

Yun Canglan's eye flew open and saw a dreamy eyed Shui Minghan smiling at her.

Shui Minghan panicked and pushed down on her lips harder than he meant and they started swelling up, which made her more alluring. Shui Minghan turned aside, dropping his hand as he did.

"I heard what you said." Yun Canglan said in a gravelly voice, which sounded sexy.

"Thank you, but you don't have to!" Yun Canglan felt a fuzzy sensation deep inside, while a heat traveled up her neck she felt flushed.

Shui Minghan heard Yun Canglan's low groan. He turned and seeing the look in her eyes knew, she was excited.

"It would be my pleasure." Shui Minghan whispered, in a low, deep voice. His rough hands already untying the wedding dress.

Yun Canglan wanted to stop him, but couldn't. The drug had taken her inhibitions, and made everything hazy.

Shui Minghan tossed the dress aside.


Hearing her low groan, Shui Minghan removed the rest and admired her pink naked body. Shui Minghan planted little kisses on her abdomen. He could smell a faint lotus fragrance, which heightened his arousal.

His clothing fell quickly to the floor and Yun Canglan's eyes opened wide admiring him wantonly.

As he practiced kung fu every day, he had a perfect body. If Yun Canglan was not poisoned, she was also sure to praise his body.

She pulled him down to her as he pulled her into his arms, and the two bodies fit together perfectly.

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