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   Chapter 36 Yun Canglan Poisoned

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On the fourth day of the second month of the year 1011 by the Shuihuo calendar, Yun Canglan, daughter of the Dingguo Duke and wife of the Crown Prince of Can Kingdom, died outside the imperial palace gates just one day after she was married to the Crown Prince.

On the seventh day of the second month of the year 1011 by the Shuihuo calendar, the Crown Prince of Can Kingdom ignored the old burial customs to intern Yun Canglan in the imperial tomb and guard the tomb for seven days. Stories spoke of how Huo Liuyun loved Yun Canglan. He had Yun Canglan's memorial tablet carved with "Beloved Wife". Huo Liuyun suffered from a severe illness, and for three months, he didn't even show for work. The Grand Preceptor's party now had the upper hand.

On the eighteenth day of the second month of the year 1011 by the Shuihuo calendar, the Dingguo Duke turned military leadership over to the Emperor because his grief at losing his daughter was too much to bear. After deliberating, Emperor Huo Yang appointed the military command to Xue Ying and made him Shenyong General. The Dingguo Duke faded into stories of yesterdays.

On the evening of the fifteenth day in the second month of the year 1011 by the Shuihuo Calendar, light from the full moon tore through the cracks of the clouds overhead. The snow was melted, the plum blossoms had faded and spring finally arrived.

The imperial tomb of the Can Kingdom, which was located outside the Dragon Mountain, was a blessed land.

Several covert figures swept past imperial guards heading to the entrance of the tomb.

They stared up at the giant stone gate confused.

"Yun Qin, why have you led us here? To steal the Mistress's body?" Yun Shu gazed on the carvings of the dragon and the phoenix that adorned the gate.

Yun Canglan's body lay buried within the imperial tomb. The Crown Prince had declared she would be his only wife. In the minds of those present, it was the actions of the Crown Prince's that killed Yun Canglan that day.

Yun Qin shook her head, "It wasn't me who asked you to come here."

Yun Hua looked confused, "Who did then?"

"It was me." The cold voice could be heard even though it was a distance away. Turning, they saw a man in black slowly making his way towards the stone gate, and them.

Yun Shu and Yun Hua were angered. Yun Hua, pulled her sword ready for combat, "Shui Minghan, why are you here? As the personal guard of the Mistress, you were sworn to prot

feeling it wasn't good.

Yun Qin explained: "This bead, it is called Sanhun Qipo and it is the coldest item in the world. Rumors say that if a Sanhum Qipo bead is set in the mouth, it will keep the body preserved perfectly for a thousand years. Huo Liuyun must have put it in her mouth to keep her body."

"Since the Mistress isn't dead, what will that do? Will it hurt her?" Yun Shu and Yun Hua posed the question, speaking in unison.

Yun Qin sighed, "The Mistress ingested Jiahun which has similar properties. Jiahun and Sanhun Qipo don't cause harm individually. If taken together, they become an altogether different toxin."

Shui Minghan was growing worried and raising his voice wanted to know, "What effects will it have? Can you heal her?"

Yun Qin frowned looking down, "I can't."

Yun Hua couldn't help but shout now, "What the hell are you saying? You are the Medical Sage! What kind of Medical Sage you are, if you cannot cure Mistress?"

Yun Qin raised his head and looked at Yun Hua, "The poison's effects can't be removed. Every night of the full-moon each month..."

Yun Qin turned red, too shy to continue what he was saying. He looked to each of his friends and with determination explained, "Well, when it is the full moon, that is to say, the night of the full moon, it will affect her like a philter, and she will only find relief if she had sex with a man. If she doesn't, the poisons will consume and kill her."

The room went dead silent at the information, and hope began to feel almost out of reach again.

Yun Qi quietly offered, after a long period of silence, "Tonight is the full-moon."

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