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   Chapter 35 Yun Canglan Dies

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Yun Shu and Yun Hua grabbed swords off two of the closest men and joined the scuffle. Yun Canglan was able to relax a bit, even though a couple of times one of the antagonists would go after Yun Canglan and then beaten back by Yun Shu and Yun Hua. The thugs hit Huo Liuyun as hard as possible.

Yun Shu and Yun Hua fought against three of the men apiece, while seven others worked together to engage Huo Liuyun. Although Yun Shu and Yun Hua were able to work in unison, helping one another, Huo Liuyun was having difficulty managing as the melee continued. They slashed his clothes, and gave him some minor cuts and bruises.

The white ground had patches of red.

On the wall not far away, someone saw the scene below, and a troop of palace guards, spears in hand, ran towards Huo Liuyun when the imperial gate was flung opened.

Yun Canglan gave a wry smile as she watched the approaching guards.

Things had finally come to such a situation.

'Huo Liuyun, from now on, you are my enemy!' She thought.

"Protect the Crown Prince, hurry, be quicker about it!" The head guard shouted at his men. The closer the guards came, the more intense the fight became.

"Speed up!" The leader of the assailants barked, demanding more results from his men, in a last ditch effort, as he saw the approaching guards.

It was clear the lead of the attackers was a kung fu master, by the way he pierced Huo Liuyun's defenses, stabbing him where he was weaker.

Huo Liuyun was weakening, finding it more difficult to defend against the desperate onslaught. He saw the flash of metal, and knew he needed to block the sword, but there wasn't time for it. He gave up in despair and closed his eyes to embrace death.

However, instead of the cold metal cutting through him, he felt warmth of a body as it fell into his arms. He caught the faintest hint of lotus mixed with an overpowering odor of blood.

Before he could react, or open his eyes, he heard Yun Shu and Yun Hua screaming.


Huo Liuyun's eyes flew open in shock. He held the limp frame of Yun Canglan in his arms.

"No... impossible... Canglan!"

The imperial guards finally reached them, and fought back the men in black. Huo Liuyun, Yun Shu and Yun Hua were left to rest.

Huo Liuyun held Yun Canglan. Her face was pale and blood gushed from her chest. He was afraid, and couln't believe what had happened.

Things couldn't end like this. She had stood aside indifferently. Why did she run to him and block the sword meant for him? She hated him! Why, why did she do this?

"Canglan, don't close your eyes! Look at me! I'm here!" Huo Liuyun's voice was panicked.

Huo Liuyun laid her down on the ground. She had been stabbed in the chest, and there was blood spilling out staining the ground like a beautiful flower.

"Mistress, are you okay? Please, don't scare us!"

Yun Shu and Yun Hua knelt beside Yun Canglan, looking into her pale face, unable to grasp the situation. Their mistress was omnipotent and invincible, so then the person there on the ground wasn't her!

'Where is Shui Minghan? He is the Mistress's personal guard! The Mistress was hurt and just where was Shui Minghan, her guard? Wherever it was, he was in serious dereliction of duty!'

Huo Liuyun put pressure on Yun Canglan's wound trying to stop the blood loss, but the wound was through her heart.

Yun Canglan slowly opened her eyes grudgingly, breathing shallowly.


an, are you okay? I'm sorry for hurting you. Why did you sacrifice yourself? it was a fool's move!" Huo Liuyun wept.

For the first time in his life, Huo Liuyun understood what fear was. Looking down at Yun Canglan, as her life ebbed away, he realized how much he loved her. He could bear her hatred and could live with her leaving, but he couldn't take her passing away, never to see her again. It was too much for him to take.

He felt a pain in his heart, as though he was being stabbed over and over again. He had not seen until now that Canglan was so crucial to his existence, meaning, she meant the world to him. He was desperate.

The body in his arms turned cold and he was helpless to do anything.

"Liuyun..." a weak whisper drifted up to him.

Yun Canglan's lips were pale and it was difficult to speak. Huo Liuyun's eyes widened, hope filling them.

He uttered "Canglan, you are awake, you will be okay! Canglan..."

After saying this, Huo Liuyun felt he was being naive. Yun Canglan was stabbed through the heart. This must be a momentary recovery just before death.

He shouted: "Canglan, don't speak. I'm taking you to the doctor. You will be okay! When you recover, you will see, I won't hurt you ever again. I will do anything you want me to do!" He made promises in his desperation to selfishly keep her there with him.

Huo Liuyun held Yun Canglan's cold body tighter, but he still felt her slipping away.

Yun Canglan smiled with difficulty, "Okay..." Her satisfied smile hit him in his already aching heart.

Yun Canglan was so easily satisfied.

"Liuyun...promise me...don't hurt...hurt my father..."

"Stop talking, Canglan. We are going to the doctor! Doctor! Doctor!" Huo Liuyun shouted madly. He was panicked, just a man about to lose the most treasured person to him and forgot his grace as the Crown Prince.


"I promise you! Canglan, you will be fine! Please don't leave me! I know I was wrong. Please, please don't leave me!"

Yun Canglan felt relieved and smiled, looking at Huo Liuyun gently.

"Liuyun... have I told you..."

Huo Liuyun's body went rigid. The words warmed him, and he was filled with a bittersweet feeling.

She had not told him she loved him. She didn't need to, he knew it. He used her love as a weapon. She loved him, but he was using her all the time.

He was the most selfish people. She said she would seek revenge, but instead she blocked a deadly sword with herself for him.

Why did she do this? He kept asking himself and still, he didn't understand.

He regretted.

Yun Canglan looked at Huo Liuyun affectionately, and though it was painful and difficult, she raised an arm in a feeble attempt to touch his face.

Yun Canglan wanted to feel the warmth of his face one last time.

Huo Liuyun looked at her arm feeling a deep heartache.

Yun Canglan almost touched his face, but failed. There was no strength left in her.

When Huo Liuyun realized what she was doing, he immediately held her hand in his, which froze his heart.

His warm hand wrapped around her cold hand, Yun Canglan smiled in a satisfied way.

Huo Liuyun pressed her hand to his face. He looked at her smile, saw her eyes close and felt her hand fall away, lifeless.

A gust of cold wind blew and the snow danced through the air.


Huo Liuyun cried out, sounding like an animal who lost its partner.

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