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   Chapter 34 His Ambitions and Schemes

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When Yun Canglan left, Huo Liuyun was frustrated, because he had lost something of value and significant to him.

He had no choice. He would take the throne shortly, and though he had loved Yun Canglan since childhood, he had to give her up. If not for the General's House and her father, he wouldn't have had to; moreover, they would have been happy together.

He rushed to chase after Yun, only to be stopped by Wu Yunling.

The transparent gown revealed Wu Yunling's smooth skin. Lines of displeasure marred her attractive face. "My Crown Prince, you would leave me here alone while you run off."

Using her charm to seduce him, she nuzzled Huo Liuyun who was anxious to get away.

Huo Liuyun stopped her advancements, firmly pushing her back.

"Wait here, while I deal with something."

Wu Yunling was furious that he would stop her to give chase, "You are following after Yun Canglan, right? Let her know, I will be your only wife."

She always felt second-rate when Yun Canglan was around. Why did the Crown Prince love her?

Huo Liuyun tried to convince her otherwise, "I haven't taken the military power from her father yet. If she tells him, her father may do something desperate, so I must stop her from going."

"Do you mean it? You don't love her, not truly, right?"

Huo Liuyun shook his head vehemently denying his feelings, "Of course not."

His denial of Yun Canglan made Wu Yunling happy and she smiled, "Don't worry, my father will help you get what you want."

"Good, can I leave now?" Huo Liuyun was anxious to be out of the room. Wu Yunling felt Huo Liuyun's breath as he lowered his head, and she shivered.

She rolled her eyes in exasperation, "Just go, but hurry back; I'll be right here waiting for you."

Feeling troubled, Huo Liuyun rushed to find Yun Canglan, leaving Wun Yunling alone in the palace room.

To retake Yun Yajun's half of Can Kingdom's military power, he allied himself with the Grand Preceptor, and his third daughter, Wu Yunling, who would be of use.

Huo Liuyun sprinted from the Kuanglan Palace to the Fengyi Palace; finding only empty palace rooms, he felt unsteady, and he dreaded what happened.

He felt kicked in the chest when he saw that Yun Canglan had really left him.

The Fengyi Palace were the quarters of the Empress of Can Kingdom and so they became Yun Canglan's as of their engagement yesterday. The Crown Prince couldn't believe she left after only one day.

'Canglan is my wife and I won't let her go.' Huo Liuyun reminded himself.

Striding through the gates, Yun Canglan glanced back to read "Palace of the Can Kingdom", the words on the golden plaque.

How ironic, she thought, so many people died for the sake of this palace.

Yun Canglan sneered, and she was almost yet another body to count as one of them.

Yun Shu and Yun Hua worried about their Mistress, wondering what happened. She arrived so happily, and a day later she left so sadly.

Yun Canglan kept her resourcefulness to herself while she bided her time patiently. Ever


"You aspire to control me?" Yun Canglan scoffed. "Sorry, no way. The price to use comes at a cost too steep for you. Remember, Sire, you will suffer."

Huo Liuyun hissed, "Fine; then there is nothing left to say."

Huo Liuyun lunged at Yun Canglan, avoiding Yun Shu and Yun Hua. Yun Canglan stepped back, as Yun Shu stepped forward blocking Huo Liuyun. Huo Liuyun had not anticipated Yun Shu would know kung fu and was caught off guard.

"Even the servants at the General's House know kung fu, quite impressive."

Huo Liuyun turned his attention to Yun Shu, ready for combat. His aggressive moves may have thrown snow around, but Yun Shu's expert maneuvers made his assault look as weak as fluttering snowflakes.

Huo Liuyun kept on with his onslaught, wearing Yun Shu down. Yun Hua saw Yun Shu faltering and wanted to jump in to help, hesitating only a moment. In that split second, some thugs in black appeared from nowhere and with swords drawn, rushed to Huo Liuyun.

Huo Liuyun saw them advancing in time to avoid the strikes. He turned to give his full attention to this unknown enemy. The focus elsewhere, Yun Shu withdrew to Yun Canglan, protectively.

There were more than a dozen engaging Huo Liuyun in battle. His first thought was Yun Canglan ordered this, but he changed his mind as he saw her two servants safeguarded her.

Guards hadn't accompanied Huo Liuyun, and he was gradually tiring against his assailants who were winning. Soon he was too overwhelmed with defending himself, and he wasn't pushing them back.

Yun Canglan was observing the action in a detached, cold manner. Yun Shu and Yun Hua looked at each other, unable to act unless Yun Canglan gave an order.

A few more minutes passed before Yun Canglan finally commanded, "Go ahead, help him." She asserted callously.

Huo Liuyun wouldn't be able to hold them off for much longer. Even if guards somehow noticed the fight happening out here, it would take too long for help to arrive, so Yun Canglan stalled for time.

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