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   Chapter 33 I Don't Need You Anymore

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 5652

Updated: 2018-08-08 12:35

Inside the Kuanglan Palace

Something seemed to be happening behind the closed doors of the Crown Prince's bedroom. Yun Canglan could hear noises, creaking furniture and groaning of some sort.

She slipped into the bedroom quietly, and saw two figures entangled on the bed through the curtain.


A woman's scream and man's growl summed it all up.

Yun Canglan stood rooted to the ground, her face darkened with fury, as though the world would be destroyed.

She heard the man say something to the woman.

"Yun Canglan? I'm using her... I want her father's military leadership..."

"OMG! She was so bad in bed!"

"Her face makes me sick!"


Was that how he truly felt? He was only using her? He was after her father's military leadership. She couldn't satisfy him in bed, and her face made him sick?

She felt stupid and foolish. She felt numb. She had believed him, "You are my everything." Oh, what a fool she was to believe his pretty words. If she was his everything, then who was the naked woman in his bed?

Her happiness had lasted one day. She gave herself to him yesterday, and he was with another woman today. How stupid she was! She thought if she married him, he would stop pursuing the General's house. It turned out that he didn't care about her body or her feelings at all. She felt crushed under the weight of the knowledge he had used her, mocking her shortcomings to another.

It hit her, the reason he treated her nicely for all those years was her father's military leadership. He must've had a good laugh at her expense in his mind.

She felt dirty.

She vomited as the scenes from the night before came to mind.


rom her neck. The one Huo Liuyun had given her for her birthday 8 years ago.

She hadn't removed it even one single time, until now.

Huo Liuyun didn't care about her, so she would rather abandon him. He had betrayed her physically and mentally, and she didn't need the likes of him anymore.

She was obsessively orderly in all things; she wanted to tie up loose ends and to finish with this foul man.

"My Crown Prince, since you want the world, I will help you to seize it. You desire this woman, then I give my position here to her."

Yun Canglan silently resolved, 'Since you want the world, I will grind it up. You fancy this woman; then I will crush her. From now on, you will be nothing more than a slave to me!'

She threw the jade to the floor, and it shattered in pieces.

"I don't need you anymore." Yun Canglan's eyes narrow and unreadable, and her voice sent chills through him.

Huo Liuyun felt a panic rising in him, and he tried to stop her. As she disappeared down the hall, he finally realized he couldn't bear her leaving.

"Canglan, no!" ha called after her, "Please don't go! Canglan..."

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