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   Chapter 31 Give You Myself

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On the third day of the second month of the Shuihuo Calendar

Spring arrived and with it came a surprise snow storm which left all of Can City blanketed in white. Plum blossoms were blooming, and their fragrance permeated Can City, and even though the wind was cold, the sun shining down felt hot. There were charming young men and gentle girls out walking, enjoying the snow and plum blossoms, and playing children crowded onto the ice-covered Lake Heartlinking which lay on the outskirts of the city.

The day offered beautiful weather coupled with exceptional scenery, making it a perfect day for the betrothal feast between the Crown Prince and his betrothed. Naturally, the upcoming wedding was the hottest talk in Can City. The Crown Prince of Can Kingdom was handsome, gentle, courteous, and he thought about the everyday people of the city. The Crown Prince, Huo Liuyun, was virtuous, a hero and the secret crush of countless hopeful young girls.

The engagement of the Crown Prince to Yun Canglan, the wicked Princess, had crushed the dreams of many a young girl and the citizens whispered continually.

Even so, the betrothal feast was exceptional and exciting.

Can City was exciting and full of liveliness during the day. Envoys arrived bearing gifts for the couple from the six countries.

The betrothal banquet was like any other feast except it was much grander.

Everyone was already exhausted at the end of the day, especially Yun Canglan, who was sore and barely made it to bed.

From then on, Yingpiao Palace would be Yun Canglan's home and she needed to get used to that. Kept as a sparrow in captivity, which was the tradition for a bride to be before an affluent marriage.

'I have given up my freedom to accompany you, Liuyun. Don't forsake me!' Yun Canglan thought as she began to drift off.

"Mistress, you haven't eaten all day, please have a bite." Yun Shu brought some food. Yun Canglan sat up part way, looked at the fare and fell back drained against the pillows.

"I'm tired and all I want is sleep."

Yun Hua picked her up, "You can't, Mistress, you haven't eaten all day. Besides, isn't His Crown Prince coming later?"

Yun Canglan suddenly opened her eyes. She almost forgot the business. "Okay, bring me the meal so I may finish it quickly!"

Yun Shu rolled her eyes, 'Mistress, you're a Princess now!'

Yun Canglan wolfed everything down, leaving empty dishes and cups cluttering the table.

"I would like to bathe now." She decided that a nice soak would not only wash the grime, but it would also refresh her, and she would smell nice for Liuyun.

"It's ready." Yun Hua opened the screen, and the st

oday, not married."

Yun Canglan's red lips turned downward, "You do not want me, Liuyun?" There was an indefinable flirtation within her sweet innocence.

Huo Liuyun's eyes showed his full desire, letting Yun Canglan see he was suffering.

He firmly, but gently reminded her, "You're too young, Canglan. When you're 15...."

"But I don't want to wait to give myself to you."

It was low, but she hoped her actions would protect the General's House. Of course, the assumption was he cared about her.

Huo Liuyun avoided looking her in the eyes, and his breathing grew ragged and more rapid.

Yun Canglan gnashed her teeth secretly as she went on her tiptoes to kiss his firm, thin lips and the lotus scent immediately enveloped Huo Liuyun.

"Don't reject me, Liuyun." she whispered, while thinking 'And don't let me down.'

Huo Liuyun embraced Yun Canglan without thinking and savored her delicate sweetness. The two young bodies clung to each other. Defeated, he abandoned his original intention.

Staring down at her as he lifted her, she could see his passion and hunger, "No regrets, Canglan."

He laid her back on the bed gently covering her with his hard body. He retook her lips, with a fevered intensity not like the usual gentle fondness.

Layers of red curtains fell draping the bed. In the room, the candles flickered, while the once faint scent of lotus grew stronger and more substantial. Outside the ground was covered in deepening snow. Occasionally, there was snow shaken from a tree, felling to the ground, which all went unnoticed by the two in the room.

"Liuyun, don't betray me."

"Canglan, you will always be the treasure of my heart."

'Canglan, you are finally mine. Don't worry, Canglan, I'll never let you down, but....'

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