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   Chapter 29 Huo Liuyun’s Tenderness

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Her parents walked away and Yun Canglan turned, her smile fading, now disappeared, when she saw Shui Minghan appear.

His attire of black matched the chill of his emotionless heart.

He stood there, handsome and masculine but his eyes were cold.

Yun Canglan was impressed, in only eight years, Shui Minghan had built a reputation as the world's top-reigning fighter, under the name Mister Wu Hen. His moves were fast and fierce, his countenance frosty.

"Have you gotten used to it?" Yun Canglan wasn't enticed by his roguish charm at all.

Shui Minghan shrugged, "I am still not accustomed to your identity."

Yun Canglan raised her eyebrows smiling evilly, "You mean that I am a girl?"

Shui Minghan nodded in agreement.

"I didn't want to lie to you, but it was not the time." Yun Canglan said, "Show me your right hand, please."

Puzzled, Shui Minghan extended his right hand as his mistress ordered.

He rolled his sleeve up, and Yun Canglan held his right wrist. Suddenly Shui Minghan was overwhelmed as warmth filled the coldness within him. He caught the faint scent of lotus on the lady before him, falling into a trance.

Yun Canglan saw that the red mark remained unchanged, which upset her.

"Shui Minghan, you are a capable assistant and an ally, not a machine. Call me by my name, not 'mistress'. You are different from others and I want your loyalty. Don't be of two minds."

Shui Minghan was confused about how he had upset her.

She had seen his feather was closed, and that meant he wasn't loyal to her.

"I hate betrayal and deception above all else. If you are not totally loyal to me, our agreement can be cancelled any time. Serve as my guard for now, to give you time to think about it."

Shui Minghan was more confused, but touched by what Yun Canglan said.

"Yes, I'll keep that in mind." He respectfully agreed before leaving.

"Mistress Yun." Yun Shu and Yun Hua, dressed in the servant's outfit of the General's House, walked into the room.

"Mistress Yun, His Crown Prince has come to visit. He is waiting in the antechamber."

"I see. Please request Yun Hu to come here tonight."


In the antechamber, Huo Liuyun sat waiting, looking dashing clad in fine clothes. He was gentle and elegant with a warm smile, that drew admiration from even the servant who served the tea.

He was born with an elegance and grace which added a glitter to the General's House when he was present.

"Liuyun." He heard Yun Canglan's calling before he saw her.

Huo Liuyun stood as Yun Canglan flung herself into his arms. The tenderness in his eyes made her smile.

"No rush. You are not a kid now."

Yun Canglan looked up at him, her bright eyes sparkling. "I'm afraid that you are seduced by the servants."

Huo Liuyun petted her nose and in a spoiled way told her, "I want only you."

Yun Canglan laughed loudly as she pulled Huo Liuyun to sit, "What brings you here?"

"Nothing. I just want to see you today, as tomorrow we will be engaged." Huo Liuyun looked lovingly at Yun Canglan smiling sweetly.

Touched, Yun Canglan leaned over, hugging Huo Liuyun. She had missed his embrace.

Huo Liuyun pulled Yun Canglan to him and placed her on his l


"Canglan, I can't wait. I want to marry you early."

Yun Canglan leaned her head on his chest, listening to his heartbeat. "I want to wait a few more years."

"I know, I won't force you to wed now and we will be engaged after all."

Yun Canglan raised her head staring at Huo Liuyun. "Liuyun, why do you like me? I'm not good-looking."

Huo Liuyun was taken aback but smiled. "To me, you're the prettiest girl in the world."

Yun Canglan pouted, displeased, "I know what I look like, you are lying to me."

"Ho-ho." Huo Liuyun laughed. "Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and I say, you're the prettiest girl that I behold."

"If I changed my looks, would you still recognize me?" She wanted to tell him this was not her true look.

"Sure. You're etched in my heart, not my eyes."

"Promise that you will always be nice and won't hurt me."

"I promise. You're the most important person to me, always."

Yun Canglan beamed with delight.

Yun Canglan silently hoped, 'Liuyun, I trust you, but you have to keep your promise.'

"Liuyun, close your eyes."

"Why?" Even while asking though, Huo Liuyun closed his eyes obediently.

Yun Canglan quietly looked at this face which all the girls in Can Kingdom were obsessed with and then caressed each line of his face lovingly.

Closing his mouth, Huo Liuyun looked incredibly sexy.

Yun Canglan's fingers lingered on his lips as she sat and stared at him.

Satisfied, she leaned closer and kissed his lips.

Huo Liuyun was shocked and his eyes flew open, he wanted more.


Yun Canglan stepped back blushing, but Huo Liuyun wasn't letting her go, and pulling her closer kissed her, his hand moving to the back of her head, keeping her there as he did.


"You seduce me, so you will have to satisfy me."

Huo Liuyun ordered in a rough tone, but he kissed her with love, tenderly as if he tasted some delicious food. He wanted to stop but couldn't. Yun Canglan was a treasure to him.

Yun Canglan's cheeks were flushed red and Huo Liuyun hadn't let go of her until she was breathless. When he finally released her, she gasped and felt suddenly shy.

"You blush." Huo Liuyun smirked with a tender look. Yun Canglan glared at him.

"No, I don't. It is just that it is hot in here."

"Fine, if you say. It does make me wonder whether or not you blushed when you accosted the girls on the street or when you peeped at Feng Gui bathing."

Yun Canglan wriggled free from his arms. "As I said, I feel hot, that's all."

Huo Liuyun glanced out at the frozen world and tittered.

Yun Canglan threw back, "So, I am hot in winter. So what?"

"Fine." Huo Liuyun pulled Yun Canglan closer to him. The pure feminine look about her warmed Huo Liuyun and he felt his love deepen. "Don't be angry." He whispered.

Yun Canglan looked to him in all seriousness, "Liuyun, I'll give you something important tomorrow."

She would because trusted him.

Huo Liuyun was surprised, holding Yun Canglan tighter.

'Canglan, after I get the commander's seal, I will bring you to the palace and we will never be apart again.'

They hugged each other tightly, each with a different idea in mind and doomed to be apart.

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