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   Chapter 28 Yun Canglan, Princess of Can Kingdom

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Eight years later

Over the past eight years, there were many changes. The Emperor of the Jin Kingdom died, and the princes all fought to claim the throne. In the end, it was the eighth Prince Xi Quanwei who won the crown. The Emperor of the Feng Kingdom developed an obsession with kung fu and passed his crown to the tenth Prince Qin Liuren before disappearing.

The seven kingdoms, across the two continents, maintained peace on the surface; however, battles were breaking out always.

With the passage of time, children grew up. Several princes from the seven kingdoms stood out as Prince Charmings to the young ladies in the world.

Heroes emerged over this time too, and the most famous of these heroes were Mister Night Phoenix and Mister Yao Xi. Mister Night Phoenix had debuted eleven years earlier and was renowned for paintings and poetry. Mister Night Phoenix appeared from time to time over the last three years, which attracted new admirers, and his literary talent increased adding to his popularity. However, regardless of his achievements, Mister Night Phoenix was, just a bookworm when compared to Mister Yao Xi.

Rumors flew about Mister Yao Xi. One stated his visage rivaled that of Mister Night Phoenix. He was a master in the art of kung fu. The most important thing though was how clever, and cunning Yao Xi was, and that he single-handedly provoked several disputes across the four countries on the Water Continent in recent years. Therefore, Mister Yao Xi was a mystery to the world, reviled and cherished all at once.

Still more famous than either Night Phoenix or Yao Xi, remained Yun Canglan.

Out of the blue a month ago, the Emperor of the Can Kingdom declared Yun Canglan to be a girl. The rumor spread that when she was born, Fearless Armor told her parents to raise her as a male child until age fourteen. Therefore, from that day forward, Yun Canglan was known as a princess* of Can Kingdom.

(*TN: In Chinese, the title Junzhu meaning "Princess of a Commandery." She was not the Emperor's daughter)

Speculation flew and everyone wondered who was brave enough to marry Princess Yun Canglan. The Emperor of Can Kingdom announced the impending marriage of the Crown Prince Huo Liuyun to Princess Yun Canglan. The Royal wedding was to be held on the third day of the second month in 1011 in the Shuihuo Calendar*.

(*TN: Shuihuo Calendar* is used in this novel.)

On the second day of the second month in 1011 of the Shuihuo Calendar

In the General's House, Can Kingdom

Lin Wan'er was standing in Yun Canglan's bedroom. Some light wrinkles furrowed her pretty face, but she was healthier than she

et them know he was there with short dry coughs. He was not used to Yun Canglan in female dress, and the sight still took him by surprise.

"You are 14, young lady, don't behave like a child!" He chided her gently.

Lin Wan'er gave him a warning glance as she greeted him, "Yajun."

Yun Canglan looked up at Yun Yajun with a mischievous expression.

"Father, tomorrow I will be the wife of the Crown Prince. If you dare to beat me again, I will see to it the Crown Prince punishes you!" Yun Canglan chuckled as she made her threat.

Yun Yajun grew angry. He pointed while scolding her, "Bastard! You should change this behavior. If you continue acting like this, you will disgrace all of Can Kingdom. Look what you have done already! You know, if you do continue to act like this, His Crown Prince is sure to marry several concubines, and then you will regret your actions."

Yun Canglan sighed and secretly believed her dad was going through menopause.

"No father would curse his daughter like you just did!" Yun Canglan talked in whispers. She dared not say it out loud.

"What did you say?" Yun Yajun questioned. His hearing was very good.

"What?" Yun Canglan played dumb. "I said that you and mom should work hard and give me a brother or sister." She pushed her parents together as she was speaking, "Dad, come on!" Yun Canglan joked.

Her parents' faces turned red with embarrassment. Yun Yajun stared at Yun Canglan angrily, scolding her before picking Lin Wan'er up and walking out.

"Bastard! Always such a playboy!" Yun Yajun threw over his shoulder as he left.

Looking at his tall figure, Yun Canglan called after him, "Dad, come on!"

When Yun Canglan spoke, Yun Yajun swayed slightly and nearly dropped Lin Wan'er when he did.

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