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   Chapter 27 Fearless Armor

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Yun Canglan rubbed his hand over the feather birthmark. It flicked from side to side and seemingly came to life, just like a fluttering in the sky.

Yang Gezhi was amazed?by what he saw, "Wow! The birthmark moves."

Yun Canglan looked at him asking, "Has it moved before?"

Yang Gezhi said honestly while shaking his head, "No. It never moved even when I washed myself."

"Were you born with the birthmark?"

"Yes, " Yang Gezhi nodded. He noticed Yun Canglan's hand was soft, and warm under his itchy but comfortable touch.

"But it is not the same as before, " Yang Gezhi added distractedly.

Yun Canglan stopped touching it, and the enchanting feather became as motionless as a painting as suddenly as it began.

"What do you mean?" Yun Canglan looked sad, and his eyes showed that he knew the reason.

Yang Gezhi felt disappointed when Yun Canglan removed his hand. He touched the birthmark of feather on his arm, but nothing happened.

"It used to be sharp and as hard as a thorn. However, the day I met you, it was burning and painful and then the feather stretched. The pain lasted all night and didn't stop till it was morning."

Yun Canglan carefully listened with a perplexed look.

'Stretched! The birthmark of a feather had unexpectedly stretched!! Well, if the birthmark on Yang Gezhi had stretched, what about Yan Cangyue and Shui Minghan? Have their birthmarks stretched as well?'

I met Lei Tianyan, under the pseudonym of Hua Luosui born with a lotus bud on his face. Has his birthmark also stretched?

'Oh Wow!' Yun Canglan realized, 'I have met four men with the birthmark of a feather: Yan Cangyue, Shui Minghan, Yang Gezhi and Lei Tianyan. It's high time for me to find out more about the feather.'

Huantian* Taoist Temple

(*TN: Huantian here means give people a peaceful life.)

Yun Canglan looked at the tablet that hung above the temple, and thought: 'How arrogant! Why don't you name the temple Huantian* Taoist Temple? Do you intend to change the emperor of the whole world?'

(*TN: Huantian here means make a significant change to the whole world. In Chinese Huantian here is a homophone for Huantian mention above.)

"Young Patroness, my master has been waiting for you, " The door opened and out came a young Taoist Priest wearing a grey robe.

Yun Canglan was surprised but followed the Priest into the Taoist temple. They finally stopped at a detached thatched cottage after making many turns one by one.

"I sincerely hope you excuse me. My Master invited this Young Patroness only."

Yun Canglan looking behind issued orders, "Yun Qin and Yun Qi, wait outside and be watchful in case someone comes."

"Yes, Master Yun."

Yun Canglan turned back around?and pushed the old bamboo door open.

Currently, there were four recluses living in the world. They were considered the almighty and known as Fearless Armor, Sruthan, Sparrow and Kenway.

It seemed quite a coincidence that they had something to do with Yun Canglan. Fearless Armor, was also known as Taoist Priest Fearless was the one who had gone to the General's House and told Yun Canglan's destiny. Taoist Priest Fearless's powerful analytical capabilities were never involved in mundane matters. He had not been heard of for decades.

Sruthan, who was ranked first in the world for his fearsome martial arts skills wanted to take Yun Canglan as an apprentice.

Sparrow was lithe and swift as the name suggested, with the ability to move at superhuman speed. Lei Tianyan, under the pseudonym of Hua Luosui, was his apprentice.

Kenway, Master of Yun Qi and Yun Qin, was well known as a medical specialist and an apothecary. He had been active in Jianghu only for a year and then disappeared. People knew little of him which made him a mystery.

'I was so confused about the rumor that the Fire Phoenix would unify the world that I sent my assistants to find where the Taoist Priest Fearless lived. Now here I am, and according to the young Taoist Priest, there is no doubt t

hat he has known I would be coming.'

As Yun Canglan pushed?the door open, her senses were filled with the scent of sandalwood.

"Taoist Priest Fearless", Yun Canglan greeted the sage-like?Taoist Priest. He was seated on the couch. He had a long grey beard and looked?at the door.

"I have been waiting for six years and here you are, at long last." Taoist Priest Fearless said gently looking up at Yun Canglan. His eyes were calm like a motionless, deep lake.

"I am sorry you have been waiting for such a long time."

"Sit down. I know you have lots of questions. Go slow, take it easy." Taoist Priest Fearless?suggested as he pointed to a chair.

Yun Canglan whose eyes shown her indelible dignity and a maturity beyond her age took the seat offered.

Taoist Priest Fearless took a teapot and poured out a pale yellow tea and a weak fragrance filled in the room.

"Here, " he offered, his outstretched hand holding a cup of the fresh brew, "Have a try, " He was as kind and benevolent as a grandpa looking at his granddaughter.

Yun Canglan took the cup, first breathing the scent in, she smiled praising, "The tea is sweet and mellow. The flavour lasts long and incredibly impressive. This is great tea."

Taoist Priest Fearless exclaimed with his eyes shining, "You know much about tea?"

Yun Cangla nodded and thought, 'Of course I know much about tea ceremony. My father in the modern world is a a fan of tea. I made much effort learning it to make him happy.'

Yun Canglan?took a sip and put the cup on the table, complaining: "I am not here for a cup of tea."

Taoist Priest Fearless sniffed the scent of the tea and urged her: "Go ahead."

"Why are there birthmarks of feathers?"

"It is your destiny." Yun Canglan was a Fire Phoenix without feathers, and the feathers belonged to seven male birds.

"What's the use of birthmarks of feathers though?"

"The seven male birds were born with birthmarks of feathers. As long as they are loyal to you, the feathers will stretch out."

"I have already recognized four of seven male birds. Do you know who the rest are?"

"I can't let the cat out of bag."

"Are they all royal court members?"

"You will have to find out for yourself."

After a?few moments of silence, Yun Canglan inquired, "Must I unify the world?"

"It is your mission."

"When can I return to my world?"

"After the unification of the seven kingdoms."


"You will know."

"Is there any possibility that Huo Liuyun and I will be married?" She wanted to know whether Huo Liuyun was one of the seven male birds or not.

Taoist Priest Fearless finally looked up replying, "Your fate will depend on your heart."

"He and I will have a war sooner or later, won't we?"

"Follow your heart."

A confused Yun sat silently.

"Let me remind you, you can go back to your world with the condition that you leave this kingdom with an Emperor. That is to say, you must give birth to a child whose father must be one of the seven male birds."

"You mean I can't fall in love with anyone else but the seven male birds?"

"I told you to follow your heart."

Yun Canglan was raging inside, 'Fearless Armor said nothing of value, play of words really. His analytical capabilities are just tricks.'

Yun Canglan jumped off the chair in a rush of?anger with a, "Goodbye." as she left.

With nothing more to say, Yun Canglan headed back the way she had been led. Seeing her reaction, Taoist Priest Fearless laughed.

"Girl, a bad temper does no good for your marriage."

Paying more attention to his words than walking, Yun Canglan nearly stumbled over the threshold.

'Damn Taoist Priest, you just pretend to be a sage.'

"Girl, you can't determine the whole world's situation. It's your mission to unify the world. However, your attitude won't make any difference. You will be made the emperor unanimously."

Taoist Priest Fearless was stroking his beard while he urged Yun Canglan. He was quite sure she heard what he said.

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