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   Chapter 26 Another Feather Appeared

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7714

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As Yun Canglan expected, Yun Yajun did not take the enemy seriously. The Yun's Troops attacked the Peach Blossom Camp after a day's rest. There were over three hundred bandits at Peach Blossom Camp who rose up against the Yun's Troops. Yun Yajun was stuck with arrows and sank into a deep coma. When he woke up, he found only Yun Hu at his side.

Yun Hu told him the rest of the Yun's Troops had all perished during the fight against the bandits at the camp. Peach Blossom Camp was burned down to ashes.

Yun Yajun realized that it was his disregard which led to the deaths of thirty-five soldiers. He was overwhelmed with remorse. Yun Hu told him that the kingdom still needed him, pulled him out his sorrow, and they returned to Can City on the fifth day.

Huo Yang, the Emperor of Can Kingdom, was very pleased with himself. He left the city to receive Yun Yajun. He thanked Yun Yajun for getting rid of the evil for the people without costing a soldier at all, but Yun Yajun could only feel overwhelming grief.

His Majesty, Huo Yang, prepared a feast for that day to welcome Yun Yajun home.

Yun Canglan was glum. Yun Yajun brought her to attend the feast tonight, but she didn't know what to say to Huo Liuyun, so she didn't want to run into him. Therefore, she had left the banquet and was wandering a remote hall in the imperial palace alone.

It had grown dark outside, and candles were lit throughout the palace. A red lantern hung in the entrance of some halls.

They were called Yinjun Lanterns. Concubines of the Emperor would light a Yinjun Lantern every night and wait for the Emperor to pay a visit.

Yun Canglan studied the Yinjun Lantern, lost in thought. Emperors were heartless, and one day in the future, Huo Liuyun would be the Emperor. Yun Canglan wondered if Liuyun would be heartless too.

Huo Liuyun was an ambitious politician. From the first time he held her, she saw that ambition lurked in his eyes. She also remembered his gentleness with her. She swore then; she would help him achieve his goal, and so she built a force of her own. Yun Canglan wanted to stand at his side. However, when someday came and he got what he wanted, was she willing to see that numerous concubines surrounded him?

She had never thought of that before, but when she saw the Yinjun Lan

perial palace. Yun Canglan felt sorry for what he was going through.

"Does Huo Wuling keep bullying you like he was tonight?" Yun frowned.

Yang Gezhi shook his head side to side, "Today was the first time. I was blocking his way but not on purpose."

Yun Canglan straightened his clothes for him reminding him, "Since you are in Can Kingdom, you should grow up now. No one can help you except yourself. If you don't want to be bullied, you must become stronger. Understand?"

Yang Gezhi stared at Yun Canglan, his eyes like two large black pools of ink, and nodded his head even though he didn't quite understand what Yun Canglan meant.

"I'm the Young Master of the General's House. If you are in trouble, send someone you trust to tell me. I won't be able to help you for your entire life though. If you want to go back home, you have to depend on yourself. The imperial palace is a place full of liars. You probably know that since you lived in the imperial palace of the Ling Kingdom for seven years."

Yang Gezhi was listening carefully and trying to remember everything Yun Canglan said. He stared at Canglan and realized Yun seemed to be younger than he was.

Yun Canglan knocked dust off his clothes, and suddenly saw a mark on his left arm through the torn sleeve. It was a blood red feather, which looked pretty and coquettish.

Yang Gezhi was indeed one of the seven Feathers.

Unlike the others Yun Canglan had seen, Yang Gezhi's feather was in full bloom and appeared as though it could sway with the wind.

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