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   Chapter 24 Seize the Peach Blossom Mountain

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 8904

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It was dinner time at the Peach Blossom Camp, the leader, Hu San, and his men were in the hall eating mutton and washing it down with wine.

"Hu Zi, well done!"

Hu San praised the bearded man clapping him on his shoulder.

"Th...thank you, boss. This...this is what...what I should do." Hu Zi stammered.

"I like what I am seeing in you, keep it up. After we get the ransom, I will promote you to third master of Peach Blossom Camp." Hu San promised.

Hu Zi immediately smiled, "Th...Thank you, boss..."

A man dressed in white, seated next to Hu San jumped to his feet. He was small, looked weak and not at all like a bandit. His expression wasn't ruthless and his actions seemed harmless. His voice was high-strung as he blurted out, "Boss!"

He stated the obvious, "Boss, we can't let our guard down. We gotta do our due diligence and check the kid's info out."

Hu San waved his arm dismissively, "Don't worry, the boy has told us already, he was the son of the richest man in Can City. He came to the Peach Blossom City to visit his grandma." He paused thinking of the ransom, "What do you think? Should we demand ten cartons of gold bars, that'll set us up for life."

The man frowned, "Boss, the kid looks like he is up to no good, and looks smart enough to try and trick us."

Hu San laughed loudly, "He is just a kid of 5 or 6. Do you think he can kill me? Brother, you think too much sometimes."

"Boss! We have reports that General Yun has arrived at Peach Blossom City. He will probably attack the Camp within a few days. We must prepare." The man was anxious.

"I don't worry because you are here. Bro, you are a kung fu master and know your poisons. General Yun only brought about thirty men with him. You can beat them on your own. Come my brother, let's have a drink together." Hu San said.

"Boss..." The man tried persuading Hu San.

"It turns out you are the counselor of the Peach Blossom Camp, Wu Dushu*!"

(*TN: This Chinese name indicates that he is good at using poison)

A clear young voice was heard just then. The bandits dropped their bowls, took up their swords staring at the kid walking into the hall.

Yun Canglan sauntered to the men, his hands on hips, casual enough as if he is strolling in a garden. Even though his clothes were wrinkled, he still looked distinguished.

Yun Qin and Yun Qi took a deep breath, following Yun Canglan. They sighed in relief having escaped the filthy woodshed that smelled of dung.

"Wh-wh-wh-why ar-ar-e...are...aren't you in the woodshed?" asked Hu San. He pointed at Yun Canglan surprised, while the man dressed in white stared at Yun Canglan brutally but remaine

was anxious of the outcome if Yun Canglan didn't believe him, "Really!"

There was a silence that seemed to go on forever before a child's innocent and joyful sounding voice echoed in the room, "Great!" Yun Canglan was pleased and then winked at Yun Qin. Yun Qin understood the silent command and threw a silver needle which penetrated Wu Dushu.

Before Wu Dushu knew what happened, his eyes back, he felt something on his neck, he grabbed his throat with his bloody fingerless hand lifeless and fell to the floor.

"Brother! Brother!" Hu San rushed to his side, "You promised! You said you wouldn't kill him!"

Yun Canglan looked at Hu San innocently, "Yes, I said I wouldn't kill him, but I didn't say Yun Qin wouldn't kill him."

"" Hu San didn't know what to say.

"I told you before, don't point at my Master!" Yun Qin voice was detached and icy. Hu San slowly crooked his finger before putting his hand at his side.

Yun Canglan slowly sauntered to Hu San. The look in the child's eyes was that of a demon, "The royal court sent him here, and he planned to wipe out the Peach Blossom Camp. I killed him, and you should thank me now. How about you do me a favor, and in return, I give you the antidotes?"

Hu San gulped and cleared his throat but still had a hard time getting his question out, "What...what favor do you want?" there was terror in his voice and words. Hu San did not want to help this mini demon, but Yun Canglan eyes aglow, smiled devilishly and Hu San shivered, feeling he understood fear on a whole new level. He agreed, "What is it you would like me to do?" the defeat in his voice matched his hunched over body.

"Kill Yun Yajun's troops and burn down Peach Blossom Mountain." Yun Canglan uttered through clenched teeth.

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