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   Chapter 23 No Money

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There were more than ten generals in Can Kingdom, and General Yun was not supposed to be handling bandits. Besides, it was usually the local government who crushed bandits in their territories, so there was no reason for the general to be involved.

Yun Canglan questioned herself what the plot behind this matter was, while Yun Yajun spoke, "Don't worry, Wan'er. Bandits are not cunning like enemies on the battlefield. I won't even have to bring the army, only the Yun's Troops will accompany me this time."

Yun Canglan sighed to herself, she was sure there was a plot behind this.

Yun Canglan reflected on what she knew, 'Are you going after my father, Liuyun?'

Yun Yajun had spent most of his time accumulating experience on the battlefields. He also grew to be an arrogant man though. He had faced thousands of enemies and hundreds of bandits, becoming somewhat cocky. Huo Liuyun thought Yun Yajun would bring the secret force of the General's House.

No secret force existed in the General's House at all. There were only 36 guards, who were each saved by Yun Yajun on the battlefield. 'Liuyun, you have overestimated my dad's ambition and the lure of Imperial Power.' Yun Canglan sadly determined.

'Liuyun, which is it you are after, I wonder? The secret force at the General's House, or my father?'

Yun Canglan wrinkled her brow concentrating. It pained her that Huo Liuyun did not trust her, but she wasn't willing to give up on him. Yun Yajun's safety troubled though too, she could not let harm befall her family. Yun's family was a thorn in emperor and crown prince's side. How could she resolve this problem?

When they finished dinner, Yun Canglan went to her bedroom. She was so upset that she didn't fall asleep till dawn. When she woke, it was already noon.

"Are you hungry, Mistress? It's time for lunch." Yun Hua said as she helped Yun Canglan into her clothes, and Yun Shu set the table.

"What time is it?" Yun Canglan looked perplexed.

"12:45." Yun Hua answered.

It was that late? "Where are my grandpa, dad and mom?" Yun Canglan needed to know. She felt anxious, but was not sure why.

Yun Hua answered "Lord Yun He went to visit a friend earlier this morning. His Lordship left with Yun Hu and the Yun's Troop

e...waah...uncle, please let me go. I have no money. I have no money, I swear. I wear my father's clothes and my brother's shoes. I have no pieces of jewelry at all. My parents have no cloth store or jewelry store. My family is poor. Waah! My servants are thin. My horse is old. I have no money at all. Uncle, please let me go."

Yun Qi and Yun Qin were shocked at Yun Canglan's behavior. Their master was indeed a cunning individual.

The man had planned to release the three. But when he heard Yun Canglan's words, he couldn't help but to see Yun Canglan's clothes seemed expensive. It didn't take the thief long to see through Yun Canglan's lies. Those two servants were handsome, the clothes they wore were more expensive than others' wore. The horses looked healthy and vigorous too. Poor people couldn't afford these horses at all.

The man laughed loudly. He was grateful he was observant; otherwise they would have missed an opportunity to earn a lot of money.

Yun Canglan continued crying, while the bearded man stood there admiring his cunning.

"This...this kid rich. Take...take them back." They would blackmail his parents for more than they earned robbing in an entire year. He felt sure the boss would be happy and praise him.

Yun Canglan's cries grew to hysterics, "Waah. No, please don't kidnap me. I have no money. I'm from a poor family. Waah..."

His plan was working, he thought, as the bandits led Yun Canglan, Yun Qi and Yun Qin back to the Peach Blossom Camp.

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