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   Chapter 22 Crush Bandits

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A man about 60 years old was sitting in the principal seat of the antechamber at the General's home. Despite his gray hair, he was hale, hearty and steadily drank his tea. A smile shone on his face; that spoke of the energy and vitality he possessed.

Yun Yajun and Lin Wan'er sat on either side, just staring with joy at this old man.

Yun Canglan raced into the antechamber. Her melodic voice was ringing through the halls before she was near.

"Grandfather, grandfather! Where are you?"

Hearing her happy shouts, the old man burst into laughter, standing to scoop her up into his arms, as Yun Canglan flung herself forward.

"Brat, gently now, or you will hurt me."

"Grandfather, thank heavens, you are finally home." Yun Canglan nuzzled into Yun He's chest, feeling loved and safe.

Yun He grinned. "Canglan, child, did you miss me?"

It was a harmonious family reunion without the servants who were given time off.

Tilting her head, Yun Canglan pouted, "No, I didn't. I am used to it since you leave me alone every time you go away traveling."

Grandfather's delighted cackling as he gently patted Yun Canglan's head made Yun Canglan smile before even hearing his promise, "I'll take you with me next time. Now, I have brought something back from the Feng Kingdom for you."

Yun He had Yun Canglan on his lap and carefully pulled a parcel out, and held it in front of her as if it was a great treasure.

Yun Yajun frowned, "Father, you mustn't give her such gifts, you will spoil her, and she has gone too far with her mischief lately."

Lin Wan'er nodded and added, "Father, you do not need to go to such expense. You return so rarely that is a treasured gift as is."

Yun He took the gift from the parcel and smiled wider, "I love my only granddaughter dearly, so what if I want to give her everything and spoil her."

Yun Canglan's smile fell when she saw a drum-shaped rattle in Yun He's hand, 'Aw, come on! I'm almost 30 years old here, and he brings this rattle?' She buried her disappointment along with her thoughts.

She asked, trying to hide her disappointment, "Grandfather, is this for me?" This wasn't what she wanted. It upset her.

Yun He was oblivious and smiled satisfactorily, "Do you like it? This is the most popular toy in the Feng Kingdom." There was excitement in his voice, "I had to beg the tenth prince to give me this. We finally settled on a trade, and I gave him the orchid-shaped hairpin your grandmother left me. It's interesting, right?"

Yun Canglan looked at the rattle, thinking, 'What? It's second-hand?

It's not interesting at all.' she rolled her eyes while looking it over.

"Father, you gave the hairpin that mother left you to someone else?" Lin Wan'er was startled and perplexed. Everyone knew Yun He carried that hairpin his wife had made always. When she died, he would think about the fond memories with his wife when he looked at the prized hairpin. He cherished it so, why would he exchange it for a toy?

Yun He smirked, "It's okay. The tenth prince liked it."

The tenth prince liked it? Not possible.

Yun He turned to Yun Canglan, "Canglan, do you like it? I hope so, it's a token of love. cherish it always."

Yun Canglan squinted at him. "What token?"

Yun He realized that he had made a mistake and explained immediately

, "Well, it is a token of my love for you, so please keep it safe."

Yun Canglan fixed a smile on her face, hiding any sign of disappointment and nodded, "I will." Her grandfather was keeping something from her, and this drum-shaped rattle was more than a toy.

Yun Yajun objected, "Father, don't spoil her! She always makes trouble, like a naughty boy. Squire Wang has even reported her to His Majesty."

Yun Canglan naughtily stuck out her tongue. Yun He looked at her, "Oh? Did you peek at someone bathing again?"

Yun Canglan pouted, "No, I didn't. I have been obedient recently. Grandfather, look how fierce father is. He punished and beat me while you were gone. I'm a girl! No one will marry me if he leaves scars." She flung herself forward, into his arms, which made Yun He laugh.

With her grandfather as her champion, Yun Canglan felt invincible and lifted her little nose high into the air, while staring at her father. Yun Yajun's face was purple with rage. Standing, he broke into curses, "Father, forget her nonsense, stop! She ruined weddings by snatching both boys and girls. She has bullied and propositioned girls on the streets, and all the street peddlers are afraid of her. She is only SIX years old, but has been to a brothel and picked a fight with the third prince of the Chi Kingdom over a prostitute! Father, why not ask her where she got those aphrodisiacs and overpowering drugs?" Yun Yajun lashed out, his words flying faster the more he thought of what he was saying. "At school, she composed erotic poems, and the Grand Tutor Zhang trembled with rage and then fainted. We might be an eminent family, but we will be mud if she continues! She is unreasonable and has been nicknamed 'the biggest idiot in the world.' Father, I'm furious with her!"

Yun He patted Yun Canglan's back, heartily chuckling as he listened to Yun Yajun tell the tales and exploits of his young granddaughter.

"Canglan is still young, don't worry so much. Mark my word, she will settle down as she matures and become more reserved when she grows up."

"I doubt that." Yun Yajun grew more pissed off as his father defended his daughter. Lin Wan'er patted his back trying to calm him down, "Don't be angry please. Take care."

"She runs wild even I am still at home. If I go to Peach Blossom City, she will do worse." Yun Yajun was exasperated.

Lin Wan'er's hand stopped at his words, "Yajun, you are going to Peach Blossom City?"

Yun Yajun plopped into his seat, still furious, "Yes. The bandits in Peach Blossom Mountain just outside Peach Blossom City have grown in numbers, so His Majesty has ordered me to crush them." He waved distractedly, his mind on Yun Canglan's behavior and not the details he was sharing about his trip.

Yun Yajun was also annoyed; he should not be chasing bandits. As the Huguo General, he should be on the battlefield, but now Can Kingdom was at peace. The emperor ordered him to this task less worthy of his skills.

Lin Wan'er frowned, she would miss Yun Yajun and worry every time her husband went away.

Yun He, however, was calm, used to skirmishes on the battlefield as he was.

Yun Canglan was contemplating her father's assignment, resting in Yun He's arms.

Crush bandits? The Huguo General would be going to handle some bandits?

It was not that simple!

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