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   Chapter 21 Night Phoenix

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 4504

Updated: 2018-07-30 18:15

In Yun Canglan's room, there was a large long wooden table, with a piece of rice paper, a brush of wolf's hair, and a box of fragrant ink sitting on it.

At the table, a petite Yun Canglan took the long brush and began drawing freely on the rice paper. Soon a masterpiece was completed.

The title was Fire Lotus.

The world would try hard to snatch this striking painting. A seal of the Night Phoenix was on the side of the table.

Two years ago, after debuting the painting, A Beauty Lying on Bed, the royal courts of the seven kingdoms spread throughout two continents competed to snatch it. Literary families showed the white feather and greatly praised it. Everyone wanted to meet Night Phoenix, but the artist remained unknown. Night Phoenix finished another painting one year ago titled, Fight. This one boasted a bold and flowing style. The poem on it made Night Phoenix the most prominent painter and poet in all the seven kingdoms across the two continents. However, the artist was still nowhere to be found.

Yun Shu was grinding an ink-stick against an ink stone while staring at Yun Canglan.

No one expected the notorious good-for-nothing and idiot of Can Kingdom or even throughout the seven kingdoms to be the Night Phoenix, who the literary families and royal courts flattered but failed to meet. Appearing to be an incomp

you? I can help you gain the world, so why won't you have trust in me? Fine. Liuyun, I like you, but I won't watch as you hurt my father. Since you don't trust me, I will remain out of your fight."

"Yun Shu, ask Yun Xiang to remain underground and transfer the industries from the Fengyun Firm in Can Kingdom and to focus on the other six kingdoms afterward. Yun Hua, please request that Yun Qi and Yun Yu keep a low profile to hide our strength."

"Yes." They replied, even though neither understood her change of venue, they trusted her so they would obey her to the letter.

Yun Shu had almost forgotten, "Mistress, Huan'er was here a short time before. Her Ladyship sent her because Lord Yun He will return today. You are expected in the antechamber right now."

Yun Canglan calmed down.

"Grandfather is back?" her eyes lit up and a smile crept onto her pudgy six year old cheeks.

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