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   Chapter 20 The Biggest Idiot in the World

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 7071

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"Hmm, I think today we'll study some rhymes, " the Grand Tutor waved the ruler like a conductor's baton, "In verses, ditties, odes, and songs, words that sound alike will be used in some sentences to make them melodic and tuneful. For example, the scent of lotus flowers on twisted banks; under a full moon, lay a misted pond's quay. If the autumn winds sweep the flowers early; my hope is you still enjoy the sweet bouquet. For this stanza, we have rhymed quay with bouquet. Are there any questions?"

The Grand Tutor rapped on the desk with his ruler while barking orders, "Yun Canglan, it's your first day here. I'll give you a test to see whether you are of literary talent or not. Make a poem in rhyme. Any topic is acceptable, and you needn't express any great ambitions." He assessed Yun Canglan as he waited, 'I may not be allowed to hit you, but I can embarrass you. This depraved boy is disgusting. It will be as easy as rolling off a log for me, a renowned scholar, to make it hot for this wimpy kid.'

When Yun Canglan stood up with great aplomb, the royal school resounded with his clear voice. His bright eyes revealed his innocence and naivety, and he was so handsome that all felt kindly regard for him.

"Before the bed the moonlight glitters; while on the ground two pair of shoes litter."

Hearing this, the Grand Tutor was taken aback, his face became flush and he staggered slightly.

All the students except Yun Canglan stood stunned for a moment before bursting into laughter.

The Grand Tutor made?a loud noise slamming his ruler on the desk, "You stupid motherfucker! How dare you say such obscene words! You are not worth teaching, not worth my time. "

Yun Canglan shrugged complaining, "Grand Tutor, you said any topic is acceptable. Besides I think this verse is a quite artistic piece."

Yun Canglan thought he had a complete description of the scene, the characters and what happened.

"What a load of balderdash! You… You…" The Grand Tutor was too angry to speak fluently.

"I don't agree. His Royal Highness is absolutely right." From outside the room came an euphonio


'Yun Canglan is uneducated, I am sure I can find a weakness.' Yan Cangyue considered silently.

Yun Canglan nodded confidently pretending to think while stroking his chin. After a few moments passed, he said in a clear voice, "One brothel, two persons, three o'clock, four feet up, five fingers fumble, slip* into the quilt, seven or eight beats, nine minutes, tender* rape."

(*TN: Slip sounds like six.)

(*TN: Tender sounds like ten.)

Flop! Mr. Zhang lay fainted on the ground foaming at the mouth.

Yun Canglan referred to things that happened in the Wanhong Brothel. Yan Cangyue was angry and forgot his control. He pointed at Yun Canglan regardless of how rude it was.

"You… You… well, you! Yun Canglan. Sooner or later, I will teach you a lesson Yun Canglan! Humph!"

It was said that on the very first day that His Royal Highness attended the royal school, a Grand Tutor fainted and the third Prince of the Chi Kingdom was driven off. It was also said, several Grand Tutors protested to the emperor and refused His Royal Highness entrance to the Royal School after that.

Meanwhile, the obscene verse and pornographic ditty made by the Royal Highness in the royal school became well known across all of Can Kingdom.

His Royal Highness of Huguo General formally referred to as an incompetent, rebellious good-for-nothing, was renamed, "The Biggest Idiot in the World."

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