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   Chapter 19 Something About a Striptease

Fire Phoenix By Yi Jian Zhong Qing Characters: 6159

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The Royal Court in Can Kingdom arranged for all children be permitted to attend the Royal School as soon as they reached the age of six.

It was early morning when Yun Yajun got Yun Canglan out of bed. After he was forcibly dressed and had breakfast, an escort of guards took Yun Canglan to the royal school.

Yun looked around at the dozen children of all ages, and he yawned drowsily blinking slowly, still half asleep.

Several ministers' children arrived and noticed Yun Canglan, head resting on the desk. They wondered if they should say hello or not. Seeing them, Yun Canglan turned away as if to say, "I'm sleepy, don't bother me."

The children sullenly took their seats, with thin sneers across their faces.

"Master, would you like a snack?"

"How about some grapes? They're very sweet!"

No one had as many attendants, there were two servants waiting, and holding snacks and fruits in their hand, in case Yun Canglan became hungry. Some strong looking men standing in the back of the room, looking frightening, were all guards ready to protect Yun Canglan.

"No. Leave me alone!" Yun Canglan pushed Yun Shu and Yun Hua and they backed away obediently.

Why should he go to school? Did they think Yun couldn't read? Did they believe him a good-for-nothing? Yun Canglan knew what these children knew, and more. What was the point of going to school? How could it compare to flirting with girls on the street, snatching a bride or groom or going to a brothel?

My God!

"Well, look here, is this most honorable Royal Highness? Why are you here and not off flirting with the beauties? Are you bewitched and suddenly want to learn?" Yun Canglan recognized the harsh voice from above without looking up.

Several ministers' children who sympathized with Wu Yunye laughed mockingly.

Yun Shu and Yun Hua pretended not

nd son is going to strip. He said that whoever doesn't watch is not giving his father respect. We are all forced to come and watch."

Laughter boomed throughout the school and could be heard clearly outside.

Even the Grand Tutor who had poor hearing and was just entering the school could hear clearly. When he got to the room he wore a stern look and carried a large ruler.

"What is so funny? The school is holy ground. How could you laugh here? Get into your seats! Go back to your seats! You're so cynical. How could that be? How could that be?"

He clapped his ruler ending the laughter and sending students to their seats with scare. Giving the smug Yun Canglan a vengeful look, Wu Yunye wanted to gouge Yun's eyes out. He noticed the Grand Tutor's serious expression and the ruler in his hand, and silently returned to his seat.

The Grand Tutor looked at Yun Canglan, and the two servants on either side, and then looked over the strong guards at the back, and held back what he was about to say.

After all, Royal Highness was personally conferred on Yun Canglan by the Emperor. Moreover, he was the beloved brother of His Crown Prince and the only son of the general, so he had no choice but to accept it.

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